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Fewer & fewer people remember -much less *care* about the Bunch of 60s Cartoons#39;s, the monkeys, or the old woot.
I buy here about 5% as much as I used to, but I'm sure the 95% of MY business that they've lost has been more than compensated for by higher margins and new customers, who are easier to manage due to their lower expectations.


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Bought nothing again this Wootoff but got a whole lot of free boredom.Don't really care that they dropped the bucket of coal,got a few in the past. I used to really get into it back in the day,now when I log on and it's a Wootoff I hope it's just a one day event.


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I concur with the consensus, this Woot-Off was rather lackluster. Especially with the similarities of items between the different subcats of Woot.

The lack of the Beany or Cecil is extremely disheartening. I will follow the tactics of some other 'old timer' Wooters and not participate in further Woot-Offs.

What effect this will have? I don't know - I'm just not wasting my time anymore.


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Basically, this site is dying. Look at comment numbers (by clicking on Community). Not anything like a couple of years ago. One can only assume there is a direct correlation between this and their total sales figures. This site is another has-been that died once it was consumed by the Amazonian Empire.


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ngc6475 wrote:Got a nice camera and a calculator. Good Woot Off!

I assume you don't own a smart phone.


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You can see how much crap I've bought clicking my box to the left.

The last three or four woot-offs have sucked. Just a bunch of rehashed stuff already offered on the site and no Bunch of 60s Cartoons#39;s.

Anyone want my collection of monkeys? Amazon just killed their collectable value.


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Wow, two in a row that I didn't buy anything. Not boycotting because of crap, just nothing good.

Of course when Crap was offered I would stay glued to the Woot Off waiting and that impulse buying would kick in.

So not having Crap is actually saving me money!


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joecooool wrote:Anyone want my collection of monkeys? Amazon just killed their collectible value.

I have personally lost interest in everything but the monkeys and some of the new shirt offerings (totes, hoodies, etc).

So, if your monkeys really need a new home, they can join my 370+ woot monkeys. Just send me a PM and we can discuss offers.

That's O'neill with two L's *holds up three fingers*


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Moueska wrote:Almost. They gave some to loyal wooters this past Christmas... just not in the woot-off.

Did the recipients pay $8 for them? Did woot give out 1500-3000 of them? Did all users have an equal shot at scoring one?
Not the same thing, chum.


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bsmith1 wrote:Did the recipients pay $8 for them? Did woot give out 1500-3000 of them? Did all users have an equal shot at scoring one?
Not the same thing, chum.

Yeah. Instead, they gave it to the users who contributed the most to the site, and not the users who figured out how to use a bot or to get one.

There's a whole lot of mad in this thread, and it's hilarious because literally every time, we hear "I'M NEVER COMING BACK." And yet, these people do.. every single time.


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k4th3r1n3 wrote:The servers crash when Bunch of 60s Cartoons#39;s show up. It just can't happen anymore.

My company processes over 6 billion transactions per month - a pittance compared to Amazon - and not once do our servers ever crash because too many people are using them.