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WOW!!! Successfully bought a Bag of Coal... I wonder what "Santa Woot" will give me!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Woot.com!!!


quality posts: 15 Private Messages mechanicsc

Merry Christmas to the bots!

Bah humbug to the mechanicsc...

Got to the order page immediately, confirmation page sat and spun for 30 mins, no love.

Hey woot, why didn't you do it like last year? Anything to take the bots out of the game? Please?


quality posts: 1 Private Messages n3uka

Woo Hoo. Page is still ticking "Your order is processing" but checked My Account and saw the beautiful sight. Bundle of Coats 12/25/10

Best present I got this year. Close to my only one.

Congrats to who got one, Sorry to those that didn't, And Merry Christmas to all!


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Sigh... No Santa Sack for me again after sitting at the order screen with it loading for thirty minutes or so. When it FINALLY clicked over, of course, it was sold out.

Congrats to all that managed to get through and Merry Christmas to everybody!



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what comes in the bags or what have been in them before?


quality posts: 9 Private Messages nemo2005

Well, it was a good run. Snagged one of them for 5 years in a row on 12/25, but shut out this time. Congrats to all that got one!


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Yeah Big Fan of WOOT!... BUT First time getting the bag!!!! WOOOOOT!!!!!

Hope something good comes!!!!!

Been trying for years to get a bag!



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.... and now starts the anticipation.

Disregard the message above.


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My first Christmas crap. 3rd in all. Took 23 minutes and several time outs. Had 3 tabs trying to complete the deal. YAY! I was doing the victory dance and my wife said, You look proud of yourself, what did you do? I said triumphantly, I GOT CRAP!!!! She wasn't impressed. She only wanted to know how much it cost. Geez, what a buzzkill. (married 27 years)


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No go this time. I got the first screen (password) after 15 minutes of spinning, but crashed out after that. I blame Comcast. When I'm at work with the T1 circuit (slow but low latency) I have much better luck than at home with my 'super fast' consumer grade crappy cable connection.

Download a huge file fast? No problem. Get a timely connection on a time critical service? Nope... bet Comcast is throttling it in favor of their preferred customers and providers.

Thanks anyway, Woot. Still have last month's under the tree, to be opened in a few hours ;)

Look upon my Avatar, ye whiny, and despair!


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At least there IS a consolation prize (for me anyway) .... I just love watching this forum to see what people get. It isn't the same as getting it, but it is pretty fun.

I am also quite happy to see so many first timers getting one. I remember when I was new and was so sad that I never got a bag.

Got to admit tho, it does suck to lose out >_>

Those servers crashed harder than an inexperienced driver driving in snow for the first time.

+5 signature of epicness!


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Thank you WOOT!!!! I can't believe I got a Christmas Bundle of Coats!!!! Is it because i'm jewish and Santa hates me so you're making me feel better? Whatever the reason WOOT, tonight you rule!!!


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It took my order but I don't see it in my order tree, and I got no email. Anyone else have this happen?


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Got my third!


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Next year I demand a Woot-off the Rednosed Reindeer!


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In for one. Really strange it went so fast this time and that was after I gave up getting the Bag of Coal when the servers seemed to be overwhelmed right at midnight. Came back just one more time to check if it was sold out about 10 minutes after the hour and wham bam thank you woot it went through without a hitch and even got immediate confirmation. And yes I have been good this year. Merry Christmas Woot!


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Saw the bag. Hit the want one button. Got a crappy server page. Not what I really wanted. Dear Santa, please bring Woot a server with decent capacity and a pony for my sister this year. You can skip the pony. Love, Ricky


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Got here 15 minutes late and still managed to get one. woot!


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Burgin wrote:Tried for 20 minutes and no bag

Yeah it sucked. Been waiting since 11:30 to be the first to click woot. Clicked Woot. Page loading... 5 mins later[servers crappy]. Reload button. (Get one)appears. "Click"

Page starts to load... [servers crappy]

What sucks is that this was going to be my first Bag of Coal because in the past I didn't know what it was when I saw it. Now that I know, my page doesn't load.

Typing on one of the fastest Macbook Pro available and it doesn't even load because of people are overloading the server by making bots that auto-buy as soon as its available. There is no way someone buys a woot within a fraction of a second.


