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The guys who did the writeup and paraphrasing the QPs are really on their game. I would definitely buy it just to reward their humor, but I already have all the caulk I need.


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Bought that %#@% some caulk

@#%^es love caulk


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they're missing one critical ingredient in this kit - the soaker. The caulk soaker is absolutely a must have.


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ticalmc2k2 wrote:Caulk? Really Woot? This is by far (BY FAR) the dumbest woot I've ever seen.

"Caulk" is Woot's response to Weinergate!

Ron Larson


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Wow I just redid the caulk in the shower 8 hours ago and this would have been really helpful. I might have to do it again just to use my new pro caulk when it arrives.


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strandedinvegas wrote:"Caulk" is Woot's response to Weinergate!

I take back my previous comment. Because of the writeup, this is one of the best Woots ever!


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Nice timing Woot.

Actually these are really useful and you don't have to remember where in the sequence - lick finger, run finger on caulk, wipe finger on rag, lick finger... Gives a nice profile - good enough to show off with a tweet.

These applicators give a really nice bead without wetting anything. If you stop partially in a long run, you can easily pick back up without leaving a mark. You'll learn to use less caulk (you'll be surprised how much you wipe off). You can get into a lot of tight corners. They clean up well and last a long time.

I tried to "reuse" the caulk I wiped off, but usually turns out to be a bigger mess than it's worth.

Good Father's Day gift for Dad and husband/bf.


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I love the Caulk!

I'm anxious for my fiance and I to try out the tools together. We always get so messy when we use our fingers.


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Woo hoo! My first woot and it's caulk! Do I look any different?


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Sidney0109 wrote:Woo hoo! My first woot and it's caulk! Do I look any different?

You do. I could tell you needed some caulk.

I ain't signing anything! What? It's not that kind of signature? Oh. So that's what it is? Oh. I'm still not interested.


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Complete caulking kit, eh? Anyone seen the caulk gun?


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Best. Product description. Ever. As long as you guys are getting this X-rated, can we unfilter the comments?
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Oh well, I tried...


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Dunno about the caulk that is included, but these tools are great!

I used these to re-caulk our kitchen counter top and to redo the tub/shower in my master bath. I am normally terrible at getting a nice caulk line, and these allowed me to do a good job without making a huge mess.

I agree with the poster above, that you can also stop and start the line using these without leaving a mark.

The pros probably don't need them, but for those of us who are aren't so good at the handyman stuff, these are very nice and made the job go much quicker.


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XD...and I was just thinking that the bath tub in my house needs re-caulked.


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been trying to find those caulk tools for a long time. now i get 2 sets, sweet.


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moxxee wrote:Here is how the word "caulk" is pronounced correctly.

Only the people in Boston and the Kennedys have problems pronouncing this. JFK got into a lot of trouble with his caulk. & - creative stuff, y'know!


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Says it has a 'caulk' removal tool.... Guess I know my girlfriend's next gift.


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The caulk itself is worthless. used for several apps and fell apart in just a few months. i agree with the amazon reviews. wish i would have look at reviews before i used this crap.


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I would buy this if not for the negative amazon review of the caulk. Whats strange is, I've purchased the regular "Dap 18001 White Kwik-Seal All-Purpose Caulk 5.5-Ounce" from Amazon twice now and had no problems. It even gets better reviews. Hard to believe the "pro" version is so much worse.
I love the squeezable tubes instead of having to use a caulk gun every time. I do a lot of smaller jobs around the house so these are much more convenient.


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I think it's imperative that when reading this to yourself, you do so in a Boston accent.


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I just bought that tool (no caulk, just the tool) at Lowes; it was $10. Good thing I didn't open it, it's going back tomorrow! Thank you Woot!


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I worked in construction, particularly in house maintenance, for quite a few years through highschool and college.

I always found a good caulking gun and just a wet finger perfectly sufficient. Perhaps these can help for hard to reach places but it seems superfluous.

Plus, any caulk that leaves your caulking tool is just wasted caulk. Trust me-- you don't want to try and reuse that.

Im certainly no expert though.

(edit: and if your caulking line sucks, try *pushing* the gun forward, not dragging it. And hold it at an angle to press the caulk in)


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My wife says I have enough caulk as it is, and wont let me purchase this


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bakntime wrote:These boots are make for caulkin', and that's just what they'll do

Made for the new "2011 Handyman Barbie" Series! Buy a second matching pair for Barbie's "partner/roommate" Midge.


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I am not sure that I have an actual need to purchase this, but I am inspired by the write up. You can never have too much caulk, right???


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DAG!! I bought this at Home Depot for I believe 9.99 for just one. It's pretty straightforward and helps keep everything pretty clean. Make sure you use painters tape to get straight clean lines.

*** Make sure you take that tape off almost immediately after smoothing out the bead ***

This is a deal, buy one for yourself, and then give your friends one and some caulk and make their day. :-)


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At Amazon, this is $9.61 just for 1 Kit. At Home Depot, it's $9.97 just for one 4-piece Tool Kit -- no caulk included. This is one of those items you throw into your tool box that becomes invaluable when you need it -- yes, you can do a similar job with cut-up pieces of old credit cards, but these tools are well-designed and do the job better than something you put together in the last minute.

When I was remodeling my home, these would have been a great asset. But I could not find them locally -- and the high shipping costs were ridiculous. This is a bargain. Buy several and give them away as one of those "because I was thinking of you"-kind of surprises that any homeowner will come to appreciate.

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I'm pretty sure this is up just to allow for the write-up. Also,


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The write up was very good. Right up until you ripped off Spinal Tap.


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I have purchased multiple items similar to these kits and found these to probably be the worst. Mainly, the pieces are made of a harder plastic, so they dont "hug" the scraping area as nicely as I'd like, always leaving a little trace of caulk.

I purchased this one from the Depot and found it to be pretty awesome:


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I just wanted to post a note for those who may be concerned about the size of the caulk being offered as part of today's Woot. Even though this may be a relatively small caulk, that should not be cause for concern. Don't worry - some people have caulk as small as 2.8 oz.

In fact, the tools included will more than make up for having diminutive caulk. Those with larger caulk will be envious as you demonstrate what you can do with your hands!

Besides, everyone knows it's not the size of the caulk, it's all in the application.

Finally, don't worry if your fingers just aren't up to the job. Many people find that they need mechanical assistance for their caulk. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

And if you really need the biggest caulk out there, try


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FYI, these appear to be acrylic caulks and not silicone. That means do not use them in the shower or you'll be replacing it every year. Only use 100% silicone anywhere that's going to see water.


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Raymond S. Rice


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the tools are $10 at Home Depot, I'd guess 2 tubes of this caulk would probably run close to $10 as well. I'm too lazy to get out to the store so I'm in for one so I can finish some caulking off around the house.

Let's see the quality impulse buys!
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As they say on MXC, you put the caulk in the crack, and that's home improvement.


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Before we got married, my (now) wife and I lived in an old fixer-upper house. She used to love caulk. Now that we got married and moved into a new house, she has no interest in caulk.

When I told her about this woot!, she said she saw plenty of caulk at the old house. Not interested in it anymore. :-(


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This caulk is acrylic, not silicone... it doesn't last! Be careful.


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I don't appreciate the write up this time.



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mbmanaus wrote:I smell a Peabody for this writeup! Maybe even a Pulitzer!

I smell caulk.


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Unfortunately, I don't think I can use this caulk. I need a big tube of black caulk for my black tub.

Any idea where I can find a huge tube of black caulk? caulk anyone?