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casey007 wrote:Got my Bundle of Cornucopias twice in a row

This is my second in a row, too. Now, I understand how folks always seem to get it. Folks learn a system and stick with it (prolly even mold that boy).

Those who ain't never got one, keep at it. Seriously, it took me forever to get one.


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Woo Hoo!!! After 3 years of Wooting, I finally timed it right to get my first Burrito of Chorizo!!!!!


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My first real chance at a bag and I get held up by a browser on a work computer that can take as many as 6 seconds to register any given command in Firefox, be it a click on a button or a complete sentence typed into a text area on a blog.

I think I need a toolbar button to immediately turn off all image downloading for next time.


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Bundle of Cornucopias Virgin no more!

Book of Crapola coming my way!


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YES! Somehow I managed to get a crap. This will be my third so far.


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Wow! I actually got one-my first!! I've missed for years. Recently they have been coming on while I was not at a computer. So, thanks Woot and Happy Holidays to all!


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Got my confirmation number! Now the fun part of waiting for it to get here.


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rkenimer wrote:Got one!

Congrats - see you here when they arrive!


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ugh guess
that's what i get for relying on Wootalyzer
10 seconds of lag killed my chances.

congrats if you got one this year, it should be fabulously crappy!


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He shoots! He Scores! First Basket of Chocolate ever! Is the mail here yet??

PS and Tanga Trash! The best week ever! Is the mail here yet? Did I just ask that

(I need to get out more.)


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Yeehaw! I finally got a Crap!

Hopefully it is a black Senz XL umbrella that I was trying to get earlier in the Woot off. Hint, Woot! Hint!



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WOOO!!! Somehow managed to finally get one!! It's been over 2 years since the last one I was able to grab! Yay!!


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I got a bag of site crash.. blargh! How you all got in blows me minds!


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My first Bundle of Cornucopias ever! Merry Christmas to me!!


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Would have been nice had the server not crashed AGAIN! Boo to missing the bag o crap yet again.


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yayyyyy i got one and my co-worker sitting in the cube across from me didnt. now to go rub it in his face ahhhh such an awesome feeling it is to win a Bundle of Cornucopias.


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Third Bundle of Cornucopias this year, after three years straight of scoring none.. 2010 has been awesome!

It also seems that the second the Bundle of Cornucopias hits the front page, someone comes to my desk to ask a question. This has happened every single time I got one. It's hard to hide the Woot order page while having a discussion!


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My first non-lottery Bundle of Cornucopias!

I like cheese! As a matter of fact, I'd love a Brick Of Cheese!


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Now I remember why I haven't tried for a Bundle of Cornucopias in over 2 years. Monitoring for 3 days. Hitting the buy button within 3 seconds of it posted only to have it hang on the credit info screen. 5 minute later when it loads, This sale is sold out.

Oh the disappointment.


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Thought I got one....took forever to get to check out screen and then Woot proceeds to tell me the item is sold out. Crap Crap Crap!


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Clicked I Want One, took me RIGHT to the order page, plugged in my password, and got to the next page with the ridiculously large "Buy It" button, which I of course pressed, only to have the servers crash..

Man was I PISSED!!!!

Until I received a confirmation email that I got the Big Oven-roasted Critter!!!

Number 3 for me... Happy Chanuka to me!!!

EDIT: Do we now ALSO get Amazon.com customer returns in our boxes? I'll be very, VERY pleased with just a letter, woot gods...

Just really damn lucky: Random Crap: 2/15/08, 2/19/09, 12/25/09, 4/1/10, 12/1/10, 12/25/10, 4/1/11, 5/11/11, 9/14/11, 10/12/11, 12/25/11


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sweet crapola of samoa! I got one! Man...seriously...it's been years. Now I get those glorious few days where I get to fool myself into thinking it's be better and better items. Will it be an LED flashlight? A blu-ray player? A PS3? 60" 3DHDTV? Brand new Camaro?!?!

...then it'll arrive and I'll be all giddy and ecstatic to get...child's XS shirt...keychain...some condiments...
HELLS YEAH! Bring on the next bag!

...I love the brainwashed opaque citizens!


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A long dry spell, no Bundle of Cornucopias since Chritmas of 07...But I made it in before the big server crash!!!


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What's going on? Myself and another guy from our office both scored our second consecutive bags of crap. We're happy about it, but considering it took me 4 years to even score my first, I'm thinking something is different. Seemed too easy.


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Bundle of Cornucopias baby!!!!


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Finally got one! And from Scotland no less. My day just got infinitely better.


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Finally got one after 2 years of trying. Best Of Chanukkah.

X 9


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worst wootoff ever. random server error throughout the days even before Bundle of Cornucopias.


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Scored my second Bandolier of Carrots. Thought I wasn't going to get it. Took forever to process, but I guess some patience paid off.

Scored my second Big ol' Cornucopia during the Wootoff on 12/1/10.
Finally scored a Bountiful Overflowing Cornucopia - During the Happy Hour during the Wootoff! on 4/28/10


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Thanks Woot! My first =).


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Whoa that was surprisingly easy.
Second successful crap in a row aww yeah.


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Woah. Other than it being very slow, my initial connection into Woot (where I hit the big button) was the one that made it. (Other windows failed to connect immediately). It just took forever, but I finally got to the credit card screen, hit buy, and it never did say anything like "Ok, it's in", it just returned me back to my account profile. Very weird, as there was no Bundle of Cornucopias showing up in my purchases, but after a minute or two I got my confirmation email and I refreshed my account screen and there it was in all it's glory!

Bundle of Cornucopias #9 for me!



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This sheet is flocked up. I hit "I want one" the moment the item came up. Then, 15 minutes later, the order page finally finishes loading. So I quickly enter my security code and click "this info is correct", and I get immediately kicked back to the main page offering me a flocking marinater that I have no interest in. There's nothing new under My Account, so my order didn't go through.

If I can't get through when I do everything right, what's the flocking point? That makes me a sad panda.


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If there is any karma/justice in the world, then hopefully that troll who claimed to have scored a hidden Bastion of Comeuppance on the shirt woot was too busy shooping more "proof" and missed out on the real Carp. Dumb troll is dumb. Scored me a *real* Book of Cats! Got two in a row now! Eat that troll!


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Over five years of wooting and I finally have my first Band of Canaries!!!!! Perseverance pays off.


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Remember the days when you at least had a SMALL chance of getting a Bundle of Cornucopias, not anymore.
Nowadays, your betting off playing the lottery, you'd have a better chance.
Too many wooters, too few Bundle of Cornucopias's, crappy servers = BIG WASTE OF TIME


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Interesting to note that of those that were able to score, 93% have 10 or more wins and 87% have been around for more than a year.....hmmm, I wonder if they know something about how to score a Bundle of Cornucopias that us newbies don't.....?


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clicked the insanely large button and voila...

error with your order. :P

oh well... in a slump. congrats to those who got one.


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After being a member of the woot community for just under 4 years, I have finally been able to order this eseemed product. Thank you woot for helping make my Christmas wish come true!

Woots to Date:
- 01/09/07 Samsonite Carrying Case Alarm 2-Pack
- 01/13/07 Logitech mm28 Flat Panel Portable Speakers
- 01/31/07 Toshiba 8" Portable DVD Player with Car Kit
- 04/10/07 Logitech Curve Headphones 2-Pack
- 04/17/07 Delphi USB 2.0 Lighted Cable - 4-Pack