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I hope all the RAH RAH'ERS thinking this is a good moe can say the same thing once the takeover is complete.

Corporations don't spend a massive amount of money unless they can get a quick return on their investment and even though they say that everything will remain the same, they'll be cutting jobs to max out their profits like they do now with every company they gouge and buy. it's amazing that the feds haven't put a stop to Amazon.

All the good stuff will go to Amazon, and the old useless scraps will be left over for the wooters.

I remember the day when woot had great stuff for sale..and a sellout was imminent on virtually every item. When was the last time that happened regularily?

Good Luck!


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Woot! R.I.P. 2010

Sorry, guys, I just don't think this will be the same Woot! I give it 6 months tops before the quirky magic will be gone.


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Still single, can't imagine why.


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Nooooo! Please do not let them change what you're doing, because EVERYTHING about Woot is perfect (except the crashing servers). I'll let Amazon beef up your servers, but that's about all I could tolerate. Long time Woot fan signing off.


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FANTASTIC! Congratulations Team Woot! You all deserve it. I hope you're making out like bandits.


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Congradulations on the buy-out. Hope every employee gets to share in the good fortune.

So here are my questions:

1) Does Woot get to leverage Amazon's buying power to bring the consumers even better deals on carp we really don't need?

2) Does Amazon.com now get to use Woot as an outlet to get rid of the junk in their warehouses through Woot's Bag of Carp program?

3) Will the consumers get to see more NEW versus REFURB items on Woot, such as today's NEW Ipod Nano?

4) Will Woot finally stop using that awful Smartpost shipping and leverage Amazon's shipping powerhouse?

5) What do I as a loyal and long time Woot customer get out of all of this?


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R.I.P Woot... you were great while you lasted before the big sellout that was about cashing out... Hopefully you won't go way of other sold out companies but when you are devoured by the corporate suits that be, that is what you usually get...


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fraxcat wrote:Yeah....uh.....ouch. :|

I know a certain game that I use...STILL play that used to have volunteers ingame that were officially sanctioned. Well, that went on for a couple of months before the publisher decided to make a stink...which was Microsoft. I'm imagining the convo went something like this:


Turbine: Uh, what?

MS: These VOLUNTEERS are a liability! What if someone decides to sue for compensation of services rendered?!

Turbine: They signed a contract stating they receive nothing.


Turbine: Um..right. *fires advocate staff*

Hopefully Amazon has a bit more foresight than that, but who knows. These things happen to change a lot more things in the background than I think Woot would like people to believe. It will be painfully obvious in a short time if things go south.

Will definitely be interesting to follow the first few Bowl of Cereal threads and see what people get with their letters...

Ex advocate here. Turbine had nothing to do with that decision, it was all MS. And the advocate community was not happy about it; there were direct promises that had been made that what happened would not happen, it was a mess as for blame, well blame the UO volunteers who sued UO... once MS legal saw that, it was all over, they were NOT gonna be next in line.

Turbine did give us a cool statue though, snuck it into the game under the noses of the MS managers, and once it was there, well what could they do

But also understand that MS was the publisher of AC from the get go, it's not like they came in out of no-where and changed things.

So the relationship to that whole travisty, compared with Woot and Amazon is pretty much non existant.


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This is basically an infrastructure move. Woot gets access to the shipping deals that amazon has, and access to an abundance of warehouses. Also, there is a good possibility that woot.com starts being powered by Amazon. Basically, making woot and even stronger site with the possibility of even better deals. Remember, they buy all sorts of carp to sell on the site and with an Amazon credit card... The possibilities are endless! CONGRATS guys!


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Southpaw018 wrote:Way to sell out, you lucky, magnificent, wonderful SOBs.

Selling out and getting rich! The American way.


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The words, I have two of them:


The "and" does not count as one of the two words.

Does this mean that we'll have a larger assortment of craps available?


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Great.... now another place I have to pay tax. I guess that means no more good woot deals for me.


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You are delusional if you really believe that Amazon is going to allow Woot to run as an independent subsidiary for long. Within a year, they'll be micromanaging every aspect of your business, including the toilet paper you stock your bathrooms with.

This announcement bums me out.


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Congrats Woot, , but not to the Wooters. At least is wasn't takin over by the biggest Cesspool of all otherwise know as eBay.


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These business courses I'm taking for my later-in-life BS have poisoned my thinking to note the fact that this is a win-win for both. Woot gets access to Amazon's incredible distribution network. Amazon gets...well...a bunch of sarcastic guys and a better channel to clear out dead inventory, plus the unique community and culture that is Woot (both employees and customers).

The track record that Amazon already has with Audible and Zappos makes me feel confident that nothing will change, except possibly the account numbers at the bottom of the checks.

Kickin' it old school as a system tools developer for IBM mainframes.


