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Hope everything stays the same and it is not a 'sellout.woot!'


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"All that is sacred shall be profaned," as Karl Marx was once heard to say after a long night of disco

Nevertheless, Mazel Tov, Wootniks! I can't think of a nicer way to sell out and ride your Teslas into the sunset!

OR maybe they'll let you live long enough to learn the Woot! prime directive: Shopping for crap (unlike the hokey pokey) IS what it's all about.

Go with the FORCE, WOOT!



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Okay who just said this was fakon? Oh, it was me. The guy with two thumbs or however it goes.

Still waiting for pole vault girl to arrive.


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Congratulations. I love Woot and Amazon. I hope everything goes well.


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A real sad day


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great news!! and will you please put the flip camera back on and the rumba...and for really low prices??

melody stewart


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Rich! Rich! We're all stinking rich!

::smokes a $100 note::


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Drizzt321 wrote:Wow, congrats!

Does this mean that your servers will no longer lag when the Book of Crap comes up on Woot-Offs? Or will you still have such crappy servers that 100 simultaneous hits by all 60 of your customers will cause your servers to lag?

Not likely, I remember Amazon crashing a few Xmas' ago while trying to get a $99 Xbox.


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This sucks. They sold out to the man. Just like the other Amazon Sub's they will end up selling out and having crapy product.. Very disapointed for Woot. As for the Sell out, they must have got a huge payday!


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One thing I am looking forward to: Maybe Amazon will help the Woot folks understand that Hawaii is officially part of the USA, and hence should be able to ship stuff here.


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Good luck woot and keep being awesome!


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Much as I'd LOVE to believe that Amazon "appreciates your culture and blah blah blah" it is fairly a fact in our work culture today for companies to looks for ways to "work leaner and smarter and with fewer redundancies".

I'm happy if you're happy, but IMHO this is the start of Woot! sucking.....

You've been put on posting probation for this REALLY REALLY OLD post


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Congratulations, you sly sly bastards.


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Well... um... congratulations? Hmmmm... I hope nothing changes. Whoever writes the wooty stuff should get to stay on. That's the reason I visit the site so often, almost every day.

Good luck!

cj :+)


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Congratulations Woot, Woot Staff, and Wooters! This is a glorious day for everyone.

Now who's the Blogging Old CEO?

Double Member of The Order of the Cockatrice


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bbobb wrote:Wow! sold out to the MAN!

The Amazons weren't men.

Still waiting for pole vault girl to arrive.


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Please Tell me that you got some perks in this deal...You know Amazon founder Jeff Bezos bought that ice age bear skeleton for $400,000.00...I think you should get to keep it at woot headquarters 2 weeks of the year, with the option to put it in the closing sale of a woot off, if humor deemed it necessary.


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Yup, if you can't beat them, then buy them. Congrats Woot, it's like you're all grown up now. Only time will tell how what you learned as a youngster will shape your future.


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I hope this spells the end of FedEx Smart (Slow) Ship and the beginning of less crappy Woot-Offs.


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Bound to happen. great news for Snapster and staff, not so great for the rest of us.

I've lived through this "Nothing will change" mantra several times, and I'm simply amazed that you think we're going to believe it any more now than we did before.

Does anyone remeber HP/Compaq/EDS? Or even the EDS/GM debacle, or heck even GM today under Obama? There are hundreds, if not thousands of others

Just keep saying it folks. Everything's fine. Nothing's going to change.

But wait until the first quarter that you don't make the numbers, and the Seattle folks will be all over Carrollton like flies on fresh droppings.

It's a sad day for wooters, but we congratulate Snapster on making a good business decision. We bear him no ill will.


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Holy carp! Seriously, carps!


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Woot for WOOT!


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Congrats to whom ever will get the most $$$$$ out of this deal over at Woot. I'm sure that was the goal all along.

The fun can't last forever. It's always sad to see small unique companies get gobbled up and eventually destroyed by their new masters; WHICH ALWAYS HAPPENS. Hopefully I can get some good deals on crap I don't need before AMAZON drops the hammer on you eventually.


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What's with all the congratulations? Sellout I say! Nothing good will come of this. woot! is dead to me now.


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Congratulations Woot! I have been hanging out here for years and years hoping that something good would happen to you and not just all of us

I have bought a bunch of stuff but let's go back in time to 10/13/2006 when I spent a whole 8 dollars on bags of stuff and out of one I got ................................
A 61 INCH HDTV!! Thanks Woot! Love You!


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buyout means less competition means higher prices, and everyone is happy?


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I bet the Bowl of Cereal will be tremendous!


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All that hard work has turned into a small check and a stack of Amazon stock options Ya freaking made it!


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Does this mean the servers aren't going to crash when a Bowl of Cereal comes up? Shoot, that's going to take a good bit of the fun out of it!

But congrats anyways, guys and dolls!


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Man, Woot and Amazon, the two places that seem to suck the most out of my credit card every month.

Actually I'm not anti-Amazon (actually, I'm a shareholder, so, what does that make me?), but, it does seem annoying when you're pretty sure (but can't be certain) that the person you talked to on the phone is in India. After all, we have 10+ % unemployment here in the Northwest and I'm sure there must be someone who is willing to answer calls from customers.

Also, wait, I'm in Washington .. how long will it be before I have to start paying sales tax on Woot purchases, as I already do on Amazon purchases.


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With Amazon backing Woot, maybe the deals will get slicker.


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CONGRATS!! Lets celebrate by having a WOOT OFF!!

Jessica Davis


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Does this mean that Amazon is the corporate tax entity? Does this imply that Woot purchases are now subject to tax?

  • ADS Hard Drive Case
  • Logitech Bluetooth Headphones
  • InFocus 76-inch Projector Screen
  • Logitech Bluetooth Headphones iPod
  • Logitech Music System Add on
  • Sandisk Memory Stick Pro
  • Logitech Play Link
  • ThermoHawk Infrared Thermometer
  • Sudoku Handheld-Touch Screen
  • Logitech Cordless Headset Xbox
  • iRobot Roomba Discovery
  • LeakFrog
  • Random Crap
  • Ridiculously Large Remote
  • Monkey Prize Wine Bundle
  • Bissell Barbie Vacuum
  • Sony PlayStation 3
  • Xmas06 Crap
  • and much more


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1. I've seen the darker corner of amazon's warehouse where the X-rated items are stored and dispensed...Does this mean woot will become an adult?

2. Those were my pants...


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viva la Woot!


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Nah but congratulations! Amazon + Woot! are probably my two favorite internet companies.


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I think you just screwed all the residents of Tx that buy a lot from Amazon.

So you preferred to let another great company die and be gobbled up by behemoths? This time next year Woot will be only a memory.