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Can anyone send me the owners manual scanned and send to kumarl27@yahoo.com?

I lost my manual and there are no instructions for resetting anywhere online


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Hoping there is someone that can scan and send me the instructions manual for the Abacus Atomic Men's Stainless Steel Watch. I lost the instructions and was unable to find them on the net. I would really appreciate it and it would be nice if maybe Woot! could help out, but we will see. Thanks for any help you all can provide. My email is slnsmar@hotmail.com

Martin E. Salinas


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For those who were wondering, the original battery to this particular Woot gave up the ghost on the Fourth of July 2013. Six years, I would say, is pretty darn decent battery life.

And yes, it synced correctly five days out of seven, but by the next evening it was off by a minute or two. Even my cheesy '80s Casio is accurate to within three seconds a day.

Still, it was fun while it lasted.

Please, Reverend Jim, more Kool-Aid!