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In this season of scary music, we’re all asking one question. Why, oh why, do we have to listen to this one song over and over again?

Okay, sure, it is a little better with that specific video, but even still. Why can’t there be something fun to listen to on Halloween? Maybe after the jump you’ll find something you like on our very special Halloween… special. Hey, be nice, we’re new at this mix tape thing.

When you look around a bit, you find that there are a bunch of really cool songs with monsters in them which never ever get played on the radio. This is possibly because the mad scientist lobby is known to be a big Clear Channel supporter. That’s why songs like Weird Science get all the attention.

See? And it became an instant hit! That’s because Oingo Boingo knew how to play to the crowd. Mad scientists tend to have lots of disposable income, don’t you know. But let’s get you get outside of the lab this Halloween season. There’s plenty of other monsters out there to enjoy! Let’s start, appropriately enough, with the Lord of Darkness… Dracula!

The Jimmy Castor Bunch has this song that could have been the R&B version of Monster Mash. Why didn’t it get any airplay? It’s not like it’s some disco version. Oh, speaking of which…

See, that’s a truly scary thing right there. You listen to that for a few minutes, you completely understand why no one would play it on the radio. Even the sampling types seem to have ignored it.

But there are other monsters, too. Take, for example, Frankenstein. Yeah, you already know where we’re going with this. To Classicsville!

That’s the Edgar Winter Group, boasting possibly the world’s only rocking albino. Pretty cool, huh? And they weren’t the only Frankie fans out there.

Obviously, we could have just gone with Alice Cooper by himself, but why not throw a little Rob Zombie in there too? ‘Tis the season! With just those two songs, we’re pretty sure that Frankenstein is well represented.

The Wolfman, though, is a monster who is much loved, but often overlooked in music. It took us some searching (and a bit of cheating) to find this one.

Yes, we do know that the Guess Who are singing about disc jockey legend Wolfman Jack, but he named himself after a real Wolfman, so we feel that should count. And that rounds out the big three nicely.

It goes without saying that there are other monsters too. All you kids of the 80s will remember being scared to fall asleep because that was where Freddie had TOTAL POWER.

Curtis Mayfield wrote this song about the final defeat of Freddie at the hands of Johnny Depp. It’s a deep look at what could drive a… oh, really? It came out almost a decade before the movie? Hmm. What about this one?

Rap hero Will Smith taught us that it was okay to be afraid of our dreams and try really hard to stay up late. A good lesson for all children. Remember kids: following the rules can KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP.

You may think we’ve covered all the bases, but we’re not done yet! Don’t forget, there are still some less traditional monsters out there too!

Dave Edmunds might be the only person who ever bothered to write a song for The Creature From The Black Lagoon. We like to think they’re still close.

It’s just unfortunate for Blue Oyster Cult that no one ever thinks of Godzilla on Halloween. He’s really more of a year round monster anyway. No one ever has too much Godzilla, do they? He’s like the King Kong of lizards.

And yet, poor King Kong has to make do with an ABBA tribute. Totally unfair. ‘Twas beauty killed the beast, but that song is just kind of kicking the body after the fact. Show a little respect, ABBA.

As you can see, there’s plenty of interesting music out there to make your Halloween into the new Christmas. As you carve your pumpkins, gather your family together and let them enjoy this one day when it’s okay to celebrate the inner monster. Plus it’s a good excuse to teach the kids a little something about the classic screamers of old.

Screaming Lord Sutch was the Marilyn Manson of the Sixties! He even tried running for Parliament. Not the band, the governmental body. Over and over again, annoying all sorts of powerful people. A true genius in his field. And yet, he still wasn’t the originator.

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. All hail the king. And Happy Halloween too!


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No "Werewolves of London"? I'm assuming that it would have made the cut, but was simply missed as an oversight.



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Delivery by Halloween?


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You guys really don't know that Edgar Winter's brother is Johnny Winter and he is a great rock and roll musician and an albino as well?


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how to communicate ?


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In regards to a Wolfman song: Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London

Also, Screamin' Jay Hawkins is my hero!


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"only rock and roll albino?!?!? How about Edgar's brother Johnny?!!!! hoochie-koo!


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promisedplanet wrote:Delivery by Halloween?

No kidding, I had to check the URL... Just playin Woot. You need to tell them you are fashionably late.

Please don't delete this post, I am trying, honest!