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thejke wrote:Is your tracking number working? I get the message "Delivery status information is not available for your item via this web site." when I click on the tracking number.

Check your PMs. I'm sending you the tracking link that's working for me.

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I got my Eneloops & the bundled charger. (I'm glad I got the batteries, the colors are cool, and it was a great price for just them.) But....

I hope no one plans to use this crappy charger. If the spec sheet is correct, it is far worse than the speculation above saying it wasn't any good and would probably damage your batteries.

The charger's own specs indicate it is a constant current charger without even a timer. You put your batteries in and it keeps charging until you remove the batteries. If, and only if, you remove your batteries exactly when they're fully charged will they be fully charged and not damaged!

(If you're saying, "oh, that's not so bad. I'll just pull the batteries." How will you know when? How much charge do they have left? How much do you need to add before they're full? I don't think that's possible, but even if you disagree, is it worth the hassle?)

I'd say Woot! should be ashamed, but they are at the mercy of whoever created the bundle and this was a great deal on the batteries alone. (Whoever created this charger most certainly should be ashamed though!)