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checkin' in....


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Charter in the 2k's...PurpleDancingHippo...never got around to using the code, I still have it around.....somewhere ......

4years later and still no B.o.C!

8/22/2004 Harman Kardon HK595 60 watt Speaker Set --- and I only recently blew a speaker.... good times!


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I've got my Kensington paper holder from the "Bag O' carp" on my monitor holding a family picture. I'm pretty sure I've still got my Certificate at home as well.

Here's to future Woots!!


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First woot was 3/4/2005 Rockford Fosgate WiFi Car/Home Audio Bundle
Guess I just missed being a charter member


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Im back! I would love a coupon :-)

Thank you.


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I remember those days. This charter member is still kicking. Bought at shirt.woot just the other day.


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Charter member! Bought a 12v Travel Cooler exactly four years ago tomorrow. Thanks for lots of great Woots. One of my first few purchases was Box of Crayons 3, been hooked ever since!


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Here is What I bought, so please send me coupon.
order date item qty
24030872 7/30/2008 Perfection 11 Piece Knife Set with Cutting Board 1 blog discuss
23179166 3/28/2008 Dane-Elec 2GB SD Card 3 blog discuss
23108412 3/24/2008 Kodak V1003 10 Megapixel Digital Camera 1 blog discuss
22216385 11/13/2007 USRobotics USB Internet Speakerphone - 2-Pack 1 blog discuss
21805604 8/30/2007 SanDisk Sansa M240 1GB MP3 Player w/ FM Tuner 3 blog discuss
20685046 10/12/2006 Netgear WGT624 Super G 108Mbps Wireless Firewall Router 1 blog discuss
20155207 12/26/2005 Saitek Mephisto Micro Chess Computer 1 blog discuss



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I just remember in the early days of Woot when Peteromans11 always posted first. Man, that was annoying.


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I now have a job that requires early morning waking... I no longer get to woot very often. I check the site 1-2 times per week, but all of the good stuff is always sold out by the time I get to it ~6am EST.

I did have my fair share of woots though over the years :

20894184 12/18/2006 InFocus IN72 Home Entertainment DLP Projector 1
20387287 6/8/2006 Logitech Mobile Express Bluetooth Headset 2
20310238 4/17/2006 iRiver H10 20GB MP3 Player & Recorder - Remix Blue 1
20205795 2/6/2006 Mark of Fitness WS-820Q Blood Pressure Monitor 1
20037896 9/2/2005 Soyo 5.25 in. Expansion Bay with Removable 9-in-1 Card Reader 2
10074592 12/18/2004 Norelco 6705 Electric Razor 1
10029995 9/28/2004 Bag O' carp II 3
10006688 8/16/2004 12V Travel Cooler/Warmer 1
10006409 8/13/2004 Random carp 1

I'm sure I have my charter member certificate somewhere, but I couldn't tell you exactly where...... I've moved several times since then... hopefully the wife didn't throw it away. I wish I could figure out my # so I could display it here proudly.

As seen above - I did get in on BOTH of the first two bag of craps.... haven't even gotten a chance to see one ever since. Perhaps we should have a charter member only Blogging Old CEO some night... you know - to piss off the non elite charter members (probably over 99% of wooters)


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Got a Tivo, now give me a coupon


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Wow, it's been that long? Still feel like it was last year that i first ordered something from woot.


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I "found" my certificate (#1062) a few months back and brought it to work to show it off. Needless to say, some folks are more impressed than others

Anyway, I've told lots of people about Woot over the past years and I know many of them are now dedicated wooters. I hope you continue to grow and prosper!


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No real questions just a thank you for getting the site up and running ;) I did enjoy seeing the woot headquarters on a recent work trip. Especially the giant head protecting the entrance!


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This deal made me say wooooooooot! I think my first order was a 12V Travel cooler with car emergency battery re-charger! Crazy woot deals! Oh, and free/$5 T-shirts rock!


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No certificate here either. Curious what my number might be. My favorite memories are participating (and occasionally placing) in some of those single digit photochop contests (like contest 2, 3, 4, etc.).

Thanks Woot!


