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gak0090 wrote:Thanks for the reply. I hate dealing with chargers all over the bathroom.

Since it is only once every so often, you could probably get away with putting the charger into another room. If you do let it drain all the way down, it will take 12-24 hours to fully recharge. This is because there is no metal-on-metal connection.

Also, the initial charge will take about 24 hours.

I also want to note that I purchased the single handle 4000. I was willing to pay more, but the higher models didn't seem to have any real additional benefit. This model seems to have the best performance of any electric toothbrush on the market (if you replace the included head with a circular head).


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As stated here:


The Deep Clean features 45-second quadrant cleaning for a total brushing time of 3 minutes, enhancing the results of the standard 30-second quadrant clean for 2 minutes.

Which brush heads are compatible? All of the following Oral-B brush heads are compatible with the Oral-B Deep Sweep 4000: Deep Sweep, Floss Action®, ProWhite, Precision Clean®, Sensitive, Dual Clean®, Power Tip®, and Ortho Care


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hessrick wrote:Strange for this day/age: Oral B offers a travel case (implying?), but the input charging voltage (110-130 vac) will ONLY work in the US... if you're considering European charging, during a long trip. you'll have a problem... Rick Hess

Fully charge before you leave and it should run until you get back home. If you're gone longer than that, your're not on a trip, your on a temporary change in permanent living arrangements.


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i ould et one ut I on't ave any eef.



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khoai wrote:For Oral-B, all brush heads, except for Pulsonic, are compatible to all handles. So if you don't like the new sweeping style 'Deep Sweep', you can always go back to one of the rotating heads.


Although there is no Deep Sweep 4000 on Oral-B site, I guess the only difference to the Professional Care 4000 is just the head.

The one at Costco is Professional Care 3000:


Thank you! I have a multi-pack of replacement heads, so I want to use those with this handle. In for one.


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Just let everyone else know if you click the link in your shipping conformation(links to USPS) from woot and get old tracking data from someone else's old shipment, use FedEx to track you order and you should see the correct shipping status.


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We ordered this to put in the motorhome. Have a Sonic in the house and thought this was a good deal so we'd go for it. Tried it for the first time last weekend. Wow! It does NOT feel at all like the Sonic. It feels a bit jack-hammer-y by comparison. Actually makes me feel a little dizzy. Glad it's in the RV, where it will only get used once or twice a month.