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This is seriously the best letter I've ever read from a CEO. Congrats on the Amazon deal and I'm sure Woot.com will only get better. I'm still LOLing and I hate to LOL.


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I've been here since woot #1 robotic mower. I see this as a bad thing. Yes Amazon has decent deals from time to time but they do not hold a candle to woot even after the site grew and the prices increase. This is a very sad day considering additions the additions of tshirt and sellout and moofi (never had much use for kids or wine).


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I seriously hope they don't ruin you like they did Zappos.com - Woot employees be prepared for mass layoffs if they do.


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Gee guys, sorry to hear that you got pwned by Bezos. What, were you stupid enough to play "a friendly game of poker" with him at CES? It's amazing how many CEOs fall into that trap.


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BigD wrote:Didn't you see Amazon yesterday? They've started using our servers. :-)

That was my first thought when I started reading the announcement. But a couple more things and then some thoughts.

1) No more vacuum-cleaner Monday's - it's now Kindle days (or Kindle-offs? pls no!)

2) Really would like the Amazon Prime link to work - that would be awesome.

Thoughts... I've been a member since 2005, when you guys were just little babies (with lots of dirty diapers), watched you go through your childhood of Woot-Offs that really crashed the servers, saw you grow your first spin-off (Wine.Woot), then enter your young adulthood, with some questionable hookups (Snapster) and begin spawning kids.woot & sellout.woot. Now, you've gone and got married! **sniff** my little woot! is all grown up!

Actually, big congrats! And, don't blow all your new Amazon $$$ on wine & women - aw nevermind.. it's too late already. :D


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klynb wrote:You say that like it's a bad thing.

I expect the mail lady to get a hernia per bag.

Books, good. Random books nobody would buy? Bad. No thanks.


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Congrats, Woot! :D Hope everything goes smoothly and that some of your awesome culture and ways of doing things will drift upwards into Amazon ;)


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This is like Batman and The Joker playing together on the Yankees....


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Woot has sold out to the man !!!
I never thought this would ever happen !!!
Oh well, time for another beer.


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Well, I do really love Amazon, and I love Woot, so I guess this is "all good". And yeah, I wouldn't mind if my Amazon Prime meant free shipping on Woot stuff.

And I too love shirt.woot. And occasionally wine.woot. But especially shirt.woot!

fingers crossed that it all really does work out as dreamily as it sounds.


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Why wasn't the sale on Daily Steals? I would have bought it!!


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So Texans have to pay sales tax to Amazon now? Do not ...you know.


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Well I hope you can train Amazon to quit wasting packaging.(i.e. $$$)(i.e. My $$$) I order from them often and they always send a box that is too BIG for the product with a lot of superfluous (big word) stuffing inside. As a "packaging professional", it always annoys me to no end. Green Up Amazon. Do it the WOOT way! And by the way, who at WOOT do I have to send yummy cookies to in order to get a chance to make some boxes for you?

We just don't make boxes, we order from WOOT too! WOOT WOOT WOOT We LOVE WOOT!

Budget Box Company
Dallas, Texas


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Does this mean the Classic shirts come back at shirt.woot?


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RIP WOOT, 2010. It will never be the same.


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stile99 wrote:So Texans have to pay sales tax to Amazon now? WHERE ARE MY PANTS?!.

Yeah probably.... any anyone who has an amazon crippled company in their state now has to pay tax at woot.... it's bogus.


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RIP Woot.
Trust me, this will mark the death of our beloved Woot. I don't know how, I just have a feeling.


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Two great companies forming together has to be good for Wooters! Love during business with both.


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serve wrote:BOO!!!!

I hate Amazon - buncha commie bastards.

FWIW - I feel this is kinda like when the A-Team tv show jumped the shark and went to work for that over-acted character played by Robert Vaughn.

I don't care what Rutledge wrote in his memo - things are never the same when you get acquired. Think myspace. After the takeover - it became crap. I worked for NCR when AT&T bought them - they let it fall to the ground, dig a hole and bury itself. It still 19 years later hasn't recovered fully.


I have to agree...but congrats to Matt and team. Need to prowl for another deal-a-day site.


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hadzee wrote:way to go....woot rocks...so does amazon...hope to see Woot Prime shipping membership

Woot Prime would be the coolest Transformer EVER.


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Obviously, the "Big Guys" coming to YOU shows how successful you've been!
Good luck - but watch your back! lol!

AND - please keep WOOT! as WOOTISH as possible!



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Will you really keep you existing relationship with Yahoo.com? That seems like a conflict of interest now...


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"...we plan to continue to run Woot the way we have always run Woot..."

So we can still expect like 5 Bo'Cs every woot!-off and limited server bandwidth?


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stile99 wrote:So Texans have to pay sales tax to Amazon now? Do not ...you know.

Man, that's going to cut back on my purchases to Amazon. It already inhibits my Wooting. I'll pay shipping. I'll pay tax. I am very rarely willing to pay both.