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one of these days I will actually get a Bag of Coal,

its been about the 5th time that i have been timed out at the order page

abd about 10 more times not being able to get to the page from the I want one button,

oh well

No Bag of Coal or a White Christmas.

it never snows in Florida

Merry Christmas anyway.

still waiting for that Bag of Coal


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I can't believe I got one. I lost track of time while playing a game. It was 12:15 when I quit the game. It took another 10 minutes to load the Woot! page, but when it loaded, I clicked the buy button and it went right through.


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rk699 wrote:clicked buy one within 2 seconds after the box of crap showed up and all it does is sit there for 30 mins. screw this and screw woot. I will take my money else where.

Yea, I clicked right away when it first showed up. you'd think there'd be some sort of order to this. but it seems it's just random. If you click on the 'I want one', you should get one reserved for you.


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When I die, my epitaph on my headstone might be, "His greatest regret - never getting a Bundle of Coats on Woot.com."

Congrats to those who got one, and Merry Christmas!


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Wow didn't even have a chance since I was driving back from my sister's ...no birthday present for me...

Laura T. Garmendia


quality posts: 5 Private Messages CompanyClerk

Well I missed out again, I think my IP address must be blocked or something, cause even if I am clicking in the first few seconds... Crap just does not come my way... Hey, maybe that's a good thing.
In any case, May All You Wooters, and All the Woot Staff, Have a Very Merry Christmas, with a Blessed and Healthy New Year.
Thanks for keeping me on my toes.


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YAY! After more than four years of trying, I finally bought a Bundle of Coats! WOOT WOOT!


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I finally got one. I got on late, and finally clicked and ordered confirmed at 25 minutes into the woot.

I have been hit and miss with the stuff I get, the last item I got was the marinater, Which broke after 2 uses. Woot sent me an RMA and a refund.

Lets hope at least one item is usable.


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Missed the Bundle of Coats again---but at least finished sending all my email Christmas cards. Priorities, priorities... Enjoy your sleep with visions of sugarplums dancing!


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... and now starts the anticipation.

Disregard the message above.


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I was logging in within 15 seconds, never got through. Real bummer after the lucky ones got a Bag of Coal after being 5+ minutes late to the party. Hope I get a better chance next time. :-(


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Merry Christmas to me!! Can't believe that I got a bag via phone (droid x) and at 1:28am. I've tried for years on Christmas eve and always missed. Thanks woot!


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Got to love seeing the Bag of Coal at 101 am est....and it taking till 0145 to be able to get logged in........been at this for close to 5 years now and this is what i keep getting

Washburn Electric Guitar, Technotunes 256MB MP3 Watch, Westinghouse Slicer Toaster, Microsoft Optical Desktop Elite Wireless Keyboard & Mouse, iRobot Roomba Sage with Convenience Pack, Delphi RoadyXT XM Receiver w/Car Kit, Cobra XRS9500 11 Band Radar & Laser Detector, KidSmart Vocal Smoke Detector – 2 Pack, DECO StingRay Water Scooter
Still no Blogging Old CEO :-(


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Thanks a million WOOT!!! Hugs & Kisses!



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3000 baggies of chronic sold, thanks!


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avatard wrote:same exact thing happened to me. soo close. curse you woot.

I didn't think I got one... but when I checked my account page... I GOT MY Bag of Coal for christmas!! check your account page


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Dang, just got home from selling Low-Yield Explosives to children and missed the bag, dang dang dang.


quality posts: 14 Private Messages hackman2007

Wow, that was incredibly slow and took many browser windows, but I eventually got through

Better luck next time to all the people that missed.


quality posts: 8 Private Messages Dhraakellian

In just under the wire.

I hit the "buy it now" button before news that the Bag of Coal was sold out came to #wootoff. I got the "you're all set" page after.

Boo. Yah.

My colored box^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H qube has turned dark red^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H brown. I don't really need to show off a list of everything I've wooted anymore, do I?


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Rats, going on 5 years and still haven't scored a bandolier of carrots!


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I love the forum rumblings after a Bag of Coal 3000 super happy people vs 10,000 super angry people. I think we should work it out over an epic game of Red Rover.