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Bumping my request here:

Hey all, looking to finish out my collection as I know a few people are.

I'm really looking for:
-Blue Cape (Not Turquoise).
-Pink Cape (GF would really luv it!).
-The 1st Monkey, Red Cape. (I know wishful thinking).
- The elusive Pink & Blue Minis.
And Finally the OH so popular sock monkey (Was MIA from wooting when it came out, I know great timing on my part!).

I could be interested in:
-Black Cape
-Purple Cape
-Orange Cape
-Yellow Cape

I'm willing to trade or purchase, have multiples of most monkeys not mentioned.



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reg036 wrote:Bumping my request here ...

You got a PM!


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HI guys
I have decided to sell my Woot Monkey collection. I have almost every monkey woot sold during woot-offs. I have all of the early ones including the first red caped monkey. All monkeys have never been flown and still have the pull tags. I even have a woot ice bucket.

I will sell any of the monkeys with the cloth capes for $10 each with free shipping. If you are interested in any of the pleather capes, send me an offer. I will be putting them on ebay in about a week unless I get an very good offer. I dont have the sock monkey or the last two monkeys sold. Send me a message if interested or want pics.


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I'm selling my very large collection of woot shirts, monkeys, calendars, and other items. All items are new unless otherwise listed. Quantity is listed in parenthesis. All shirts are a men's large. here's what I've got for sale, all prices INCLUDE shipping. If you want to purchase multiple items, I can knock off $1 for each item to compensate for combined shipping. I only accept Paypal as method of payment, PM me if you're interesting in purchasing any of the items.

Miscellaneous Woot items-

(1) Question mark tote bag $15

(1) Question mark gift bag $5 (distributed only in a few Big ol' Cornucopia)

(3) Woot off lights in box $10 each set

(2) Woot 2009 calendar $6 each

(2) Woot 2011 calendar $6 each

(2) Woot 2012 calendar $6 each

(2) Woot 2012 water bottle $12 each

(1) Woot zip up hoodie Med $30

Woot shirts-

(3) Woot launch shirt (American Apparel) $20 each

(2) Shirt woot 1st anniversary shirt (with limited edition numbered sticker, one shirt is 875/4100 other is 881/4100) comes with matching shirt woot shipping bag (American Apparel version) $20 each

(1) Woot exclamation shirt black with white glow in the dark ink (American Apparel) $20

(1) Be the screaming monkey shirt (American Apparel version) $20

(1) Bandolier of Carrots shirt (American Apparel version) $20

(1) Random shirt shirt (American Apparel Version) $20

(1) Stereo scope E shirt woot 3rd anniversary shirt with 3D glasses (American Apparel version) $20

(1) Woot athletics 2011 green shirt (American Apparel) $20

(2) Woot to live shirt $15 each

(1) Woot 2012 monkey games navy shirt $20

(1) Woot eager robot shirt $15

Woot screaming monkeys-
(all monkeys have their sale tags still attached, some are missing their sound pull tab)

(1) Blue pleather cape (tab pulled, still screams) $15

(1) Green pleather cape (tab pulled, still screams) $15

(1) Orange cape (tab pulled, doesn't scream anymore) $8

(1) Purple cape (tab pulled, still screams) $10

(1) Light blue cape (tab pulled, still screams) $10

(1) White cape (tab pulled, still screams) $10

(1) Yellow cape (tab pulled, still screams) $10

(1) Tie dyed happy face cape (tab pulled, still screams) $10

(1) American flag cape (tab pulled, still screams) $10

(1) Tiger print cape (tab pulled, still screams) $10

(2) Leopard print cape (one with tab pulled, still screams, other one tab is still intact) $10 each

(1) Snow leopard print cape (tab still intact) $10

(1) Brown camo print cape (tab pulled, still screams) $10

(1) Orange camo print cape (tab pulled, doesn't scream anymore) $8

(1) Blue camo print cape (tab pulled, still screams) $10

(1) Black and white checkered print cape (tab pulled, doesn't scream anymore) $10

(1) Red cape glow in the dark white monkey (tab pulled, still screams) $12

(1) Orange cape keychain monkey (tab pulled, still screams) $8

(1) Red cape giant monkey (tab pulled, still screams) $15

(1) Green cape giant monkey (tab still intact) $15

(1) Black cape giant monkey (tab still intact) $15

(2) Black cape with wooooooot print (one with tab pulled, still screams, one with tab still intact) (neither were shipped with retail sale tags on them) $6

(2) Black cape with woot! in a word bubble (one with tab pulled, still screams, one with tab still intact) (neither were shipped with retail sale tags on them) $6 each

(1) Black cape with mustache, power button and eye patch (tab pulled, still screams) $6 each

(1) 7 pack of woot 2012 monkey games capes (one each of red, pink, green, orange, black, blue, and purple) (all still have tabs intact) $35


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Bump! (So that the deals.woot crew can find this thread!)


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Looking for Pink & Blue Mini Set in this new year. TIA


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I'm looking for the Screaming Monkey with Meta Cape (sold Jan 2013 woot-off).

I also need both blue and pink mini monkeys.

I have extras of all the regular sized monkeys, except for the first eight (see list here).


Have you checked your Private Messages lately?


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Need the Woot Sock Monkey to complete my collection (have spares to trade of all but the first 5 (the pleather capes) monkeys, mini-monkeys, and the giant ones). May need the small Pink keychain one too.

95% (?) of my spares still have the tabs and haven't been flown. I made the mistake of bringing all my Psychedelic Orange ones to a Wine.Woot gathering, and the hosts' kids got a hold of them. But all the rest have tabs and haven't been flown.

(spares are safe at home in this pic.)

Forgot to bring the 2012 Woot Games monkeys along when this picture was taken!

Someone has to put WD's kids thru college, but why does it have to be me!
*This post is for purposes of enabling only, and does not constitute any promise of helping pay for said enabling. It does indicate willingness to assist in drinking said wine.


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I have the following monkeys up for trade. If it isn't listed, I want it! If you need one listed below, message me!

Regular Size:
4 x glow in dark -red cape
2 x black/red flame
2 x black/orange flame
2 x smiley faces
1 x checkerboard
2 x American flag
3 x cheetah
1 x blue camp
4 x ooooo with mask
3 x woot logo with mask

5 x orange keychain
1 x black
2 x purple
6 x ooooo mask (10)
4 x masked woot

The BIG ones:
2 x red giant
2 x black giant