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Congrats, that's the American way, built it up and sell it .


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This is a sad day for woot!

Yet another victim of corporate buyouts.. I thoroughly have enjoyed woot throughout these many years, but fear that things will change. If things don't change then why would Amazon want a piece of woot?

It almost smells as bad as bp and the oil in the gulf.


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What the heck, Take the money and run....I will probably never get a Book of Crap now.
Before you guys go, what the hell is the secret to getting and Book of Crap?? Congratulations to WOOT.


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corwyn74 wrote:Well, that's a bummer. Amazon is a horrible company, and after they tried to cheat me out of my money (and then refused to cooperate with my bank), I won't give them any more.

Goodbye, Woot. It was fun while it lasted.

Like many others posting here, I love Amazon. The few times I've had a complaint, they've given me a refund without me even asking for one. Between my wife and I, the UPS man visits us almost daily.
Small recent (yesterday) example: A pool float I wanted wasn't eligible for PRIME, so I bought it and paid 5.10 shipping last week. I was curious why, but I don't usually sweat $5. I liked it so much, 2 days ago I went to buy one for the wife. It was free 2day (PRIME) shipping! So I sent them an email about the order, simply asking 'what's up with this?'
12 hours later I had a refund and an apology. That's how good customer sevice should be. I would hazard to guess that Woot would not be so prompt (sorry guys).
Still, if you choose to punish Woot by denying them your business, they will surely miss you...

Asceticism is for those that can't afford Hedonism.


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The news sucks Woot! Things will change regardless of your sugar coated letter. Amazon is a fine business but the little people usually have more flexibility. What can I say it was nice to see the little guy succeed!


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First Yahoo and now this Woot- oh Woot why oh why?

Seriously, congratulations but does this mean that our private little club is going to grow by millions? and is a Bowl of Cereal now available on the Amazon home page? and are Wootoffs now incuding the latest best sellers? So many questions....


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Very, very disappointed.

Any time a large corporation does a buy-out, and then says, "We'll leave you alone as an independent subsidiary", what they really mean is, "We don't really know exactly what you do, so keep doing it until we figure it out." Then six to eighteen months later they decide it is time for some cost savings, offer a few transfer/moving opportunities, then lay off the rest as they merge YOUR operations into THEIRS.

Give a hoot and save the woot
'Cause they'll be gone with Amazon.


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Bad day to choose to leave my laptop at work.

Congrats Woot. Don't go changing.

Nothing follows.


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Matt's ghost writer and I have waay too much time on our hands.
Best, Karl


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shamcy wrote:I work in corporate America. I have worked for start ups that were acquired by a corporation and I worked for fortune 100 corporations too.
When the small guy gets bought out, it'd great news for any employee in the small guy that has stock options. Once that euphoria blows over, the real pain starts to surface.
This is great for woot management. This is NOT good for the woot grunts, and down the road, this is not good for us, the wooters.
Mark my words.

Amen Brother


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First, congratulations.

Second, Woot Prime shipping, plz.


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amazonwoot wrote:Does that mean you will also be getting Amazon servers for Woot-Offs??

OOH OOH! That would be my only wish!

Signed, recovering Woot addict

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gotta say that your owners sold out...another step towards mediocrity and sameness...
but lots more money for them!!!


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good for amazon, good for woot, great for wooters, bad for retailers


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Well this just generally blows. I'm sure Amazon will ef up the Woot we love in no time.


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So.. what you're saying is..
Instead of selling Roombas every other week.. we'll get Kindles and Segways?

I can live with that.


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TfxSoldier wrote:Woot sellouts.

For those of you living outside of Texas. Enjoy your new Woot sales tax.

"Items sold by Amazon.com LLC, or its subsidiaries, and shipped to destinations in the states of Kansas, Kentucky, New York, North Dakota, or Washington are subject to tax."

