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Might have had one except my wife turned down the sound on the computer so low I could not hear when it came up and I missed it.

It puts the crap inside the bag or it gets the hose again.


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Got the order.

Put in credit card info.

Then woot came back with an error that is was sold out.

What crap, shouldn't it allocate and release after the session expires?


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The page popped right up and I clicked I want one. Eventual refresh couple times, finally got through to the stupidly large button and no good. Bad luck connection or something. None for me this time.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages Impound04

this is so disappointing, i just got in to work and missed it on my way to get here.


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Bah, I was actually able to get to the order page as soon as it popped up, and I still was denied. Stupid slow servers. Would have been my first Bowl of Cereal ever.


quality posts: 11 Private Messages Phil254

Hooray! After 4 years trying, I finally got my first one!


quality posts: 150 Private Messages bmrbill

mAn!! I used to be pretty good at this

I guess I'll have to wait til next time....

Congrats to all who 'shot & scored!'


quality posts: 0 Private Messages texbrit

YES!!! Been so long since i scored a Book of Crap.


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Woo Hoo, got my 4th Blue Oyster Cult! Thanks Woot! I.. I love you...


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Thank you woot! for letting my order go through! It's been since June, 2007 from when I got my last (and very 1st) Bowl of Cereal. 3 years of woot-offs FINALLY hooked another.

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    fakon! I refreshed at the perfect time, got a somewhat quick load to the order page, and clicked the gold button. Then it sat there for a while (good 3 minutes or so) before going BACK to the top order page without processing my order. I was robbed!


    quality posts: 3 Private Messages rkenimer
    Janeykapri wrote:Well then why don't you 'splain it to us Lucy

    Wootalyzer - I know it bites the big one, but here is what you do:

    Tell Wootalyzer to open the page automatically.

    As soon as the page opens, change the "http" to "https" and change the "www" to "sslwww" and then hit enter, ONLY ONCE.

    Wait an interminable amount of time and enter your password then hit the next 2 gold buttons.

    The secret is that the SSL servers are faster because of (slightly) less load.

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    quality posts: 0 Private Messages DarkLord21

    Mine did the same thing and then it was so sad it didnt go through

    rslawson22 wrote:Well POO!!! My computer is still processing so I am expecting to see that sad little word "DENIED" any minute. Guess my hubby won't be getting a Book of Crap for Father's Day!!! Hmmm, now what am I gonna do....guess I better get to shopping!! This would have been WAY more fun!! Look forward to seeing what all you guys got!! Congrats to all of you!! I still LOVE Woot!!


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    ugh depression.....order denied got my hopes up and crapped on them



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    Yeah baby... 5th in a row!


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    I got to the screen where you put in your paypal password and hit the gold button, but it stalled for ever and came back with a sold out message.

    Maybe next time.


    quality posts: 0 Private Messages Redemption33
    lynnyuy wrote:Got my first Bagel of Carps ever! I got the "Confirmed" emailed and just about had an accident in my chair! So excited!

    lol same here


    quality posts: 0 Private Messages mwasa254

    Got to the order page for the first time ever and made the mistake of getting my hopes up...



    quality posts: 0 Private Messages labattz

    w00t! my first Boggy Old Creature from a regular woot-off!

    got two from the happyhour, but this is my first real honest to goodness regular woot-off Bowl of Cereal!

    Thank you woot!

    Andrew Steele


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    Been glued to the computer this whole woot-off, then went to a damn meeting and missed it!

    Not that I had any grandiose idea of actually getting one, but it's the thrill of the Bowl of Cereal hunt that makes these things worthwhile.


    quality posts: 0 Private Messages kknotts

    Damn, I got to the order screen and after clicking the gold button it processed and then defaulted to the woot.com site.

    I thought I had finally gotten crap...CRAP!


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    oh baby I wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!


    quality posts: 0 Private Messages noisufnoc

    First Bowl of Cereal for me too! I just got the email!


