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[imgleft]http://www.woot.com/Images/Sale/InFocus_ScreenPlay_61-e2-80-9d_DLP_High_Definition_TV-thumbnail.jpg[/imgleft]Welcome to the InFocus ScreenPlay 61” DLP High Definition TV topic page for Monday, August 08, 2005. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.

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ok - this post is an ongoing consolidation of updates here from throughout this thread:

Rebate: http://www.woot.com/misc/SP61 Rebate Form 8-3-05.pdf

member update, thanks boswill (note, the delay on this batch could have been UPS Supply Chain related with their worm issues? unknown still.)

 boswill2k4 - 8/19/2005 11:26 AM wrote:
I just spoke to a very nice gentleman at the local EGL office. He told me that the shipper called for a pickup on this batch yesterday evening. EGL picked up the units last night and sent them on their merry way this morning. The worm that hit some of the EGL servers did not impact their ability to ship items, I'm told. He also said I could probably get my TV on 8/22 or 8/23 even though the published date is 8/25.

Hope this helps. :-)

 Snapster 08/19/2005 10:33 AM wrote:
Wall Mount Discount update -- the folks at InFocus extended the coupon code for the wall mount discount for another few days here due to the logistics issues on delivery. (There was a gap of a few days where it had expired.) I need to state that anyone who wants to make use of the wall mount discount needs to transact this no later than Monday even if you do not yet have your TV! It is my understanding that there will not be a second offering on this and the coupon will stop working some time after Monday.

 Snapster 8/19/2005 10am cst wrote:

Update #3.14159265

Logistics: I'm generally pleased that the tracking numbers on our no info found list are now working. I'm not particularly happy that they show ship dates of yesterday. I'm not sure if they show yesterday ship dates because of the network trouble they had, or if they show yesterday ship dates because that's when they physically left. I guess another thing to consider is if they could physically ship these during the time that they claimed virus trouble or if they were just stacking up on the dock for a day or two.

Condtion: All units sold are brand new TV's! Remote controls shipped have a plastic protective coating on them to absorb scratches in shipment. Apparently this is easy to miss and assume that the remote is scratched. Please remove this protective coating.

from page 42 - this response seems worth repeating:

 mumba2 wrote:
This "not a new TV" thing has me on edge. What's going on?

 Snapster wrote:

what generally happens on woot's message boards is that all of the collective issues of an entire shipment get talked about at the end of each deal. generally this is understood by members, but at times it is continually hard to put into perspective -- even for woot's staff. So far we have reported 2 tv's that were DOA, one missing front cover, two remotes that have scratches and a tv with dust on it. There will be more issues as we go forward. Potentially 1 to maybe 3% of these will not survive the travel and will have some issue on arrival -- that could be 10 folks in a row posting that they have dead TV's -- something that would be very difficult visually to put into perspective and still think of this as a good deal! I'd like to say it would be totally unacceptable but in dealing with the real world and a new product ever day, we find a lot of really great products can still have a few isolated issues at the end to resolve. It's just in most cases (ie.. away from woot) you don't have the info concentration level as you have here.

 Snapster 8/18/2005 7pm cst wrote:
Delivery update #342432342

I got a call a few minutes ago with news that may shed some light on the tracking number situation. UPS Supply Chain Services, (which InFocus and Woot both contract with) and Eagle Global both claim to have had computers affected by the Windows 2000 Worm that was apparently active earlier this week. There was a report that up to 3 truckloads of TV's left the dock yesterday and the tracking numbers we had were not live yet due to network related problems.

I'd like to think I'm not a gullible person -- I got a CNN news alert email broadcast tuesday night on this "widespread worm attack" and then laughed later when it was reported that it was mainly media places themselves that got hit -- but I do not think at this point we would be told this issue as an excuse because we really don't have any pressure on anyone at UPS SC or Eagle that would cause them to make this up.

Anyways, the information came with the advice that our tracking number issue should be resolve by tomorrow. So the long and short of it is, we'll have to wait and see.

 Snapster 8/18/2005 2:30pm cst wrote:

We are determining that Eagle simply is not very quick to update their tracking databases with shipments of orders. We believe this is due to them not having a "pickup scan" but only a scan at the various logistics hubs these go to.

