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Better pack your bags (of crap), all of you are taking a one-way trip to India. And we're not talking Kokomo.


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Hah! Thanks for the lulz.

...and I too need to get that new Reznor+wife track...



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Congrats, Woot!

Now get Amazon to do a Woot Credit Card. I gotta have one!


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As a Wooter for many years, I think this is a good thing as long as you guys can stay goofy and Amazon doesn't just use you to sell of all the junk that they can't sell or not permit you to undersell them on the stuff they do sell. (Does Amazon sell Roombas?)


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lanitrix wrote:Guess that means Bags of Crap will start containing Books instead of really cool doo dads.

You say that like it's a bad thing.

I expect the mail lady to get a hernia per bag.


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Brings new meaning to "SELL-OUT WOOT"!

Big T

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Adios Woot! Cause you won't be around tomorrow.


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As long as the 'left to amuse ourselves' part of the deal lasts, congratulations Woot! I hope ya'll made a fortune on the sale. Great idea, brilliant marketing, terrific (and fun!) environment; you deserve to be well paid for your initiative.

I think there should be a bota of cookies tonight to celebrate, yes???


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Congratulations, woot! I'm very happy for you. And by happy for you, I mean, happy for myself and the wonderful deals that I will continue to acquire.

I will use this opportunity to let you in on a terrible secret. When I signed up for your website for the first time, I made a terrible mistake. You see, my real name isn't "warning1". I know, this is probably a terrible shock to you.

In fact, I had reversed my username and password, and put them each into the opposite field. I only noticed the mistake too late when I needed to log in to purchase an item and found that I would have to expose the single and only password that I use on every website in order to make my purchase and to snatch the latest Woot object of desire. Still, I did it in a heartbeat.

Here I am today, shamed and naked as everyone knows my password. But I take consoled in knowing that I still have my iRobot Roomba Sage with Convenience Pack (4110).

Thanks Woot!

--FP Agent #4650


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You smokin sumthin? Yeah, you smokin yosef and evabody else. Life will not be the same once you join a big mother ship like Amazon, least not for long. It just doesn't work that way. No sense in giving you the facts right now; you are way to high on that stuff in your head and in your wallet. Stay tuned - film at eleven.



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Wha...!?! Well, it sounds like a great move to Woot! I just hope the Wooting stays successful. Did I mention Woot! is my homepage? LOL

Best wishes to everyone. Keep Wooting!



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I hope the deal was good for the employees.


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Well, it's bittersweet. I'm sad for me because I considered myself special being a member of Woot and promoting the site to people who weren't as "in the know" as I was. But then again I happy for you because you have become part of the awesome capitalism I so admire. Rock on Woot. May you never fail and always bring us those bags of crap we so love. Congratulations!

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I think it's great - unless you guys get all uppity and Amazon-y and too big for your britches and think you can forget all the woot-a-philes that have been here forever buying the Bowl of Cereal's that paid for that cement pond in your backyard.


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pmarin wrote:Man, , it does seem annoying when you're pretty sure (but can't be certain) that the person you talked to on the phone is in India. After all, we have 10+ % unemployment here in the Northwest and I'm sure there must be someone who is willing to answer calls from customers.

Also, wait, I'm in Washington .. how long will it be before I have to start paying sales tax on Woot purchases, as I already do on Amazon purchases.

I think I live in the city where Amazon's call center is... and it ain't in India, it's in Washington.


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Hope they work something out with Amazon Prime. Sometimes the turnaround between order, shipment and arrival is too long. I want my woot shirts quicker :P



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As a long time loyal Wooter and buyer of all things WOOT!, does this make me a shareholder?? And if so, how much is my cut of the deal?

Don't go changin'
I like you just the way you are....


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This may even mean no more server crashes! I think I just heard the space-time continuum tear...

"There are 2 types of people in the world: Those can extrapolate from incomplete data."


