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Believe it or not, I still have my Woot! Charter Member certificate up on my wall. It is the envy of all who gaze upon it.

As for my opinion regarding the evolution of the woot family...I know Woot is a business, and businesses grow and evolve over time, but I miss the days of yore when the items were inexpensive, obscure, clever and dependable. I bought your "Mystery Speakers" and a Bunch of Carrots (Back when the woot everyman stood a snowball's chance in hell of scoring one) and I still use them. I bought a Braun 5610 electric shaver that I still use a few times a week, even now 4 years later.

But as a dedicated follower, I've noticed a trend over there, where the quality of items has dwindled, forum policing has grown downright despotic, and customer service has grown more apathetic in the face of overwhelming numbers of customers. It seems like every other woot I've bought is either misrepresented junk right out of the box, or fails somehow within days. Which in turn, has led me to refrain from buying items that I might otherwise have enjoyed, because I'm too suspicious of receiving a lemon. Sure, the descriptions are cute, but a witty pitch isn't enough to persuade me to buy snake oil when I've been justifiably burned in the past. Fool me once, etc.

This hasn't stopped my friends and family from continuing to patronize woot, and yes, I continue to stock my wardrobe with classy Woot-tagged T-shirts...but nevertheless, I pine for the days when Woot was purple and I could proudly proclaim "In for one!" without regretting it in the morning.

So lift a glass of wine.woot, and toast to the good 'ol days.


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9/13/2004 i became the proud owner of not one, but TWO robosapiens.
nearly four years and a closet-full of wootshirts later, i happily accept my $10 payoff!

guess what i plan to get


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As one of the first 5000, I must say "What, me worry?" After I joined, I had to Google 'woot' because I didn't know PAAAaaaAAaaaanCAAAAAKES! it meant or where it came from. I still wonder that today, too! I bought the Dell 5.1 speaker setup that I still use today -- I'm old compared to you.

And whoda thunk that Woot's warehouse full of fun is just a couple of miles from my office, too!

(My certificate is stored in a junk drawer, too, where it belongs!)


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I'll post a comment for a $10 off coupon! thanks woot!


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Dell 5.1 speaker setup (When they still called it the Dell 5.1 setup instead of "anonymous" supplier). I remember hacking it so I had a pseudo 5.1 setup in my computer room.

I ordered 2 and ended up selling one on Campus for almost what both cost me.

Then a Blogging Old CEO...


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It's good to see sites like Woot thriving. We need more of the "little guys" starting out to make it big.


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Thanks Woot...


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I don't even remember how I became a charter member but I definitely did buy some random stuff!


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wow....4 years


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I still have my Woot Charter Member certificate on display on my mantel, sitting right next to an uncashed check from a Nigerian senior civil servant, my pet rock and my parachute pants.



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First woot 2005


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I think I have that certificate somewhere...or threw it away .

10002357 7/24/2004 Kensington Pro Gaming Mouse and Splinter Cell Game 3


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congrats, I am in.


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I don't know if I was a charter member or not - bought the second Blogging Old CEO on September 28, 2004 - is that early enough?


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Congrats guys. As a charter member, I thought it was a pretty good idea back then... I just never thought I would have been right.

Also thanks for the $10 bucks!

Customer service has gotten much better over the years. Keep up the great work.


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Well I'll go ahead and check in as well. I'm still using the External DVD+-RW drive I first wooted. Looking back on my woots is a funny list of "Good buy" and "Broken Dreams"

Sure that coffee maker couldn't withstand our hardcore brewing habit, but the cups and decanter are still usable. GPS? Well, now that directions are the in thing, just knowing where you are doesn't help. DVD player? Rockin' onwards, but the Wireless Gyration keyboard/mouse is still waiting on me to build the "ultimate HTPC" that was due a year and a half ago.

And even worse, I can't wine.woot my way to oblivion because me state doesn't want me to ship in cheap (in price!) wine. Well, maybe one day.


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I have no idea where the cert is (I do remember getting it, though). My first purchase was on 7/22/04 - a set of rechargeable power bricks to start my dead car - I still use them, too! I was also in on the USB fans - love to see those come up again.

