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Someday you'll be able to download chocolate, flowers, and backrubs. But until technology advances to that point, you'll have to be satisfied with Shirt.Woot's annual Valentine's Day gift to you: free downloadable Valentines!

As usual, our 2012 crop comes in both Bitter and Sweet flavors. This year's mythological Bitter designs are perfect for the Greek god or goddess you want out of your life, while the Sweet designs are ideal for cozying up to that cute crafter you want to put a bird on. And if none of these put a purl in your Pandora, our free valentines from 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 are still willing to serve as your downloadable wingmen.

PDF links:











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Is there a PDF download link like 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011? There is precedent to uphold here, dear woot.


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Yeah, what gives? "free downloadable Valentines!" does not mean what you think it means...


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srsly. Woot think they can undersell anything to their customers and we will be grateful. Well, they are mistaken. We are conditioned to be the most ungrateful customers ever. We want our PDF of free stuff, now! And I want a pony in my next Bow of Cupid or at least a blu-ray player!

2.5 hours and no PDF. I will have to print 8 sheets of paper, and print each one at 65% scale. My valentine's day is RUINED. Thanks woot.

Jason Toon

quality posts: 19 Private Messages Jason Toon

PDF links have been added. There was a last-minute technical issue with one of them, and I wasn't going to get anybody out of bed over it. Fixed now.


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huzzah! i was gonna have to run to a drugstore store on my lunch

Ty woot! you've saved valentines & my hunger


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And we have an entire new 2014 set up on Facebook.

Hurry, before the day is gone

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