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Well, okay. Everybody knows that a referee isn't infallible. But after what happened in last night's baseball game, a whole lot of angry people seem to be ready for some kind sports revolution. Only... well, it's getting hot out there right now. And who wants to spend a whole day marching on Cooperstown anyway? So instead, we're recommending blowing off that steam with a nice game of Soccer Balls.




Soccer Balls is a very satisfying chance to plan and take revenge against the powers-that-be. You'll shoot around boxes, and wind-causing fans, and little dirt and metal forts while the referee tries to hide in in an attempt to retain his dignity and escape retribution. But it doesn't matter, referee, because here there can be no hiding from the black-and-white justice of de feet! That's right, referee. Now YOU have become the most dangerous game!




Of course, in the REAL world, that ref was just a nice guy who made a dumb call and now feels horrible about his mistake. And, honestly, it's just a game. But, c'mon, who cares about the real world, right? This is the Internet! So run over to Soccer Balls and line up a series of vengeful shots. This is for third grade kickball, ref! And this is for that college basketball tournament! I never fouled anybody! Wham! Wham! Wham! Yeah, who's in charge now, ref? Who's in charge now?



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In the US, we call it Soccer Balls. Everywhere else in the world it's called Scorch.