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From the manufacturer:
"Break-resistant glass covers allow you to monitor rodent while it is cooking without losing heat or Squarryl flavors"


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Owl is not tasty, don't eat it. Unless it looks like this:

If it looks like a cookie, eat it!


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I bought this set last time it was on woot. It's quality is excellent. I know that it says it's dishwasher safe, but I hand wash mine to hopefully help it last longer. I also have to recommend Barkeeper's Friend powder to clean it with. I swear it's magic in powder form lol. Seriously though this set is amazing and I highly recommend it!


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42 posts, yet none of Quality. Standards are High today!


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I got this set when it was on Woot recently. It seems great, except... Almost all of the pans make a pinging noise when heated, as if the aluminum clad is not properly adhering to the stainless. They look OK at the aluminum clad seams and appear to cook fine.

And there were dings on a lid and a pot, which don't really bother me. I probably should return them, but that is such a pain. I should have just returned them when I found the dings, I guess.

Also, it is impossible to cook fried eggs in the small pan without lots of sticking. I may get a tiny non-stick for that. And handles do get hot sometimes.

It is too bad that I can't give this set a good endorsement since it has good sizes, clear lids, and lots going for it.


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nice set, surprised at how good the quality was for the low cost. definitely another great find.