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Fun Fun! Winners MUST post contents when they get them

  • Boughs of Craply 12/25/16
  • Bag o' Crap III 12/12/16
  • World of WootCrap lv5 07/11/14
  • Bag of Shirt Crap 7/11/14
  • Personal Facebook Crap 6/25/14
  • 12 Days of Crapness 12/8/13
  • in-your-crapday-suit 7/12/12
  • Bunker of Cabbage 4/26/12
  • Bunker of Cabbage 3/22/12
  • Bunker of Cabbage 6/15/11
  • Random Crap (Level 8) 4/1/11
  • Random Crap (Level 2) 4/1/11
  • Random Crap 10/21/10
  • Random Crap 9/22/10
  • Random Crap 8/20/10
  • Adventure Crap 4/1/10
  • Random Crap 1/28/10
  • Santa’s Sack O’ Crap 12/25/09
  • Random Crap 12/25/08
  • Random Crap 6/20/08
  • Random Crap 4/1/08
  • Sansa e250 11/5/07 (The one that started it all!)


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I was out of the country and off-line when this was posted, but I'm glad I came across the posts. Pretty darn cool, lichme! I look forward to seeing the picture posts!



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Crap is on the way, thanks for playing!

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Well, I was warned it would probably be crappy. I'm happy to report back that is was anything but!

Detailed list of contents:
~Crab bag - admittedly crappy, but so darn cute I actually love it!
~Duo Pinball, Pinball controller for iPad (I don't have an iPad, but it's kind of a good reason to go buy one now, right? LOL)
~iGo Green Power Smart Wall - 4 outlets (my mom was pretty excited about this one, she has a thing with 'phantom power')
~Jackie Chan DVD Double Feature (new and sealed!). Police Story and Police Story 2
~Radio Rebel CD (hmm, I like Disney, so I shall listen to it)
~Cold Steel Voyager folding knife (I'm a little terrified of knives...long story, but I know someone who may enjoy it!)
~Sticky notepad set (very useful in this house!)
~Kids size 12 Enchanter tee (I have a friend with a tall 4 year old, it may still be too big, but he may enjoy it. If not, it will go into my shirt.woot quilt pile)
~Donut candle (love it simply because it's a donut!)
~Slaplet and a box of slaplinx (Great as I like to give gifts to kids at Christmastime who are less fortunate! Unless I decide to keep it first, lol!)
~Remington Razor refills (definitely going into a future wootizen Brigadier of Carolling exchange box)
~Glowstick (I love glowsticks!!!)
~Tabletop tripod (Always need those as a hobby photographer)
~A pack of hairbands (always need those too, lol!)
~And, by far my favorite! A Kryptonite bike lock!!! I keep saying to myself I need to buy a bike lock so I can ride my bike to the local stores instead of driving all the time, so this was so perfect!

Thanks so much @lichme! This certainly has made the year a little bit better!


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I received mine too! Thank you very much, lichme! I hope to post the contents as soon as I am able.

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