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Does anyone know how i can check the moofi ads?


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This link is probably what you are looking for.


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I use the iOS app called Wootie which allows me to see all the current moofi deals.

One question: I really want to see the discussion about one moofi item I am considering buying (a computer). But as far as I can tell, the discussion (an important part of woot, I have found, sine invariably there is someone who can say "I have this and it is ___") does not exist for moofi deals. Why? What I wonder could be the reason to stifle discussion on a moofi deal?

Or, if there is a discussion forum for moofi items - where would I find it?


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mdickinson wrote:...Or, if there is a discussion forum for moofi items - where would I find it?

Moofi deals are part of the Deals dot Woot infrastructure, and the comments are listed with the deals themselves. For example, today's Moofi on the #sponsored deals is:

If you click on that link, you'll be headed right to the Conair offer, and yet you will see no comments. That's cause they'd be hidden, here:

That is, if there *were* any.

Here's a handy dandy link to all the current ones:

There's also @lichme's Wootstalker, at

You're welcome.

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