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wait, so you're complaining that something is 30 bucks cheaper on woot than amazon... brand new too! huh? the woot price is 199, the amazon price is 228. am i missing something? this is an extraordinary deal!

filetap wrote:This really isn't a great deal on the Q10.

It can be had new from Amazon for $228 with free shipping or open box also from amazon for $209



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michaelvella wrote:The OP of this comment has an odd idea of what "ripped off" means.

that is actually a better deal!! with the red card this thing is 189 at target! come on woot! cut the price down again! this is ridiculous. you're woot! i'm sorry i ordered this thing from woot at all!


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themacguy wrote:Great; yet another set of cameras without viewfinders pretending to be some sort of smartphone. The camera mfrs are killing themselves with this drek.

Agreed. The lack of a true viewfinder also affects how you hold the camera, especially when shooting with a long zoom.

But if you've never grown up with a quality optical viewfinder, you don't know what you are missing!

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The Q10 is a surprisingly powerful little camera. Great quality.