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Bracket season is here! Americans across the U.S.A. are competing against their friends, neighbors, co-workers, and fellow netizens in filling out brackets. There's even a bracket group for Woot fans (which must seem like easy prey for true bracketologists). For the next few weeks, millions of obsessives will follow the action to see whose bracket will overcome all comers and overpower all powers to take the most coveted title in online sports. (I think there's also some kind of "basket ball" tournament going on out there in meatspace.) But if filling out an entire 64-team bracket sounds too much like work to you, here's a game that demands much less commitment. Name the eight NCAA men's basketball tourney teams whose logos are partially shown below. No bracket required.

Here there be answers. Please post your guesses, speculations, or arguments below! But know this: the Trivial Eye is presented for public amusement and no prizes are offered other than that familiar feeling of aggravation that so much of your mind is occupied by useless trivia.


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#3: Rock Chalk!


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1- seton hall (I think)
2- loyola Maryland (I think)
3- kansas
4- st louis
5- georgetown
6- Florida state
7- New mexico
8- Uconn

UPDATE: 7/8 aint bad i guess


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4. "Be a Billiken"