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With how often woot takes a carp I cant believe I or anyone else still comes here.


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CRWJumper wrote:What was the code?
I got rejected on SmartPost,
a secret! Mail,
a secret!

I couldn't guess it.

What was the code?

"a secret!" was what worked for me!

on 4/1/2009, you successfully wooted.
order 2615****


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Woo got one, this is exciting, and for the new people who thought it is a prank, its not they do this every year and hide super discount codes in the pictures or riddles, it was a secret! this year, people that dont come out of there shell, dont like salt, etc. etc. it was in the description. Happy I got one though, cant wait to find out what I get and what everyone else gets too! I picked for female skydivers though. lol


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I am SO FREAKING HAPPY, First time to the Dance, hope i get some good stuff

[/url] x A lot


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pissed off, went thru the process and after clicking "buy it" after like a minute it took me back to the home page. watching the havoc???


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I'm confused. I rapidly figured out the third shipping code, inputted it and it hung there for 21 minutes. Sigh. Thanks, Woot.


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Damn it, late to the party


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zollars23 wrote:Who was the A-hat that decided to tell everyone the code so that the rest of us couldn't get the guppy?????

I agree! Why do you people tell the stupid ones?!


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I'm just here waiting for the Black and Decker Rechargeable Batteries... I know they're coming


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woot your the slime-e-ist to think of a a secret!, thats almost animal abuse. way to go woot. got one. weeeeeeeeee


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I saw the carp coming, I was here at exactly 1:00:00am (When it updated), and the server overloaded at 1:00:05am. Maybe you can skip the helicopter part and use some of that fat mil to buy a better server, cause we needs our carp!


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So, the order page finally loaded for me. I figured out the code from the description (I figured there would be one), and I put in my credit card security code. Then, I click submit. It takes a while to load, but it eventually does. Then what happens? No confirmation page, straight to the homepage it redirects me. Yes, I put in the correct security code. Yes, I used the correct coupon code.

What's the deal, woot? The item wasn't sold out. I tried again, and by the time it loaded the SECOND time I tried to order, it was indeed sold out by then. But it didn't sell out for another 5-10 minutes after my first attempt.

What's the dealio, yo?


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I love c r a p. C r ap p y C r a p C r a p.
La la la la.
I hate salt. Salty Salt Salt.


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Jebbus God Man....I swear, I get hosed every freakin' time. An assload of Woots and not a single freakin' box of chorizo...EVER!

I give up. Hell, even the Woot-Off lights I ordered were duds.


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I want to know how omnic0n figured this out in 11 seconds... I call cheat.


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Okay this embrangles thier servers were hung so I had to wait 20 minutes and I miss out on this. I played by the rules and they sell out because their server farm is miss managed,



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Figured out the right code, but didn't type it in right the first time, and now I'm crapless. One day...

25 x woots (0 Basket of Chocolate )
28 x shirts (22 Random )
1 x wine (two split orders)
5 x sellout (mandatory parentheses)
1 x kids (did I win yet?)


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NOT AGAIN!!!.... I want to congratulate all those who actually got in on this But i still dont understand what i am doing wrong. This time it stayed on the 'i want one' page forever and finally switched to the information page and i immediately inserted my security code which for some reason never shows on a woot off and then,,,and then,,,immediately the SOLD OUT page came on....its such fun, but a bit (actually more than a bit) disappointing. And to think, here i was all set for the million dollar delivery fee.


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That was evil woot! IM NEVER BUYING A SINGLE THING FROM WOOT AGAIN! haha... It just happens to fall on April fools day, good thing im not joking...


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ha and i even figured out myself. i feel so smart. and thats how I took 3 minutes to deliberate putting in S N A I L and didnt get the box of chorizo


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got mine. my first box of chorizo. Give me a TV now!!! BIG MONEY! BIG MONEY! NO WHAMMIES! NO WHAMIIEEEESSSSSS..........STOP!!


