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Sometimes in life, we're faced with events so horrific, so tragic, and so overpowering that it can feel impossible to know how to begin recovering. Yesterday, Miramax Studios announced they will be shutting down their Los Angeles and New York offices.

Which means Harvey and Bob Weinstein are out on the street.

Before you gnash your teeth and curse the heavens, we know: it's not right that the brothers who brought us gems like Scary Movie 3, Bride & Prejudice, Jersey Girl, and Kate & Leopold should get a raw deal like this.

Now these guys are strong-willed, and believe us, they will bounce back. But they're going to need our help.

We've set up a relief fund, Woot4Weinsteins. You can help by texting "I would really like to ensure Bob and Harvey Weinstein are able to continue their extravagant lifestyle!" to 99099. Each text you send will authorize a small $10,000 donation to be added to your phone bill for the relief effort.

Please contribute any amount you can, as long as it's at least enough for an all-night cocaine binge at Mood.

We can't always prevent tragedies from happening. But we can make a difference.






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There's only one slight problem to the Woot4Weinsteins fund.

The Weinstein brothers aren't out of a job, they sold Miramax years ago to Disney and quit to go form a new studio The Weinstein Company.

So maybe we should turn the Woot4Weinsteins fund into trying to convince Disney to sell back the Miramax name to the Weinstein brothers.


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Agreed, the Weinstein Bros have their own company now (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Weinstein_Company).


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Yeah. I'm totally unimpressed with your pop-culture entertainment biz knowledge, guys. What gives? Where's the hip? Weinstein Company is laying off some people, and they might sink because they are still making some pompous stinkers of movies, but they're not dead yet. Plus they still have Runway and spinoffs and all that garbage. Oh, god, it's too pathetic that I know any of this.