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roussie wrote:You know these are bad bicycles when the guy in the picture isn't wearing a helmet. Always wear a helmet!

Also I'm sure this has been said but these are not worth the money. I bought a similar moongoose bike at Target before I really going into cycling and it was just that: A Target bike. If you ride like a few times a summer this may be the bike for you. Otherwise you should be looking to spend about $1000 to get a decent bike. With that it should come with a fit which will give you a more comfortable and efficient ride.

Steve should know better.


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Sad Justin is sad. I read this review The bikes a good review. I assembled mine today. I took it for a couple of spins around the back yard and the rear gear shifter ended up all jammed up in the spokes.


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recninja wrote:Kinda amazed on how they can ship a bike for $5.

I think I might know why. My bike arrived completely unusable with a banana-bent rear wheel and slightly bent frame. I've been getting the run-around from and Pacific Bicycles ever since... I'm getting pretty pissed.


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Has anyone who bought one had good info about the shipping?