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Random Crap - Level 6

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Random Crap - Level 6
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Condition: Crappy

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Wooters! Keep trying! It's not so much about beating the game as just keeping on working at it. It's basically all luck if you've ever played a game on the internet. Don't worry about getting points just worry about getting past the obstacles. You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha and btw, you can't get more than one. Don't waste your time playing after you win... Not like anyone would do that except me, haha.


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Long time woot user, first time commenter. This is really obnoxious and not amusing at all. I still have not determined whether there is actually a RBC available or whether this is just a big joke, but the fact that I've spent an hour messing with it and keep getting put in impossible situations where I cannot dodge the objects just make me feel like woot is deliberately wasting my time.

Fool me, make fun of me, whatever, but wasting my time with BS is not a joke.


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jmgallego wrote:Gaving up :^(

I have never been a computer game player, it has been very frustating.

Thanks anyway, will give a shot next year. ;^0

yeah this game is crap. not worth wasting my time when 2 things come at same time.

ok where is the hack?


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AGAIN, for those of you getting double blocks. Somtimes they are impossible, but other times you can squeeze by. Objects like the fallen 'salt' truck, the woot billboard, are all angled so you can go 'behind' them way before you pass them.


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What the heck! I forgot to set my alarm last night, knowing full well that there would be some sort of silly game wherein you can ultimately score a Bandolier o' Carrots on April 1st. I randomly woke up at 4:15AM(EST) and knew my chances were shot....or WERE they??

After about 17 attempts of this convoluted game, my laptop overheated and crawling, I made it past level 4 and a parachute came out and it started me back at level 1!! Well, this apparently WAS level 5...'cuz when I dieded on level "3", I WAS ABLE TO ORDER A Breakfast of Champions!!!! Woo-Hoo! Thanks w00t - You Rock!

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.


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theguruguys wrote:WOW soo many people complaining...

Because it's broken, cheap, Jatravartid, and I'm quite certain it violates ADA laws.

A) Its easier to get a Big o' Cosmos this way IMO.

No. It's just the same as before.

2) Nobody is making you play.

Actually yes. If I want to buy, I have to play. So to purchase the product, I must first go do something else apart from purchasing the product.

C) Its a Big o' Cosmos! You may end up with three flying monkeys with no capes and broken elastic bands for all you know.

Yes, but at least you didn't have to go through hoops to get it before and be left frustrated afterwards.


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Two straight hours of gameplay with repeated double obstacles almost always at level 3. Watched the woot go from level 3 to level 5 to get the Big o' Cosmos. Finally after two hours, I reached level 4 and a glimmer of hope that I might get through showed itself until the double obstacle occurred again. Made my first purchase to woot in 2006 and have never gotten a Big o' Cosmos. Always too late, too slow, whatever. Tonight, just too tired of exhausting myself with the same disappointing outcome.

I'll go back to taking my chances randomly. Maybe a few more years and I'll get my first Big o' Cosmos. Instead, going to go out shopping tomorrow and buy myself 3 random things that I want just to feel better for wasting so much time!


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theguruguys wrote:WOW soo many people complaining...

A) Its easier to get a Big o' Cosmos this way IMO.

2) Nobody is making you play.

C) Its a Big o' Cosmos! You may end up with three flying monkeys with no capes and broken elastic bands for all you know.

Oh? We aren't being made to play? Wow. I guess "I want one" and "I want to play." are synonymous. I really must brush up on my English.


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I've been playing for almost 2 hours... and I get screwed everytime by a double item... I wanted a Big Orphaned Cetacea SO bad cause I have heard nothing but good things... but I just cannot do it. I even managed to "snake" threw the double obstacles sometimes by taping up and down really fast (doesn't work often, but sometimes) This is VERY unfair. Fun idea, VERY poorly exacuted...


