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When Rainn "Dwight Schrute" Wilson and James "Director of Several Feature Films" Gunn took to the stage in a conference room last Saturday night, they thought it would be a routine promotional event for their upcoming "regular guy becomes a super-hero" comedy Super. But they didn't count on Phoenix Jones and Pitch Black, Seattle's real -life costumed crimefighters.

While this meeting didn't result in the Crimson Bolt, Wilson's character in Super, joining the Rain City Superhero Movement, it did reveal some key facts about Phoenix Jones. In trading banter with Gunn and Wilson, Jones said he was recently stabbed and does not have an email address. We'll add those tidbits to the next edition of Who's Who In The Rain City Superhero Movement. While he was clearly excited to meet Jones, once the superhero departed Wilson couldn't resist speculating what would happen if Jones was dropped by helicopter into Bushwick, Brooklyn. You can see video of the historic super-encounter on Gunn's site.

The rest of the panel presentation included a showing of the Super trailer (see below) and lots of questions from the audience. In short: Super's budget was "$350 and a bag of weed". Gunn wrote the first draft of the script in one day in 2002. When Wilson first read it, "22 pages in, my hand was trembling, and that's not a masturbation joke." Gunn says Super has nothing in common with Kick-Ass (but then he would say that, wouldn't he?).  I was the only person in the room who clapped when Gunn mentioned growing up in St. Louis. And all of the actors in Super, including Liv Tyler, Ellen Page, and Kevin Bacon, worked for scale and the movie was shot in 24 days. Here's that trailer:

Yeah, so Super looks pretty cool, but people really wanted to know who's going to replace Steve Carell's Michael Scott on The Office. Wilson said there won't exactly be a replacement, that an existing character will possibly get promoted, and that the show will be more of an ensemble thing. The throng found this answer unsatisfying. No, but for real, who's going to replace Steve Carell's Michael Scott?

Wilson thought for a second - should I tell them? - then dropped the bombshell that Office fans have been waiting for.

"Phoenix Jones."



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So what is Woot Workshop's take on Phoenix Jones? I was kinda hoping to see Señor Cleveland rip him apart in a writeup.