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They're just too busy to stay on top of it. I say good for them. Yeah most likely, the sales they made off faithful choppers and fans we're more-than-enough to cover the weekly money pot, but it still probably wasn't the best use of their time.

They just have bigger things to do. I can relate. It happens.



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Jason Toon wrote:Facebook monkey winners, your prizes will be on the way later today, along with a little something extra for your trouble.

Well I got my 2nd place prize and it was a little anti-climatic.

It was a 2011 shirt woot calender and a black & white (cow?) woot monkey. I'm going to assume that the calender was the "extra" trouble prize? If anything I thought we should have at least gotten the extra large woot monkey.


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I won the contest, and I received my prize today.

Just like the guy above me, I received a 2011 Woot calendar and a Snow Leopard Monkey.


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These prizes and the negligence of the old photoshop contest results should really get everyone to boycott submitting to any of these contests until it is set right. I tell NOBODY about woot anymore, though I still visit occasionally. No way in hell I'd advertise for them through my facebook.

It's a fun site, but these contests have turned my previous admiration for woot extremely bitter.

Management, and specifically Toon, are obviously spineless in not giving any explanation for such an extended period of time.


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What am I missing? When I get to the contest page and look for the weekly contests I see this one and the rest are all from 2010. Is this the first week of the year?

Uh! This is only temporary.
Uh! Unless it works !!!
(Red Green)


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Sigh. The more things change the more they stay the same.