The following people are on a growing list of "no info at eaglegl.com" list. At this time we believe the vast majority of folks will have updated info at eaglegl very soon. [edit: 8-19-05, all tracking numbers reported here now register on eaglegl.com]

Outie 52733536 - now registers
AbbeyGr 52733571 - now registers
yyuan001 52733540 - now registers
Aggiesporttx 52733573 - now registers
Dreman32 52733568 - now registers
tferrio 52733552 -now registers
thanhdtran 52733554 -now registers
boswill2k4 52733531 -now registers
strowbridge 52733519 -now registers
BkB 52733543 -now registers
kumo0002 52733557 -now registers
toowoottopop 52733551 -now registers
JamshedK 52733569 -now registers
orion2598 52733555 -now registers
benben5 52733586 -now registers
simtiaz 52733562 -now registers
jabby 52733507 -now registers
honorsys 52733539 -now registers

(here's the original theory posted with this post earlier

Eagle picked these up in truckloads based on general destination and these trucks are then sent out to hubs to be scanned in as they make their way to the local eagle dispatch centers. Our guess is that the bulk of these orders are on a truck that either has not made it to this hub, or perhaps it did make it but they did not scan or report the tracking numbers from that hub. We are almost certain that this many orders can't be in any way lost and we believe that the vast majority will have tracking numbers shortly. That being said, we are still actively pursuing this and trying to get the real facts from Eagle.

 Snapster 8/11/2005 12:22pm wrote:
a few updates:

312 orders were transmitted in the first batch with phone numbers for delivery.

Shipments are originating out of a Kentucky supply chain facility, where Woot took possession of the inventory. (it was stored nearby so this was the most efficient procedure)

I believe Eagle is the primary trucking company being used.

Trucks began rolling yesterday and are continuing today and tomorrow.

Within this 312 unit batch, orders have been attempted to be processed in order from the farthest point from Kentucky proceeding to the closest states to Kentucky.

The exception is there is a logistics delay with orders to recipients in the state of California. This delay should not cause orders to be delivered outside of our original estimate, but given that Kentucky to California is not one of the shorter routes, California recipients will probably not be amongst the first to receive calls or deliveries. Please don't be overly concerned, this is just a slight logistics delay.

A second batch beyond the 312 unit batch is being processed now with anyone who was later updating their phone numbers.

following the second batch, we will again attempt to contact any remaining folks who have not updated their phone number. We understand some folks may have gone out of town or simply not caught our first email. There's no need for extreme alarm, even if we are late getting your phone number, this process should still go smoothly. After we've sent that second email, we'll start figuring a game plan on how to proceed with anyone left.

I'll try to review now for any unanswered questions here.

 Snapster 8/12/2005 8:11am wrote:
Good morning. Some members may get tracking emails from us this morning. Many more shipments are already rolling than we actually have tracking numbers to send on, and in fact as of last night the tracking numbers didn't produce a result on Eagle's website. (presumably that will change shortly, I just don't think they are as automated as UPS/FED Ex on the scanning thing.) Some 200+ TV's are on the road with another big effort today in the works.

California shipments are having to be routed through Texas to pass through Woot's warehouse facility due to some really annoying policy/rules. At this point we don't forsee that it will actually be outside of our original shipment estimate, but it's going to be on the outside edge of that at best.

We had a list of 45 folks as of last night who had not updated us with their phone numbers. If you're one of those folks, we're going to send another email to you today to request this. If for some reason you're not getting your email, but you can read this here, simply go to the "your account" tab (once you're logged in) and input your phone number on our site. We will automatically pull it and give it to Eagle for delivery purposes only.

Considering the logistal challenge this project is proceeding quite well. We've had a lot of great support from InFocus.

 Snapster 8/15/2005 10:25am wrote:
monday morning update:

as mentioned before, many orders are on trucks for delivery without us yet having tracking information to provide. An estimated 310 units are on the road as of last week or this morning for delivery. Less than 1/3rd of these have we been provided tracking information for. I'm pleased to hear those of you with tracking reporting timely delivery estimates, and I'm excited to get reports back on the TV's in operation.

As mentioned earlier, there was a delay on California orders having to be routed through Texas on their way to you. This is an additional 65 units or so on top of the 310 units shipped directly. Your TV's arrived to Dallas this morning and are being turned around ASAP for delivery still within the original time estimate.

Approximately 39 orders do not have phone numbers updated on their woot accounts. An email will be sent today in a final attempt to get this information before we figure out an alternate way of handling the problem.

 Snapster08/16/2005 9:09am wrote:
Tuesday Morning Update:

Even though we've added stress and frustration to the process by the delay on many tracking numbers, shipments have proceeded fairly smoothly. Here's an overall perspective & timeline of events:

Monday 8/8 - Orders Transacted 12am to 10pm cst - 440 orders including a couple multiple quantity orders
Tuesday 8/9 - Email to all buyers sent at 3pm cst explaining warranty and need for phone number and resulting order release delay
Wednesday 8/10, 9:45am cst - First batch of orders released for truck scheduling, 312 orders
Thursday 8/11, 12:22pm - Update to product forum describing progress and delay for California orders
Thursday 8/11, 2pm cst - Second batch of orders released for truck scheduling, 55 orders
Thursday 8/11, 2:45pm cst - Tracking numbers received for 72 units on the road Wednesday
Friday 8/12, 8:11am cst - Update to product forum describing progress, tracking numbers, California through Texas process
Friday 8/12, 2:21pm cst - Tracking numbers received for 119 more units on the road Thursday
Friday 8/12, 4pm cst - Shipment of 2 truckloads (72 units) to Woot's Texas warehouse leaves for California orders
Friday 8/12, 5:30pm cst - Third batch of orders released for truck scheduling, 8 orders
Monday 8/15, 9am cst - First truckload arrives in Texas to be rerouted for California orders
Monday 8/15, 10:25am cst - Update to product forum describing progress
Monday 8/15, 3pm cst - Second truckload arrives in Texas to be rerouted for California orders
Monday 8/15, 7pm cst - Woot Warehouse manager reports 58 orders for California picked up and in transit last night
Tuesday 8/16, 9am - This update

