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Remember how I told you I moved last month? We took our daughters to get ice cream twice yesterday. The first time, in our old neighborhood, was at an Italian-style gelato place, populated by yuppies and hipsters. The second, in the new one, was at a Lutheran church social, populated by senior citizens and post-senior citizens. That's the difference between my old neighborhood and my new one. And we had a good time at both places. Am I old yet?

  • Dumbest article of the year: INTERNET DRUG SHOCKER TERRIFIES PARANOID PARENTS!!! If I'd thought up that "i-doser" scam, I'd probably be at my beach house right now, roasting sauteed truffles over a fire of $100 bills.
  • Now that Sean Penn has mellowed, the worst part of being a big-deal photographer is all the gear you have to haul.
  • If you sing in a band, you probably fit one of these 10 Common Frontman Styles. I'm a Chatterbox if I'm in a good mood, a Stoic if not.
  • You've never seen LOLCats like DeepLOL before, an eminently zoomable collage of every netizen's (least?) favorite meme. (Thanks, Shawn!)
  • Collected in one place for the first time, a monumental publishing event: Snoopy's novel.
  • Comedy troupe Summer of Tears inserts themselves into Teen Wolf, with hilarious (and more realistic) results. Those crazy kids with the Internet, God love 'em. (Some NSFW language and "adult situations".)
  • Computers can make you prettier.

Four O'Clock Flash: wouldn't the world be a happier place if wars were fought by tanks made of bubbles? If Bubble Tanks 2 is any indication, it would at least be a more fun place.


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Amazing articles.

I got one complaint. Bubble Tanks 2 isn't great... to me at least not even good. You can't lose in that game no matter what you try, and it gets repetitive after 2 minutes.


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Hahaha oh god.


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Yes, binaural beats work. I know because I've made a set of them and give them away on my website.

I get feedback from other people echoing my experiences. Try them and see for yourself. As usual, YMMV.

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