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I got so excited I could feel the retching coming from by BODYCAVITY! No, please...not again...then....GABBAGABBA!!! I felt like a CAMEL that had stalked the arid desert as slow as a a secret! and then...

...got a Bustin' out chainsaws!


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I almost got one made it all the way to shipping, took me 20 minutes but no luck! For the first time in ages I was actually signed out of woot better luck next year! Coupon code was a secret!


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I wonder if anyone actually tried to buy this without entering the hidden shipping coupon code. And if so, I wonder if they will be held responsible for paying the $1,000,003 (I hope not). I also wonder if Matthew will actually show up at their house in a helicopter (I doubt it). Whatever it is, after 4.5 years of wooting and many many unsuccessful attempts at buying GUPPY, I finally got my first bag! yay


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Aaaaaaaaaaaaarg. The one chance I got to enter a code, I tried 'smartpost'

I still think smartpost would have made more sense



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I can hardly believe I got it. What a way to end an already great day, thanks woot!


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FINALLY!!! After all these times losing out on the Bustin' out chainsaws, I finally got one!! Who would have thought it would have been on April Fools Day?!

BTW, the coupon code was "a secret!" as per the description. This gave you a $999,995.00 discount lol.

I wonder if the other coupon codes produced their respective shipping costs...



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Got mine! Didn't think I got it 'cause it never gave me a confirmation screen and took me back to the main page. But got the confirmation e-mail and checked my account status and my precious Bowl of Chili is there! Thank you Woot Gods!


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Rats. Missed it again. I have tried so many times and failed. I still love Woot, but I wish there was a way to get the Bag O guppy.


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The first time I ever got through and then by the time I figured out the code sold out. Plus I just got Jalapeno juice in my eye...the woot gods hate me!


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I FINALLY GOT A Bustin' out chainsaws
for 8 dollars with the slow "skail" code


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DIDN'T get one!!! yeah!!

on 4/1/2009, you unsuccessfully wooted.
order 261XXXXX
You want 1

Random guppy
You tried to order 3 Random guppies.
which each cost $3.00
for a subtotal of $3.00
plus shipping + $1,000,000.00
minus discount - $999,995.00
for a total of $8.00



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I love the jackass who posted the coupon code on the f1rst page. Fortunately, I already had mine by then, but still ... the fun is trying to guess it yourself.


I survived the moving lips / shirt.woot launch tee server crash of 2007.
Barrels of Crud: 9 / Monkeys: 20 / Monkey Shirts: 1 / Leakfrogs: 1 / Launch shirts: 1 / Woots: too many


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Funny April fools joke. Always hoped to have the Woot CEO deliver my B. O. C. Now I get my wish. Best $1,000,000 I ever spent. L. O. L. !!


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Got in at 1:05 or so...and I figured it out without help...other than the blog, of course. I actually got hung up after pressing the last button, and was stuck there for nearly 10 minutes before getting booted back to the main screen. But luckily my e-mail on my phone alerted me, a mere 2 minutes into said 10 minute wait, that my order had gone through! And the order under "My Account" confirms it!

Woot! 2 in a row, only 5 days apart! Must be a record ;-)


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equazcion wrote:Wow, that took a while. The site's going reeeallly slow. Got mine eventually though.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say this but the coupon code for normal shipping is SHNAIL, minus the H.

By my count you've said it 3 times so far and we're only on page 2.


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I'm in! w00t!

*snoopy dance*


Thank you for your purchase.

Your order number xxxxxxxx for 1 Random guppy has been received by Woot on 4/1/2009 and your credit card has been charged $8.00.

I'M STILL HERE lurking.


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Hmm. It's April Fools. Do I believe the "Sold Out" message or stay up all night refreshing the page?

Tough decision. Maybe I'll sleep on it.


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Well I managed to get my box of chorizo. This is my second but this one is better because I earned it by figuring out the code!


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took me a while to find the coupon code, but I did get one!