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Charter Member 0002218 here ^_^

Woot was a very neat idea. I wish I have followed it more, but I've been rather busy dealing with life to hunt daily deals at woot. Obviously I remember it though. it have a cool name and concept.


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$10 off! Woot!!


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8/2/04 was my first order - made me laugh to realize I've been checking this site virtually every single day - and a billion times a day during a woot-off - for more than five freakin' years!

How does anyone know their charter number?


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Woot brings so much joy!

I lost my certificate though =(


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9/21/2004 Xonix 256MB MP3 USB Watch was my first woot


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Gotta love Woot. I am glad that I was one of the first 5000 members! Plus I get $10 for typing this. You rock.


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Yeah I still have my Woot Charter Member Certificate hanging on my Desk Proudly at home! Its been a blast checking woot every night not knowing what item will appear. Thanks guys for making me stay up late every night and be a "slave" to woot!

First woot was 2x Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop back on 8/23/2004


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congrats Woot.

My first coupon code was pinkmonkeyguts. I still have the certificate to this day.
My only order was BOC1. I definitely will not forget about the huge fuss about the kensington mouse bag counting as item number 3. I also will not forget about people who didn't order 3


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luv2chill wrote:Heh I think I have a couple of posts, and a few w00ts--I am very selective. Never have gotten a Blogging Old CEO though despite my best efforts.

My most worthless w00t was the thermal printers, partly because they use special paper, and partly because they only have IR or serial interfaces. They're still in the box, never been used

My favorite w00t is a pair of leakfrogs. One is in my basement and one in my laundry room, just waiting to alert me to a flood.

Thanks w00t... you're the site that has inspired a thousand imitators--none of which come anywhere close to the original.


*giggles*, I actually gave away my thermal printers when I moved out of the dorms back whenever :-P. I jumped on most of the original speaker sets (my gf is still using the 5.1 dell "mystery box" set). Oh and ever since my first couple bag of craps I've been edged out of any subsequent ones.

Still check ever day at midni-*cough* 1am, but I don't follow woot-offs as religously as I used to.

Are you ever going to bring back the ab-tilts?


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I still have my Woot! charter member certificate (and one of the three USB fans I bought at the time).

Woot reigns over all!


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Proud Charter Member since 8/22/04. Thanks for the free t-shirt, and keep up the good work.


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I think I am qualified.


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Charter member, but I've still never managed to snag a Braille on Cookies *sob*


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here from the beginning,
here 'til the end.


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Ah recognition for being a pioneer ;). One robo-mower that I tried to use, but never really did... still in my garage =).

Charter member checking in.


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Has it been 4 years already? Do time fly!!!


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Darn...forgot where I put my certificate...I thought it was a remember getting the free shipping code but it expired by the time I made another purchase...hmmm...with this new $10 off code I think I need to woot it tonight...


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Go woot.


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Thanks woot! You've cost me many late nights watching woot-offs!


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Gotta luv Woot!


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Quiwi wrote:*stuff*

Oh and the Boomtube (EX) is still awesome, everyone wants to know where I got it from :-P

(wow 1/3 of my woots are all speaker sets :-P)

I'll dig up my original coupon code when I get home and post it :-P


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I can't believe that it has been 4 years since this grand experiment started. Scarily enough, I was actually an early adopter, and I'm shocked (shocked!) that something I jumped onboard in the early days is still around.

Conga-rats Woot for making it this far, and sprawling your empire far and wide...


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Woot! Woot!


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I can't recall my number, but it was pretty low...

First purchase?

10006061 8/13/2004 Random carp 3


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So I am finally included into something based on my perception that woot! might give me some Spam...but the dividends have always been a bargain. "One man's trash is another man's treasure."


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as they say in Texas "I wasn't born here but I got here as soon as I could"


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Woot FTW!

I've been wooting since 8/2004


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I claim my coupon as a charter member as well.


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My first order was on 11/5/2004 . Way to go woot. We celebrate your success. Keep it up.


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I didn't realize I joined so early..


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Hello fellow charter members...
Never have much to say but always willing to buy.


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Here I am. WOOT!


