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Wootcasts from the Past: Hot, Hot Meat Edition

After four years of our daily podcast, we sure have a lot of episodes in the can. (It’s where we do our best thinking.) Have you noticed how certain themes recur? We have! For example, there are several songs in our ouvre having to do with meat and processed meat products. Wanna hear them? Don’t bother answering that, because we’re posting them either way.


Hot Meat! – This song, from April 25th of 2007, accompanied our sale of a Maverick BBQ thermometer. What a coincidence; we’re selling a Maverick thermometer on Sellout.Woot today, too! Except we heard it now claims never to have called itself “Maverick.”

A Little Chicken Limb – We included this number in our SAVAGE SOUNDS podcast compilation back in February, 2008. Here’s what we said about it then: “September 18, 2007 was Chicken Day on the Woot network, with a 2-pack of SnacDaddy wing plates on woot and our ‘Hot Wings’ tee on shirt.woot. This was the soundtrack that had us all doing the funky farmyard fowl.”

It’s Thanksgiving Day – For a second helping of our paltry poultry poetry set to music, try this song from Thanksgiving Day, 2006. It’ll put you to sleep just like Thanksgiving gobbler! But not because of tryptophan; just because it’s boring.

Saturday: Kebabs at Our Place – Back in November of 2009, we were trying to unload some Fire Wire Stainless Steel Flexible Grilling Skewers just like those for sale on Woot today. This song was supposed to help somehow. Apparently it didn’t.

RE: Lunchmeat Packaging: It’s Impossible To Reseal It – Our podcast from February 13th, 2008 inspired rave reviews! Wooters said: “What a waste of my break from studying!” “Definitely failed to entertain!” “I don’t ever listen to these things. I remember why.” Hey, we get our Google AdSense revenue for the pageview whether you post to say you loved it or post to say you hated it. But it still hurts.

Watchoo Gon’ Serve at the Tailgate? – The date was August 28th, 2008. The item on Woot was a stainless steel convection outdoor cooker. And the podcast team warmed up this toe-tapping tune intended to inspire a craving in our listeners’ bellies for “an entire turkey.” Just listening to it makes you feel like loosening your belt a couple notches, doesn’t it?

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