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Since our Toy Fair 2010 coverage was going on anyway, we thought we'd visit our pals at the Hexbug booth. But on the way there, we ran into something a little more eye catching than robot bugs.


01 cherry hot cakes and bananacakes


More about Hexbugs, Totem Tribes, and the Pancake Puppies inside...


02 silver dollar and babycakes


So meet the Pancake Puppies! That's Silver Dollar and the Babycakes. In the photo up top you'll be looking at Hot Cakes (she's cherry, not strawberry) and Banana Pancakes. There's also Buttermilk, and Pups In A Blanket, and even more to come. You can read all about them on the Pancake Puppies website. You also might be interested in knowing that their company is "The CuddleCakes Group", LLC."

Right now, you might be thinking, "Woot! How could you find anything better than a puppy in a pancake stack?" but we're about to answer "Like this, gentle reader." Because we want you to meet the Totem Tribes.


03 totem tribes


If this were 1984, the Totem Tribes would already have a half hour Saturday Morning cartoon. These cuddly cylinders are designed to be noble animal spirits on their own, but can also stack to form the most adorable totem pole the world has ever seen. And they're useful too!


04 speaker shelf


There are many different animals, and you can visit their website for more details. Which, sadly, tells us it won't be fully functional until March, but we are assured by the creators that it will be up and running next week! So take a look then, and maybe you'll get to see more of this sort of thing:


05 hey get off


It was hard, but we eventually pulled ourselves away from the Totem Tribes and made our way to the HexBug booth.


06 the booth


We always like visiting HexBug because they're just so NICE to us! With the exception of the ThinkGeek booth, no one treats us as nicely as HexBug. We're so happy they make cool little robots. Because who doesn't love cool little robots? If they made something lame we'd have to make fun of them and we'd feel really bad since they always treat us like kings.


07 the maze


It was such a relief that there was absolutely nothing lame about the little Nano creatures that were running in the big white maze.



Built with a powerful vibrating motor, sort of like what's in your cell phone, the Nano is stupidly quick, and only its tiny size keeps it from taking over the world.



09 bugs of tomorrow


The Nano's also are collectable, and give you points that you can use on the website to… win at robots, or something. Maybe eventually you'll be able to redeem them for Cobra Commander. We didn't really take good notes. But we did get to enjoy the Ant!


10 hexbug ant


Of course, that's one of their photos, because our attempt to capture the powerful traction-hungry wheels came out like this:


11 oops


But don't blame the Ant for our mistakes! It's fast, and it's strong, even on cheap trade show carpet. We barely even managed to to get a picture because it kept running out of the way!


12 hey come back


Our annual visit to HexBug's booth is always great, and we're already looking forward to next year. Bring something good, guys! What about a robot frog?


13 beep boop


The affections of our Toy Fair 2010 coverage can totally be bought. But nobody ever offers. One day, we'll show 'em. We'll show 'em all.

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  • (11:41 AM, 2/16/2010) TotemTribes drops by to update us on Totem Tribes.


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Hey Guys!

Thanks for the great "Totem Tribes" article! Regardless of what our web site said, it will actually go live next week, and not in March.

Thanks again,

Chris Gann - Inventor


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The Pancake Puppies look like production line accidents created during the Pound Puppies era and only now brought to light, hidden this long out of shame and horror.

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I bought my husband a HexBug for his birthday 2 years ago. It was really nice until it committed suicide by running off the table. It was barely 15 minutes old.
I still have it's little corpse.
I'd rather have my ten bucks back.

I think I've been here before.


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FYI - Those Nano vibrating "bug" toys were developed and are created in little bitty Greenville, Tx - about 45 minutes East of Dallas.



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I like the Hex Bugs but Hex Bugs = Zhu Zhu pets for grown-ups


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Woot!-That woot! loves ThinkGeek.

Me too!