Screw that, I'm mad that now I can't buy from Amazon without having it shipped to my parents in another state, then pick it up on next visit or have them ship to me when the pile gets big enough.

Woot...congrats. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, congrats.

Use that $110 mil to get the Hell out of Texas. Thank you.


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Brings a whole new meaning to "Sell Out Woot"!

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I lament the passing of the once great, independent, free thinking entity I've grown to love over the past few years.

So long old friend Woot, hello corporate slave. Adios to the fun, quirky stuff, hello to all the amazon returns and other assorted junk.


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You Will be assimilated!



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So does this mean that we'll get Super-Saver shipping instead of Smartpost? That would be a great improvement!

...and does this mean that we won't have server crashes or long server freeze-ups during woot-offs? That would be weird. I kind of like those glitches. They're so much a part of the Woot tradition, and they also provide oft-needed woot-off bathroom breaks.

Anywhos, congrats to Snapster and the rest of the Woot staff, especially Toon. Mexican prisons can be kind of rough sometimes.


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May be they can hook you up with technology you need to to keep your servers crashing during the Bowl of Cereal.


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this is really too bad... jellyfish was bought out by microsoft and they said the same thing about not changing and in no time, the site was taken down...

my favorite sites are being ruined by big business... sucks...


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My guess it that in less than a year woot will be nothing more than the amazon goldbox deal. Not to mention I assume I now get charged sales tax (as I do with amazon).


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Does this mean that Woot! will be able to ship to Canada through the amazon network?


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zipytoon wrote:Does this mean that Woot! will be able to ship to Canada through the amazon network?

probably not since woot will end up being a blank site and a faded memory


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If this happens, goodbye woot.

I have had nothing but BAD experiences with anything I've ever done with Amazon. As a result of that I Went through a process of having my information removed from Amazon's systems, and continue to express my utter dislike of Amazon to anyone who mentions their name.


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I'm happy for you if you're happy and I truly want nothing but good things for y'all -- but I'm still sad. And scared. Scared and sad. I use (even like) Amazon for the practical but I depend on the snark of Woot for regularly infusing, along with the healthy dose of crap, a nonsensical joy in my stressful life! I can buy an mp3 player ANYwhere but free snarky inanity and spontaneous hard-to-hide-from-your-co-workers outloud laughter? only at woot! Please don't change.


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I've had the displeasure for working for two different companies who were acquired by major corporations.

It all starts out with chocolates and roses.

But after a few months the suggestions from the new owners come in and pretty soon you realize they aren't suggestions but your new orders. Then they decide to merge accounting offices since there is "duplication". And everyone thinks well I guess that makes sence. Sucks to see Susie and Todd get the ax but I guess thats the only cuts.

But its not the only cuts. A few months later they decide to merge management and they are all let go, then sales, and then finally production. In a short two years or less everyone has been let go and the parent company got what they wanted all along. Just the name.

So I want to wish all the fabulous Woot employees good luck with their forth coming job searches.


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Does this mean Woot will become the “outlet mall” for stuff that doesn’t sell on Amazon.com?

Don't let 'em do ya like that Woot!


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Does Amazon know what they're in for? I suspect they've been drawn in by the glamor and prestige that is Woot, but hopefully before Amazon looks behind the curtain the coke whores and Kathy Lee's child labor pits will be moved.



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I guess all good things get purchased. lets see how it is used...hopefully for good and not evil.
Great video of monkey with the explanation of the sale and how it relates to employees.


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llandar wrote:You barely bought anything in three years.

I literally laughed out loud reading this. Thank you for the entertainment. :o)


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Congratulations! But make sure nothing changes. Well, nothing except the new "money shower" afternoon break time.


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Did they find woot.com in a b-a-g of crap?


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So that mean's you have tons of money to hire new people, right? Can I quit my job and come work for you?


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Can I keep my cool avatar?

W:too many to count
WW:too many to count
SW:too many to count
SOW:too many to count


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Will we have to pay sales tax now?