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macmarkaleer wrote:June 2005 here...but active...see?
order date item qty
24123347 8/11/2008 Timex Clock Radio for Sansa e200 & c200 Series 1
24062364 8/4/2008 Timex Clock Radio for Sansa e200 & c200 Series 1 blog discuss
24006902 7/29/2008 Black & Decker CP120B 20 Watt Power Backup Battery Pack 2 blog discuss
23848800 6/28/2008 Syma Fairy Remote Controlled Micro Helicopter 2 blog discuss
23777363 6/19/2008 Wireless FM Transmitter 3 blog discuss
23748376 6/16/2008 Sandisk Sansa e260 4GB Media Player 1 blog discuss
23657655 5/28/2008 Cube Memory 2GB MicroSD Card with SD Adaptor 1 blog discuss
23573559 5/17/2008 Motorola H350 Bluetooth Headset 1 blog discuss
23526456 5/9/2008 Mighty Kite Mini-Kite 3 blog discuss
23171866 3/28/2008 Soyo Freestyler 500 Bluetooth Headset and Bluetooth USB Adapter 1 blog discuss
23144673 3/27/2008 La Crosse Projection Alarm Clock/Weather Station 1 blog discuss
23123294 3/25/2008 Nike Sport Kit Carrying Case for MP3 Players – 2 Pack 1 blog discuss
23076913 3/18/2008 La Crosse Technology Window Thermometer - 2 Pack 1 blog discuss
22651604 1/9/2008 Kodak EasyShare 5100 All in One Printer 1 blog discuss
22643153 1/8/2008 La Crosse Atomic Travel Alarm Clock 2 Pack 1 blog discuss
22280499 11/18/2007 Micro Remote Control Helicopter 2 blog discuss
22274798 11/17/2007 Miniature Express Train Set 3 blog discuss
22256255 11/16/2007 Screen Dreams Living Waterfalls Screensaver DVD 3 blog discuss
22163125 11/5/2007 Sandisk Sansa e250 2GB MP3 Player & FM Tuner 2 blog
22123521 10/30/2007 Jumbo Junkie Universal Jumbo Remote Control – 2 Pack 1 blog discuss
22034179 10/16/2007 Jabra BT-350 Bluetooth Headset - 2-Pack 1 blog discuss
21949412 10/5/2007 Gourmet Coffee Cafe Pod Coffeemaker with Free Coffee 1 blog discuss
21930990 10/2/2007 Wireless Garden Yada Headset Hub – 2 Pack 1 blog discuss
21688918 7/24/2007 Sandisk 512MB Ultra II SD Plus w/USB – 2-Pack 1 blog discuss
21665475 7/20/2007 ADS 7" LCD Digital Photo Frame w/128MB Memory 1 blog discuss
21636853 7/16/2007 Samsung Digimax L85 8MP Digital Camera 1 blog discuss
21500112 6/16/2007 Hamilton Beach BlenderChef Blender & Food Processor 1 blog discuss
21302996 4/26/2007 LeakFrog 2 blog discuss
21128914 3/22/2007 iRiver AFT100 Mobile FM Transmitter 1 blog discuss
21122044 3/21/2007 Mustek MBT-H120 Bluetooth Headset 2 blog discuss
21079687 3/2/2007 SanDisk 512MB MP3/WMA Player with FM Tuner and Voice Recorder 1 blog discuss
21041829 2/7/2007 Ezonics iContact Pro II Webcam w/ Bluetooth Headset & Dongle 1 blog discuss
20980116 1/30/2007 Netgear 108Mbps Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter 1 blog discuss
20906991 12/26/2006 Saitek No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Poker 2-Pack 1 blog discuss
20871052 12/8/2006 Pterodactyl Electric Powered R/C Para Wing Glider 2 blog discuss
20855184 12/7/2006 Casio Atomic Waveceptor Watch 1 blog discuss
20815055 11/28/2006 Bill Blass Pen & Pencil Gift Box 2-Pack 2 blog discuss
20708782 10/16/2006 Audiovox Portable 10” LCD TV with DVD Player & In-Car Mounting Kit 1 blog discuss
20683649 10/12/2006 Snap Sights 35mm Waterproof Camera 2 blog discuss
20586243 9/8/2006 ADS USB 2.0 SimpleTouch Hard Drive Case w/Backup Software 1 blog discuss
20573456 8/29/2006 KidSmart Vocal Smoke Detector – 2 Pack 1 blog discuss
20542332 8/18/2006 Alienware 512MB MP3 Player with 2.1 Boombox & Dock 1 blog discuss
20526959 8/17/2006 Logitech Bluetooth iPod Headphones 1 blog discuss
20437235 6/24/2006 Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Coffeemaker 1 blog discuss
20419566 6/19/2006 Logitech Bluetooth Headphone for MP3 1 blog discuss
20399653 6/9/2006 iRobot Roomba Sage with Convenience Pack (4110) 1 blog discuss
20395516 6/8/2006 RCA 8 Device Backlit LCD Learning Universal Remote 2 blog discuss
20365820 5/25/2006 iRiver T10 512MB MP3 Player w/FM Tuner and Voice Recorder 1 blog discuss
20362988 5/22/2006 Mark of Fitness Wrist-Mounted Blood Pressure Monitor 2 blog discuss
20231008 2/20/2006 iRiver H10 20GB MP3 Player & Recorder - Remix Blue 1 blog discuss
20144235 12/18/2005 Motorola 802.11g Enhanced Networking Set 2 blog discuss
20104192 11/18/2005 Santa Fe Fajitas & More Buffet 2 blog discuss
10186323 6/16/2005 Field and Stream Leather Watch and Multi-Tool Gift Set

Holy woot! Are you a consumer reporter, collector, or woot-head?


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I liked the site A LOT more back then when there were so few of us. Now it's polluted with so much nonsense and people asking for Blogging Old CEO that I don't even visit the discussions anymore. I do not order much because I kicked that bad habit of ordering stuff I didn't need.


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$10? That's...that's...that's like free shipping and handling! Times 2!


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Well.. I don't thikn I joined between that time, but regardless: thanks woot!


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Thanks WOOT! Keep up the good work.


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HMM I'd like 10 bucks..
i could buy more wootages
Is november 26 2004 close enough?


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Thanks for the coupon.
The only other time I got special treatment for being an early customer, I was invited into the "friends and family" IPO of That was a bit more rewarding than a $10, but I can't complain. That said, remember the first 5,000 when you go public!