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Personally, I'm with comedian Julia Segal on the subject of parrots, but this video from YouTuber peachy525 proves that, when it comes to talking birds, the possibilities are truly endless.


Yeah, that's pretty cool, but Drowning Pool's "Bodies"? Really? It's decent and all, but maybe I oughta buy today's Woot, a few Norwegian Blues, and teach that bird a thing or two about METAL. \m/ \m/




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Best Parrot EVAR


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The Monkeys The Last Train to Clarksville as metal? Really?

Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.


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This is epically sweet.

Dave Williams would be proud :P


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Hey! That's a quaker parrot, the same kind of bird I have! Why did I never teach it to sing "Bodies" in such an awesome way?! I taught it to whistle the Andy Griffith song. BORING!!!

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