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Wow. Holy carp. First, good for you. Why shouldn't you get a boatload of money for your troubles. You've built a successful business and a brand on deals and a whole lot of personality, and that should absolutely be rewarded in this otherwise entirely sterile world of e-commerce. Second, please try not to change, it would be incredibly sad and tragic if you did. Third, there's hope, because Amazon's a great company and consistently offers things for less than everyone else does - kind of like Woot, but less drastic - and has good site design, too, so this isn't a bad pairing at all. You're both savvy, wildly successful sites that have left the Yahoos and AOLs and Friendsters in the dust (never mind that those are completely different kinds of businesses). Woot, Amazon needs help with that "daily deals" section on their front page - it's a jumbled bunch of garbage. Amazon, Woot needs help with their shipping; they need to get things out the door faster, with a faster carrier, and for less money, too. And Amazon's the best there is at shipping, in all those respects. Learn well, Woot, learn well ...


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Great...damn sell out artist, i hope you take your boatload of cash, stock options and private jets and choke on them


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I must say.... I hope the thought of Amazon Prime rubs off on Woot... perhaps maybe?

Also yay, this bring Texas and Seattle just that much closer together.... kinda...

EDIT: Also, I wonder if seeing various Roomba's every 3rd day if Kindles will start to be on here twice a week.... hmmm


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Worst news ever. Time to find a new once a day site. Seen this too many times. Death of creativity. Merging of two cultures, best of both worlds, blah blah blah. Never works out for anything good.


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Have y'all, well you know, done it yet? You know, what's the word? Oh yea, consumated the deal yet? Banged boots? Tickled the joy button? Just wondering. It's not considered a done deal till you do.


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I can't even begin to imagine the extent to which I would debase myself for a Hyundai full of twenties ... selling out to Amazon ain't nothin'


PS will you take me out on your new yacht? I'll mop the helipad ... let me know



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new developments -
1) woot prime
2) sending customer service to India (or Indiana)
3) getting random open box items from warehousedeals.com

Amazing! (does this mean UPS and not FedEx home?)


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Mominator wrote:I think I live in the city where Amazon's call center is... and it ain't in India, it's in Washington.

Well, if true, if there are NO call centers in India -- my apologies. That would be great news. Maybe the people I spoke to on a few occasions just had Indian accents -- (not that there's anything wrong with that.)

I think it would be great if Amazon then posted a "we DON'T outsource overseas" policy, and just clarify the thing once and for all, for all of us that just aren't 100% sure

[Edit] I really hope you are right. I just notice that there a bunch of other Wooters with similar comments about India. So I'm beginning to think my impression WAS correct. I guess I should be able to look at the Annual Reports and maybe it is in there. But it sure SEEMS like they've moved some call centers to India. Not that there might not be some "legacy" business left in Washington -- but I'm sorry it sure seems like India to me.


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As one of the charter wooters (got some type of certificate thing or something somewhere) I just want to tip my hat to you and say congrats! Woot has been a favoirtie site of mine since its inception and you all deserve it! keep up the good work!


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congo rats!


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ARRRGH. Never be the same.


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Hopefully I'm wrong but I get very bad vibes from this kind of change.Corporate will never keep their hands off.


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Bad idea.


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Congrats on the payday guys. Just make sure step one is to get off your crappy servers and into Amazon's cloud, and don't forget to spin up a 1000 extra instances before you put up the Bowl of Cereal.

After that, feel free to spend it all on hookers and blow. You deserve it.


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After the nightmare Amazon made me deal with on a recent TV purchase (that I'm still dealing with after nearly a month) I refuse to deal with them ever again. Sorry woot!, but I think you've just lost a member...


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I hate Amazon! They banned me for selling a bootleg DVD that I bought from them and sold as used after I watched it and went through the entire appeal and nobody cared.

Woot is just gonna be another sell-out website that is selling Amazon leftovers..

At least you got your big check!



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Congrats! Two brands I like WOOT and Amazon.


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i live in seattle and had no idea amazon uses doors for desks. see, you learn something new everyday. i wonder if they use cabinet doors for printer stands. or maybe they use drawers as shelves and shelves as coat racks! or maybe people throw ducks at balloons and nothing is at it seems!

oh...and congrats on the amazon subsidiarization. (what? it's a word. i swear.)

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There goes the neighborhood...


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ps... ill take a couple more of those ipods before you go...lol


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I live in NY. Amazon charges sales tax. I hope I'm not going to have to pay taxes on Woot purchases. =(


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Congrats woot...

List of wants

1) keep the monkey's coming
2) increase availability of BOHSee's
3) attach amazon prime to the shipping purchases


Ten years of crappy wooting.