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    Yeah, been here 3 years, and for the first time EVER I was able to click the covated "I want one" button after tyring so many times before.

    Oh, but that doesn't mean I got one. It just means I clickded the button. I didn't get through. I got the "sold out: order cancelled" message. I've tried enough. I'm getting me a stinkin' Bowl of Cereal gallivanting alpaca to buy it for me next time. Enough playing fair.


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    I'm feeling crappy and it's a good feeling!

    Quality Post? What's a Quality Post??


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    lyost wrote:Ditto. This doesn't speak to me.

    Woot censored s-u-c-k-s! Changed it to 'doesn't speak to me'.
    that's funny. Now I'm almost smiling.


    quality posts: 16 Private Messages afurball


    Black box achieved through the purchase of my first Bowl of Cereal, now THAT's timing!


    quality posts: 0 Private Messages CaptainRohr

    Finally done with Woot, had it to the last step several times and at the last second no go. Will be spreading the word to everyone unless if they give me my Bowl of Cereal, very disapointed



    quality posts: 2 Private Messages gonzodamus

    Nice and smooth for me too. The wait wasn't long at all, especially compared to what I've gone through in the past

    Congrats to all the people that got their first, it's a really fun experience, even if you don't end up with anything you want.

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    quality posts: 24 Private Messages BigRedDogATL

    Got my Bag of Carp as a birthday present to myself, now just need 3 Screaming Monkeys to go along with it.

    And for once I don't have to stay late at the office to try for a Bag. Thank you again Woot for all you do.

    If it isn't too much to ask, could you please put some adult electronic stuff into my Bag, not the leftover stuff from Kids.Woot. Thanks again.


    quality posts: 80 Private Messages stryper2000

    Got mine, woooooohoooooooooo

    congrats on those who got one and to those who didn't Keep trying, you will get one eventually

    [/url] x A lot


    quality posts: 15 Private Messages hcsencsi

    If it got stuck on still processing, don't panic - mine never moved past that but my account shows VICTORY!


    Booger Face


    quality posts: 1 Private Messages shadcrkd

    Heh, got one paying with paypal as well


    quality posts: 0 Private Messages kapoorkiran

    Sold 4476..wow..wonder how many letters will be in this time....congrats to all who got it...cheers mate!!!


    quality posts: 18 Private Messages goatcrapp
    cracksbacks wrote:Is it me or did the servers s - h - i - t the bed worse than usual today? It seemed like woot just froze completely. Oh well, no crap for me.

    I am feeling so annoyed right now I think its time to truck with the woot cuss filters.

    not for me - the servers went right through.

    I was across the room working under a desk, and decided to head over to the laptop to see whatever was after that workout set... hit f5 and bam - Bowl of Cereal! hit "buy" and entered my security code... made it to the ridiculously large button pretty quickly - and then my order processed for about 3-4 minutes... the FASTEST Bowl of Cereal i've ever gotten.. most times they take forever to process, and i have to back step once or twice because of the "oops" errors.

    I was having a pretty bad day today too - so this definitely brightened my dark mood.

    this has been one of the better woot offs in recent months - had a few purchases this time around.


    quality posts: 8 Private Messages tartanknickers

    That was suspiciously easy, and I thought I was slow to get there. Looking forward to getting a box of 23 plug adapters, sansa player full of music in Spanish and a Santa sock.


    quality posts: 0 Private Messages maroselis

    First time I tried to get to the processing page, but it just ended up back on woot.com. I was all sad I didn't get one, but apparently I did! Got my confirmation via Paypal and Woot a few minutes ago.



    quality posts: 0 Private Messages hijole

    Thought for sure I had it this time, but got stuck on order processing forever.

    It's always entertaining, and there really is very little room at my house for random crap -- but I can't help trying and hoping every time.


    quality posts: 0 Private Messages tonygua


    got the C-A-R-P