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Goats, so many goats.


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I have TWO kiddie pools filled with tadpoles, so I can't swim. My kid is 30 and lives in another state...


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One dead body, my late son's cat. But mostly just trees with some ferns and a few plants that require NO maintenance. I have a black thumb and kill all plants I care for, even plastic ones.


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My yard adjoins a very large national forest so I have a lot of different types of some pretty awesome looking mushrooms.


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Squash, beans, sweet potatoes, and Jimson Weed.


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Most of the above, plus a klown tower (multi-level townhouse for klowns), an ambulance gurney, an inflatable life raft with expired certification, a lot of empty shotgun shells, an iron 'FUNERAL PARKING' sign, a very badly-rendered cement bust of John Lennon... oh, I could go on. Think Fred Sanford's yard, but with more klown stuff.


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My dog tried to dig to China in our yard. We have a bunch of nice, deep pits.

"I'll Never Let My Schooling Interfere With My Education" -Mark Twain

"We Must Be the Change We Wish To See In The World" -Gandhi


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several pink flamingo, my husband hates them


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My Garden - with veggies and flowers


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I have two cats, one of which likes to hunt varmints. So yeah, lots of dead bodies. I find "presents" almost daily.


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clairedeluna wrote:Dog poop, since I have four dogs



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I don't actually know where the kiddie pool came from... it's too late to kick it into a neighbor's yard, I'm sure they've seen it in mine by now. Kicking it out into the street seems dangerous or something, so... eh, I'll just leave it there. The wind will take it when it's ready.


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All the above.


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There is a deer just standing there still as a statue....wait! I hear dogs barking!


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Yard? What yard? Who told you I have a yard?


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We live in the city and don't have a yard. There are, however, probably some flat rats in our parking pad.