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Don't think I'm a charter member but I love woot nonetheless. I happily spread woot-ness in 2005 to all of my friends in Oregon and beyond and was flabberghasted when they didn't know what woot was. Didn't exactly know if it was their ignorance or my ultimate geek-dom but I didn't care.

I always look forward to the descriptions of the products throughout the years and wonder how the writers always come up with something new. You guys could sell fly paper to a glue factory. Always entertaining.

And one more note. 2006-present: I get really annoyed when people yell "WOOT!" on their webpages or in chat rooms and don't know what the heck woot is. Anyone else get that?

Well Done Woot!


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It's been that long dang!! Keep up the great deals! I'm member 3,148 !!


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I have bought MANY items from WOOT over the years.
I have turned MANY folks onto WOOT.

I like the simple shipping price, and the fast delivery.


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Well I still have that little piece of paper declaring my status like a trophy.
Its still at my parents house...wow...I have been wooting since before I moved out. Looking around my apartment now seeing all the things I have wooted (From where I sit physically see at least 15 things...and thats just in this room I know of at least 7 more things in my bedroom.) Where would we be without woot.


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I am comforted to know that I'm not the only one feverishly checking woot.com at 12:01am CT.


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Thanks WOOT!


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proud to be a Charter Member :D


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I never got a charter certificate, so when I saw the blog post in my feedreader I figured that I wasn't around early enough.

But then I got a notification email, thanks!


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It has been a little while since I stayed up late waiting for a Banjo of Consternation. But this might bull me back in.


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hm, i don't remember if my first purchase was a Banjo of Consternation or a usb flyfan.


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I have turned my entire shift of chemical plant workers into Wootaholics, even their spouses.....


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Woo hoo! Greetings fellow charter members and subsequent suckers ... um ... astute consumers! But what's that about getting a certificate? I don't remember that. Who am I kidding -- there's a lot I don't remember. Must be stashed somewhere amid all the Woot treasures and at least three Bloated Oily Carcasses acquired since my first purchase on 12/2/04. Woot on!


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First Woot as Charter Member - $0.01 USB fans.

Woot! Woot!


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If I remember correctly, my charter member number on the certificate was (seriously) 0001337, which I thought was rather "'leet." I've been looking for it, and the original (also witty) coupon code, for a few years now.

My first order was for three USB fans on 8/4/04. What became of those fans I'll also likely never know, but I think of them often, particularly when friends comment on the quality of Woot wine. It's been a good 4 years. Thanks to all.


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Hello woot, how have you been?
I remember receiving my certificate in the mail... I didn't realize how special it really was! I'm member #829, I didn't know I was that early of a member. It seems like those USB fans were a popular first purchase. I also got in on I think one of the first Blogging Old CEO's.. but since then all these crazy wooters will never let me have a chance at these craptastic bags anymore.. I guess I'm not hardcore enough like them, but I still do visit you often woot. and I never post, but I want my coupon code!! Also, over the years of my purchases, I've found your customer service to be great even though you claim not to ... usually seen when you guys screw up and give us free stuff or coupons =) Alright see you later woot, don't change.


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I still have my certificate! The look of awe it inspires in friends is astounding. Thanks, Woot. You are truly the gift that keeps on giving.


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Isn't it amazing how many immitators have come since? And how their quality remains less.


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Happy Day Woot folks! I miss the days when I could buy a Banjo of Consternation ten minutes after it appeared...yet still I stick around. It's a fun place and keep up the good work!


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First woot was 12/6/2004 Saitek WOW Wireless Controller Adapter for PS2 that I bought for my kid that she never used. Oh well. My only regret is I can never get through for the Banjo of Consternation -hey, I'll take the nice coupon, but it would be cool to just send us each a three piece Blogging Old CEO. Now THAT would be a treat!

I woot, therefore I woot.


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Never knew I was a charter member.
Happy Anniversary to all.


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se-kumb wrote:checkin' in....

Yeah, Here's my post. I'm a charter member - #2376


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dcpoor wrote:hm, i don't remember if my first purchase was a Banjo of Consternation or a usb flyfan.

I think it was the FlyFan from Kensington. I remember that was my first purchase... and my join date is August 2nd like yours.


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I don't remember the password for my first screen name, send me my gift.