This update:

We are hoping to have tracking numbers finally for most shipments today. Our normal process sends emails out in the morning, so some of you may be receiving numbers now for those we obtained yesterday. There is some question as to when exactly they go live on the Eagle website, so don't panic if you don't have a live report or Eagle can't find your order immediately. There is also some concern that we are looking into that our website doesn't show the tracking number in the order progress area.

At last report there were approximately 35 orders on hold because we did not get phone numbers. I believe we sent a follow up email yesterday to these members asking what we should do - I will follow up on this shortly. We will be focused on clearing up this today as well as trying to make sure that everyone has their tracking numbers and the website is updating normally.

Thank you for your continued patience. I still believe that, even with the delays encountered, we will make our delivery estimates. From the email last Tuesday, this was described as "Both Watkins and Eagle approximate 5-10 day delivery times once we receive your order." I definitely understand everyone is anxious to receive their TV's or at least your tracking number -- we have had a few members expressed their displeasure to us and I certainly hope that we can avoid anyone else reaching that level of frustration.


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edited by the great and powerful cow: we actually ran out of room when we tried to set the specs up for this thing.
it actually comes with a $500 rebate from infocus.
we now return you to your regularly scheduled wordsmith.

THE WOOTY GRIND (TM)!!! Yep, it's Monday and time to get back to the hum drum weekly schedule.. blah... ok Woot.. give us something to focus on instead of this dreary Monday (And yeah.. for those on the left coast.. I know.. it's still Sunday)!!!! Wink

DAYYYUUUMMMM!!!!! Time to break open the piggy bank!!

InFocus ScreenPlay 61” DLP High Definition TV $2,999.99 + $5 shipping ($2,499 AR)This is like 5 grand everywhere else!!! Woot.. do you take green stamps??

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Now that is a great combo Smile


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That's a mighty fine wOOt!


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 WootBot wrote:
Welcome to the InFocus ScreenPlay 61” DLP High Definition TV topic page for Monday, August 08, 2005. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.

looks ncie


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what kinda wooter has that dough?


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Too damn expensive for me. Nite


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Nice! Wotterific!


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Too Much!


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WAY too rich!

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"If you misplace your remote, the included wireless keyboard also controls television functions."
wow, comes with it's own wireless keyboard!


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eh no thanks


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You know, I'd have to do some looking, but this seems pretty reasonable. And it has tuners. Not sure what chipset they use. I'm sure by O early o'clock that analysis and breakdown and praise and damnation will be unveiled.

The best part is the $5 shipping. Now that's value! Way to stick with your guns woot!


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wish I could afford that!!


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Way to expensive for me ;)


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Ouch, my CC burns.

Don't know if it's a good price yet, but $5 shipping has gotta be a real FED-EX relationship Cool

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Wow, but too much WOOT Money for me!


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Great woot! nice tv but too high...


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nice price, but still can't aford it...night everyone


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2,999.99 ? I'm going to bed. Good nite all!


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hrmmmm interesting..


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OK...just a bit pricey for me. I can't spend that much in 6 months no less one night. Thanks though. I'm sure it will be what someone wants/needs.


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Holy Shrimp, that looks nice and I need a TV... just don't have 3 grand lying around at the moment.


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let me just pull 3000$ outta my butt for ya ...?!?!


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too expensive for me... beauty though


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Good Nite!


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A bit pricey, eh?


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I want this but it is a tad expensive for me being a student.


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Good god almighty!
GREAT woot!
(too bad i already have a pretty big tv and am broke... please throw this into the next "Bag o' Crap" and send me that one!

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Holy crappola!

Thats a big ol' WOOT!

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Owwww, too much money, need a bag of crap!



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Yes I want one!
I just need to get a new job.


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Sorry - spent my last $30 on the toolbox vacuum cleaner....

51 Woots and counting...
and 18 shirt-Woots, too!


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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ too much for this woter.....nite pg 1


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*drools at size* but too much for me to shell out atm

so many woots so little time ( or money depends on how you look at things ~_^)


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This is the woot of all woots. Far too expensive for my blood.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail, excellent.

Spamalot. Best. Production. Ever.