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Waiting until the last minute? You just missed it. But maybe there's still time to salvage Valentine's Day with our fourth annual crop of free, printable Woot Valentines. This year, our "Sweet" Valentines feature a variety platter of romantic meats, while our "Bitter" Valentines explore the dark side of love among the sideshow freaks.

The 4-up PDFs below are ideal for printing - just add scissors. For those who communicate their innermost yearnings via email attachments, we also offer heartfelt JPGs. And if none of the 2011 models push your love buttons, our 2008, 2009, and 2010 Woot Valentines are still every bit as current as when we released them (except for the one about Conan O'Brien). Ha-P V-Day 2 U!

After you give them, let us know: who's the lucky lifeform who received your Woot Valentines? And do you still have a relationship with them?


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  • (7:14 PM, 2/14/2011) cjkyle is pretty darned cool, but would be infinitely cooler if s/he had sent that box to us. We thought you anti-loved us, cjkyle! US.


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Thanks woot, that bacon card coupled with my high shag score should seal the deal on a night of high passion. W00t!!!


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I love these! Particularly the sweet ones. They're cheesy, but not too cheesy, well-drawn, and light hearted. Where can I get more of these?

Daniel Hagen


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I sent the hot dog one to my husband. Last year he got "I Choo-Choo Choose You".

Signatures are harshing my mellow.


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I needed these last night you jerks! I had to resort to last year's which I didn't use because the previous year's were too cute.

I demand more timeliness from my free valentines provided by woot. Or... I won't try watch monkey videos anymore... or something.


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Sent the bacon one to my wife via email:

"That's not a very good valentine. You should try again."


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i needed some last-minute valentines for the hubby and kids...and wouldn't you know, woot! had them waiting for me! i'm going to give the extra one to my mail carrier. she was the one who told me about woot! to begin with so i know she'll appreciate it. oh, btw - the meat theme was perfect...i'm vegetarian, so handing out meat valentines was hilarious.


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I guess we have different ideas about how important bacon is in the grand scheme of things . The shag score didn't go over too well either. What does "number blocked" mean? Seems like she's got some new dude called Post Master checking her email for her now too. Oh w00t! what to do?!?!?

Oh well... back to the bacon (ahem).


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The 'bitter' cards are the best. I have loved every years rendition including this one. A job well done, woot!


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I Like my valentines like I like my Todd Browning . . . disturbing but insightful.


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"And do you still have a relationship with them?"

ha! You mean after we sent them the card?


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I love them all!! Thanks woot!


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I made a anti-Vday crafty with mine!
I made these
and sent them to a friend in this.


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Very nice. However, I think the second one should read, "I'll always come crawling back to you."