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I have never been able to figure out the diabolical plan that criminals have that would need YOUR licence number. They can just look outside their hide-out at any parked car that has foolishly exposed their plates in public.


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I bought one for my pruis 2013 . I had a frame
Mounted hitch installed ..... It is really difficult to use on the class one hitch ... I only carry 2 bikes well under 200lbs
The slider goes all the way through the inside of the hitch and will bind and not come out ....... My suggestion get the ridgeback 2/4/6
The slider does not allow for it to go out all the way and you are also able to put the hitch latch
On ...


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ericgohs wrote:Looks like a great buy. Any ideas if the dual arms are narrow enough to carry a kids 16" bike? Thx!

I bought this and really like the build quality. I did have to get a frame bar to put my son's bike on there. His frame was to narrow to clear the posts with all of the attachments. That said, our bikes stay nice and still and the locking tightening mechanism works great.


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dang. I missed out of this. Do I need a towbar attachment to mount this?