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Our local WNBA team, the Seattle Storm, is pretty good. But even the reigning league champs might want to track down this anonymous Far Eastern free-throw savant. Gawk in wonder as she sinks over 100 baskets in one minute, with no misses. She might not be signed to a lucrative pro contract yet, but give her another half-hour and she'll own every trinket behind the ticket counter.



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her total was 256... i'd be lucky to make 10

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Bring back the 4 O'Clock Flash!!!


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Obviously she's a robot. I bet she can sing and dance too.


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Anybody else notice the insane score of 225 in the court next to her? Want to bet that she got that score, too? Dang...


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I love that at the end, the dude steps up for his turn. Don't let her psych you out, homie!


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When I used to work at Dave and Busters we had a guy that would rack up the scores like this. Totally crazy to watch. Made it look so easy.