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idonwannaname wrote:I've read pages & pages of comments but have no idea what you're all seeing... could someone post a screenshot or tell me what I'm doing wrong to see nothing at all like what you guys have?? The bags are just going along on a conveyor belt... no "obstacles" or "roads" or place that shows "points" or ANYTHING like what I'm reading, although I got to the confirm order page on level 2 but nothing after the first gold button.... now at level 5 but no idea why... they must just have sold out of previous levels because I'm sure not playing anything right. PLEASE HELP!

If your bags are still on the conveyor belt, you need to click the big, yellow button to start the game.

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I played for about 30 minutes and finally ended up on a nice streak. I had a 50+ multiplier and was on level 4 i think when all the sudden the game started me back at level one seamlessly. After a couple seconds i died because two objects blocked both spaces, but after that i was able to click the purchase button.

My first Big Orphaned Cetacea and i hope to get something good.

"He who knows a technology, knows which types to use and which types not to. He who doesn't know a technology, only looks for that which works." -Anonymous


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Good bye Woot FOREVER! You can take all my previous orders and stick them where the sun don't shine! This is the bigget crock of crap I've ever seen in my life. After wasting an hour of my time only to have repeated doubles coming at you. Shame on me for playing something that is rigged to make you fail! If I wouldn't get in trouble I'd type that you better go find Bin Laden and live with him in his cave so no one can find you, because you are on my woot list! Sorry to quit this dumb azz web site but after being a loyal WOOT "good mouther" to everyone I meet in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Idaho and Washington, YOU can bet your name will never cross my lips again. I would love to resort to what I really want to say but you wouldn't possibly post it. Close my account if you want because I am totally finished with this place. Been trying for a Big Orphaned Cetacea for 3 years and now this! KMA April KMA, May KMA, JUNE KMA forever K M A ! Pricks!!


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couldnt even beat lv 4 to try 5 from the double ups. now im required to get to lv 6 and beat that?! lol, no thanks, this is now a woot off killer.


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Let the level 6 complainer comments start...

For those who may just be starting...

1) When you get to the end of level 4 you are PARACHUTED back to level 1. This is ACTUALLY LEVEL 5, don't stop thinking you died keep going.

2) Sometimes you are double blocked, other times you can squeeze by when it appears double blocked. Objects like the billboard an fallen truck allow you to go down early 'behind' them.

3) Yes its part luck, that's what the Big o' Cosmos has always been. At least this way if you try long enough (took me about 40 minutes) you will likely get one. More fair IMO.


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Still going, apparently?

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.


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wow... I'm so tired of you freaking USSY'S acting like Woot!(tm) OWES you something because you're a "long time customer"..."huge fan"... "yada and more yada"..

Get over it, will you!? Seriously!? Is this REALLY going to ruin your LIFE!?

Good GOD man. What is WRONG with some of you people. Oh, I know... that "get a life" thing.

I agree, game sux, don't know whether to laugh, cry or hurl, but all n all, move on. Enjoy life. Sleep. Save yourself the $8 because the kraaaaap... truly IS kraaaaaaap in most all I've ever gotten. Not EVEN worth the time.

Cya tomorrow Woot!(tm) How about an Optima HD20 for $300 for us "losers"!! After all, I'm a long time customer, but yea, I'm not sure about that now. Just to show YOU, I'm buying FULL RETAIL from now on. What do you think of THAT Woot!(tm) HUH?? HUH!!!?????


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i got my first bag!? cant believe it. i do wish there were a more effective way in distributing these Big o' Cosmos w/o such heartache and/or frustration


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uh... it's 2 am and all I can say is this is some serious Agrajag's life.


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I vow that I WILL get my crap tonight! I WILL! Just... One... More... Level... NOT THE SALT NOOOOOOOOO


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Dear Woot,

I would just like to thank you for the awesome game that you have made for us. On another note, This day last year my grandma died. So if this is some Battlefield Earth (2000) April fools joke then i must say you are quite the genius. It took three people to finally pass level 5 and I would also like to say that I have a crap on deck that can choke a donkey now.

THnk You!

First ever, Bowl of Cereal. =]


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slephoto wrote:Yeah, pretty much any comment from someone saying they won. Been at it nearly 4 hours and nothing. Any time, I mean ANY time, I get the required level it doesn't work.