Good times....


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Oops...wrong account! But I still agree with what I said above


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got my charter member certificate hanging on my wall!


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When I first starting wearing my official Woot! t-shirt in October '04, I received many questions.

"What is woot?" from friends and gawkers, and "What is Paris Hilton?" from my mother.

When I wear it around today, I receive nods of admiration from fellow wooters, and reserved tables at the finest restaurants in Dallas. OK, maybe that's an exaggeration. At least it keeps the guacamole from my Chipotle burritos from dripping on my chest.

Thanks Woot!

P.S. I'd like to complain that I never received my certificate. I never received my certificate. Complaint completed.


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Charter member checking in so I can blag my $10 off coupon.

My first and only Banjo of Consternation I got a robotica, and promptly traded it for 2 x 250GB hard drives, that was a nice deal back then .


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I was in 05 so I'm a little late to be a charter member, but I've purchased quite a few woots, (and am currently wearing one of the couple woot tees I own). And I'd actually started checking regularly a couple months before I joined up. I must say it's hard to believe how many times I've checked woot at exactly 10:00Pm PST, and now I've got to check 3 sites every day. Still, I can't help but feel nostalgic for some of the classic woot experiences. Sure, many regular wooters have heard of leak frogs, but how many of them remember the Pucks (I believe they were Kensington Priority Pucks), and it's various returns. I've still got one sitting on my desk. Or how about wootoffs being stalled by mysterious exercise machines and radio controlled dinosaurs. Oh, those were the days...


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Wow, been a long time, the first thing I ever bought was a Braille on Cookies and boy was it ever! I think I may have gotten some CDR's actually.

10006463 8/13/2004 Random carp 1

Now, gimme my coupon!


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My first purchase was 8/2/2004 and I am chrter member 952. I still have my certificate too.

I remember the good ole days when you could wait a whole 10 seconds after midnight and still snag boogers on crackers 3 at a time without crashing the server.

Today you have to have fiber and a NOC just to get your order into the process stage and then regularly be told that your in line to get an order in case some other poor schmuck is over his credit limit.

I can't wait untli like Google ad words you can bid for a position in line to buy the next Woot. You heard it here first so don't be surprised when it happens.


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Congrats Woot! Its been nice to see how fast you've grown. I have my certificate on the fridge at home. Still haven't got my hands on a bag o carp yet which keeps me checking back every day.

Take care and keep up the good Woot.



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I am posting to see when I registered, I don't think I am a charter member.

I do want to drop a note I was also a memeber of the Woot! Alert service once run by a member here and I have checked woot only once this month instead of daily.

This is something Woot really needs to support internally as I forwarded that email automatically to 20 other people after the woot alert stopped accepting new users. I signed up for the Twitter but never have received a single tweet.

I also miss my Woot! 1.0 t-shirts as they have finally wore out, I would rather have a new one of them the back was one of the coolest things ever and people asked me about it all the time.

So if I am a charter memeber score me my $10, but I would rather have a new not freaky monkey woot T-shirt, simple front, cool on the back.


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Wooooooot! I'm in for my 10!


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Yeash I finally posted on the blog!!!


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Wow - Got a Tivo the 1st time around.

Come back here everyday!

Even if I am not buying I sure do enjoy the descriptions. The community is usually pretty cool with their posting also.


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I am in for a free 10


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Congratulations Woot! It is always fun to see what's up today!


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Meh. Don't think I ever got a certificate. I have been wooting for (almost) 3 years. Still no Backpacking Overpriced Catfish. Good times.


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4 years and counting as a daily wooter



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I joined in 2005. I would try to write something funny but I am kinda upset now.
I logged in to see when I made my first purchase and realized that I end up never almost everything I buy. I definitely wear the monkey t-shirt that I bought and actually wearing it now. So, I hope I at least get a 2nd woot item that I will use.


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I'm still here!


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Thanks Woot.
I'll definitely be picking up a free shirt.


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$10 coupon please


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I love woot!