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mcrenshaw64 wrote:10 Inch No Blade Bladeless Portable Fan (Air Multiplier)
by Elution
Price: $82.54
In Stock.
Sold by Green Web Inc and Fulfilled by Amazon.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's own warehouses, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these items. Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: FBA items qualify for FREE Super Saver Shipping and .

7 new from $77.48 2 used from $79.99

I came here to say exactly the same thing. Word for word.

Plus this:

I got a normal fan for $10 brand new from Goodwill. Plus, as my son found out, if/ yo/u s/ing in/to i/t, it ma/kes y/our vo/ice al/l ch/opp/y, too.


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philluhlig wrote:On the one hand, things went a bit crazy with the 503s, but on the other hand some people are going out for blood like their first born was murdered. So thank you for apologizing. Can you please bring back the bag of carp maybe?

Though I wouldn't have said that about your office-mate, pregnant ladies are dangerous. If she finds out you apologized for her actions, she might attack! Quick, play dead and curl up into a ball while shouting as loud as you can and making yourself appear larger... I think one of those things works with grizzly bears.

The best thing to do with expecting-women is to build a safe-room with a narrow doorway.


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I can't think of a really good reason for this aside from keeping one's very curious baby in one piece.

No baby. Therefore spend $10 on standard fan.


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This is a crazy device


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If I turn this fan on in the middle of my buffet table, will they cancel each other out?


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If you buy this POC you get exactly what you deserve....

a cheap fan hidden in a base for $149.

Excuse me its an "air multiplier"


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If I buy three of these, how many air will it get me?


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Another mindlessly expensive and mostly useless (or not superbly useful) item from Dyson.

At least this one doesn't use suction.


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The only problem with jet engine technology is that it sounds like a jet engine.


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I'm having trouble with my air not flowing. Will this help in that regard? Keep in mind I live in a drawer.


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TJFoxxxx wrote:Shouldn't that be "LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER"?

Actually it's "No. I am your father."


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etlrunabout wrote:Did anyone actually complain about the airflow from conventional fans being 'choppy' before someone at Dyson decided it was a problem? It seems that a main selling point of their fan is based on a problem I've never heard anyone complain about. I must admit that this is the best price I've seen this sold for, but I'd still rather buy 4 nice Vornados for the same price.

I bought a Vornado on Woot last year...can't beat it. With the Dyson you pay for the novelty.


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mvsopen wrote:I saw one of these today at the local Big Box Store (BBS is a copyright phrase of Big Box Industries, Inc)

It was several hundred dollars more there, and really moves an amazingly large volume of air. These things would be great in a nursery, or any house with small children.

High priced, sure, but I'm a fan of this fan!

if by "amazingly large volume of air" you mean "less air than a small $20 clip on fan"

dyson advertises "5 gallons of air per second"
which translates into 40 cubic ft per minute, which is the usual rating for fans

a small desktop fan moves around 150 cfm


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these are about 20 bucks in japan...just fyi


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I'll pay $149 for a Dyson hand dryer....just because those are really fun, although they're as loud as a 747 at takeoff. But this fan? It is a bust-o-mundo.


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Not as good as a fan. Very noisy fan motor in its base. A good rotating fan has much better volume and quitter. Go to Best Buy for display.


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Get a Vornado if you want a good fan that moves air. They are American made and have great customer service too. My cat knocked mine out of a window and broke the blade. They sent me a replacement free! I'll never own anything else.


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I have one of these and like it. I received it as a gift so had no idea they cost this much. Cost aside, it is a pretty nice fan and you do get a surprising amount of air at low settings and it does have a certain coolness factor. The air amplification concept is true, we use similar devices at work for tank work. For the price I don't think I'd recommend it, though. I'd buy another for maybe as high as around around $50.


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Does the ring glow?


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aolshove wrote:(Plus I was dying to use the word "Annular" in a sentence)

I did once, but it was in the classifieds.


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vttroy wrote:I bought one from DX, or possibly Goodluckbuy. It is quite loud, but does move air very well. It had an awful 12Vdc adapter for power. I ripped it apart in hopes of putting a quieter fan inside the base. For $23, I lost interest pretty quickly.

I bought a thing from dx, the delivery time was about 3 month. I won't buy from them, never


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Had one; neatest feature was the back is flat, and as long as it's not oscillating, you can put it flush against a wall & it doesn't impede airflow. Returned it when I realized I could pull it 6" away from the wall and save $140.


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superstargoddess wrote:Hmm, these are louder than a basic fan of the same size? I have a fan that is literally as old as I am, and I wonder if it is louder than that.

The beast I have now:

My friend has that fan!!


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OMGOMGOMGPONIESOMG i saw this at best buy and trust me its worth it so cool you could put your hand through the fan without getting it chopped off


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If you want to be the butt of jokes for the rest of your life, buy this fan. Invite your friends and relatives over. Tell 'em how much you paid for it.


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lombrosis wrote:If I buy three of these, how many air will it get me?

I heard divers are sticking these in their oxygen tanks, the air multiplication is saving them millions.


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nunyazz wrote:It actually does NOT have any blades in the base...

But, even if it was powered by kryptonite, it's still too expensive.

Yes it does. Page 2 of your link states:
"Calling the Dyson Air Multiplier a fan with no blades is perhaps a touch misleading. There are blades in the fan -- you just can't see them. The pedestal hides the blades. A motor rotates nine asymmetrically-aligned blades to pull air into the device. According to Dyson, these blades can pull in up to 5.28 gallons (about 20 liters) of air per second."


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Really? $150 for a 10" table fan?


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And for a few dollars more.


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So it's a cool looking, overpriced gadget that does the same thing as other manufacturer's gadgets do for 1/10th the cost. You sure this isn't made by Apple?


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aolshove wrote:Did you know that these fans function on a principal used in the first hovercraft called an "Annular Jet"? Dyson touts it as a great new invention but it's been around since before 1955.

(Plus I was dying to use the word "Annular" in a sentence)

When is the next annular eclipse?
This air multiplier looks like one...


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What crap... You can buy a $20 fan that moves just as much air. They just moved the fan into the base. Buy up all you yuppies. It looks cool....so you must be cool. lol



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nyisless13 wrote:Nothing. This is an entirely made-up problem with a pointless, expensive "solution."

Sounds like a governmental program.


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I miss the Vornados.
I wooted 5 of them so far. haven't seen them lately


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ThorsHammer wrote:$150 and no remote? This doesn't blow this sucks.

Here's the remote.



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Even if I was a billionaire, I wouldn't waste my money on that carp.

I understand it's a "cool" design, but I'm too practical for that nonsense.


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I bought 2 flippy fans for $15 back when woot wasn't owned by amazon and the deals were better...


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ruckstande wrote:And for a few dollars more.

I just installed one of these In my home last week.


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ruckstande wrote:And for a few dollars more.

Hell not even for a few dollars more, I paid less for the ac unit in my window, it came with a remote too.


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Invisiblemoose wrote:My friend has that fan!!

Ha, it seems that there is some sort of fanclub for those fans when I looked it up last night! I had no idea!

Edit: By the way, notice the 30+ years of gunk on it. :P I saved the pic as low res for the slower internet challenged wooters out there, but you can see it if you look closely!

I am looking to buy "Life Choices", any size, send me a message!

So fuhqued up.