Here's your false. keep trying.



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i have heard of the companies that design these games and its designed for you to fail and retry. i am to the point that i stopped trying to go for points and just hit up and down. it doesnt matter, only thing ive died from is double objects impossible to avoid. what else could i do at 515 am lol. for all the people telling woot to f off, lol we all know we will be back over and over.


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Battlefield Earth (2000) Vogonity warp Jatravartid Agrajag's life We, the Hitchhikers Flesh boghogs hoopy


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played too long just to get shot down by impossible obstacles... I was about to wake my brother up and have him try simultaneously when I read the holy crap commandments, number III touched me and I decided that bags of crap are vanity and I don't need to get to level 5 to be happy. I also don't like the idea of getting a Big Orphaned Cetacea on April fools day... Also, I'm a no good lilly livered quitter. Have fun suckers, i'm going to bed.


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For the record, Woot! (knowing you don't give a tickly-turd about people sucking up) I really quite enjoyed this April Fool's Bee oh Sea. I know you guys are getting a lot of flack for it, but except for the major server issues (and seriously, consider firing those guys, there ARE solutions to hits like this, and AMAZON OWNS MOST OF THEM), it was fun. Good work.


quality posts: 0 Private Messages encopitt

& again I say it warp YOU!


quality posts: 2 Private Messages xlazyslothx

If you think 6 is bad, just wait till lvl 10. Perspectives people. :X


quality posts: 7 Private Messages HairyButt

Dear Woot,

I beat your game twice in the level 2 and 3 times but your servers crashed. I can't get past 6 levels without some impossible obstacle + moving enemy combination happening.

I don't like you any more.


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can we go back to the stock market # gag?


quality posts: 2 Private Messages theycallmechad

When it was a Crap of Bag level 2, I got to level 8 once, level 6 twice, level 5 bunches of times, and never died on 1, 2, or 3; however, each time I would finish the game, there was a server error. Now that it's running all fine and dandy, I can hardly get past level 1 without the death.

I've been trying to land a Crap o' Bag for 4 years now. I spent over 4 hours on this game. When I won, Woot didn't recognize it. Now I can't win. I'm over. I'll still shop with Woot, but I'm done spreading the word about how awesome you guys are.

I'm tired. My wife's in bed and I'm on the computer. Thanks Woot!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages itsdruwu

A lot of people are complaining, but this is my first Big o' Cosmos... soooo I'm glad there was a way for other people to get the opportunity rather than just the people that have the best connection that happened to sign on first....


quality posts: 2 Private Messages chefsean

i wonder if the Big o' Cosmos differs from the different levels? like if level 1 Big o' Cosmos is better or is it level 10 or are they all equal? will they all be the same? pr different?
thank u woot!



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This time with a double dose of F to the U to the C the K to the YOU WOOT!


quality posts: 0 Private Messages jonjames

Jatravartid crap


quality posts: 3 Private Messages ckoobs

if you can't win why did they charge my paypal.


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I've played your game for 30 min and am out of time. Only got to level 4


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Man oh man. You guys at woot are hilarious........hilarious enough to punch! I miss my Paperboy days, and this was a good reminder of the good times. Silver Surfer Monkey, Flying Spaghetti Monster, and Space Salt all killed me. Too funny. HOWEVER, I've never been so frustrated in my life. How dare you? Who do you think you are? Gods? maybe. Still, I don't know how many time I played that game while the clock ticked down. Every time the wootoff meter ticked down I panicked more and more. I've never felt fear before this day. 'sob'. Anyway, I like the game but please make a way to shoot or jump over oncoming obstacles, because this was all based on luck. Think of how common 2 obstacles spawning and covering the pathway is. I bet 1 in 200 attempts makes it past lvl 5. Think about it and make me proud. Lots of love, brothers.....lots of love.


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Im mad, I'm goin to get coffee and coming back in a few...... This game is addicting. At this point I dont care about the Big o' Cosmos, I just want to beat the game!