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It's a joke so old that it's come full circle to be accepted truth: Hollywood loves recycling. Be it a reboot of a successful old movie franchise, a remake of an old television show, the same exact plot as some other movie, or, worst of all, the same actor playing an extremely similar character in an extremely similar movie to the one they did last year. Everyone knows it. Everyone complains about it. But no one complains with such artistic vision as the people behind The Many Faces Of...

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A side project from the gang at Paravel, The Many Faces Of is a monthly skewering of the tropes of actors and movies. Not only are the facts supporting the accusation that John Cusack plays the same character in every single movie, they're lovingly and graphically-rendered in charts and pictures.

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Ever wonder why characters like Gordie Lachance or Charlie Conway feel familiar and comforting? It's because they show up in every movie about a gang of rebellious kids. You're already pre-programmed to identify with a character archetype, so it's in the best interest of the people making movies (and taking your money) to put that archetype in every film so you'll feel a connection to it. It kind of pulls the mask off entertainment and makes the whole thing feel gross, doesn't it?

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We're not sure what their process is for choosing their subject matter, so instead just let us know: what cinema archetypes would YOU like to see lampooned? Is there an actor you just can't stand because they're always playing the same person? What's your idea for turning Hollywood out of its "we can only make things that were already made" slump?


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keanu reaves. he plays a stoner in every movie no matter what movie he is in. he should've quit when he was ahead with bill & teds...


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http://tvtropes.org -- try not to spend all week on this site


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some blog writer is a fan of Scrubs: "Bastard coated bastard with bastard filling"


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Jennifer Aniston - every movie I've seen with her is just Rachel from friends doing something different.

sometimes i like to put on the cape and scream like a monkey.


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"What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun."
- Some hack named Sol.


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Richard Gere: How many times can you play The Prince in Cinderella?


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