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I'm still waiting on the gun and knife stuff.


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richmondhokie wrote:So.....explain this to me......why is it that WOOT can say BÖC and when we type "Bunnies Ogling Carrots - it edits us.....seems awfully unfair......

This Bunnies Ogling Carrots

Last Bunnies Ogling Carrots

Personally, I like seeing what B..O..C edits to.


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ARRGGGHHHH!!! Oh, Woot! You tricked me. How was I suppose to know I should have been here instead of working??

(Maybe this is just a sign I should hand in my resignation before the next WootOff - Just so I can be ready.)


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I am so glad I missed this one. Last three were real bags of crap, not a single item that did not end up in trash!

elveez is alive


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Original Poster LEM-

"Ah, top of the new page! Nice! Taking this opportunity to re-post the primer for those who don't like flipping a couple of pages back:


FedEx SmartPost primer for newcomers, and a reminder for the rest of Wooters (v. 1.5.3)

1. Before the tracking information shows up: Sometimes Woot is not e-mailing the tracking numbers until a few days after the packages are shipped. You can try and get the number by reference, by going to and entering these three things: Your Woot order number goes to reference numbers box, select United States in destination country drop down, and Your Zip Code in a respective box. It's important to get all three pieces. Keep refreshing it, and if you're lucky, the tracking number will pop-up before the official e-mail comes. It doesn't ALWAYS work, but there's a good chance. Note, that if you've made multiple orders from Woot, you can enter several order numbers into the reference box, one per line.

1.1 If your weight shows as 1lb, it is most likely a placeholder, which will be replaced by more accurate weight once the package actually starts moving (or reaches a sorting station - see below). The dimensions will probably show as NA/NA/NA on those placeholder packages. Some people have reported packages showing as 1lb all the way until delivery, but turned out to be anything but, though there's always a slight chance that your package actually is a 1 pounder. So you never know.

1.2 To make it even more frustrating - the actual fact that you can track by reference, but if it shows as a 1lb with status Shipment information sent to FedEx does not yet mean the package actually shipped or even exists. All it means - a label which will eventually be attached to your package has been printed. It may be a few days before your beloved box will actually hit the road. Patience is the key here!

1.3 So how do we know for sure that BоC's are out? Keep looking through this thread, and you may spot a post by threepiecewoot or on rare occasion another staff member, stating that all packages are shipped. Sometimes it will take FedEx a while before they show up or update, but once it's said here on the forum, you can be sure that they are out! Also keep an eye on other staff members posts announcing possible shipping delays or otherwise!

1.4 Some wooters report being able to track, but not me! Am I screwed? No, you are not. The tracking numbers don't get into the system all at once. The track by reference starts working when FedEx receives your package info from Woot. They send them in batches, and if someone has a reference hit, does not mean everyone gets it at the same time. Sometimes it's days between batches are sent, and sometimes electronic info on some or all packages is not sent at all, which means not trackable by reference until it arrives (even if trackable by actual tracking number received from Woot). The actual tracking information (if you have tracking e-mail sent to you or it shows up on your order page) gets updated as the package is actually scanned at FedEx location. Provided that Woot ships them by truckload, it may not be instant at all, nor they will appear all at once. Sometimes it's not 'til the next day when you see it live, even if there are others that got scanned early in the game. Remember, if threepiecewoot said that all packages are out - they are. It may take some time for them to go live, a day or two between first reported trackable package until the last one shows up in a system is not unusual...

2. To get the dimensions you need to create My FedEx account (no charge, and you don't have to give them cc number if you don't want to): and make sure to switch to new or advanced version. Enter your tracking number, and the dimensions will pop...

2.1 Another way to get dimensions: If you have problems with My FedEx site, or just to make things easier - you can also download a very convenient FedEx Desktop application. It uses the same log-in credentials as your My FedEx account (you'd still need to have one), and tracks the same packages right from your desktop, without the browser.

3. Don't get too excited. For the first few days most people will probably have some sort of cubed dimensions. This is because in the beginning the dimensions are not real. They are guesstimated by FedEx based on weight (which may or may not be accurate). Here's the famous formula for you to check:

SIDE = ( 330 * WEIGHT ) ^ (1/3)
(side in inches, weight in lbs)

If it matches your dimensions to a few tenths of an inch - you know they are not real. That's for smaller packages. Those over 15lbs would always have the "dimensions" of a 15lbs package (or was it 16)... Again not real...

4. Once your package passed the first sorting station - the updated weight and real dimensions may show up. Usually that's the first or second stop it makes after Dallas. In my case (North-East) in either Martinsburg, WV or at Kansas City, KS (I am yet to understand the logic SmartPost uses in sending the packages one route or the other), for many others it's New Berlin, WI or another major SmartPost hub. In some cases actual weighting/measuring may not take place even at the SECOND hub... or ever...

5. USPS Handoff: Once the package is reported to have passed a city near you - start tracking it on, because that's who's delivering it to your door, and once the package is handed over by FedEx, they will have more up to date information. Do make sure that you track by actual tracking number (it will show up if you got a hit with reference tracking), because USPS does not track by reference. A thing to note - when handed over to USPS, FedEx always says a standard "allow 2-3 for business days for delivery". This is a standard message, and if your USPS facility is efficient enough, you may get it delivered as soon as the day of handoff (if it happened early enough).

5.1. USPS is not delivering for a few days after supposed handoff. Compliments go to the budget cuts and staff shortage at your local post office, as per a post by snaped, who claims to know the situation first hand: the pallets of SmartPost packages are handled at the lowest priority, after all other mail has been processed. So if your post office is a bit short on staff or overwhelmed with other mail (holiday seasons especially) it may well sit unsorted for a few days, after which their status is raised to priority and they finally get sorted and delivered. In my personal experience, I've seen them delivered the same day or as much as a full week late (that happened with non-woot package I was expecting around Christmas).

Good luck to all waiting for their hauls, and let the Woot Gods bless you with some amazing crаps!"

LEM- Thank you once again for such a wonderful write up on how to track our c r a p


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Oh me so Horn...HAPPY! WOOT WOOT

on 3/22/2012, you successfully wooted.
ORDER 3xxxxxxx
You want 1

Barrel of Crops
You ordered 3 Random Crap.


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Well played woot! Well played...


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got my first one ever!!!


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I got an elusive Barrel of Crops!!!

I am the 1/300 Percent.


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"Code: No lines"?!? What Tiny Flowers is that?? AAIIIEEE


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Congrats to all the 2nd round crappers! I tried to get one just for laughs, but it appears that once you get one, you can't get any more this woot-off! So, no point in being greedy!


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Code No Lines!?!?!?!!?
What Tiny Flowers

Mr McWoot

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I got through right away but when confirming my address kept getting this error. I guess I should have installed "lines" on my computer. What??? Never had this before but congrats to all those who got it, I've gotten my fair share anyway so it's time to spread the wealth.

Your order is invalid (code: no lines)

Mr McWoot

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I got through right away but when confirming my address kept getting this error. I guess I should have installed "lines" on my computer. What??? Never had this before but congrats to all those who got it, I've gotten my fair share anyway so it's time to spread the wealth.

Your order is invalid (code: no lines)


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I'm gonna lose out, the servers won't let me put in the bloody order.


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Oh Woot! Why must you toy with my emotions.

"your order is processing.

should just be a bit now...
What's going on here?
We got your order. Hang on a second while we check our inventory to make sure we have enough stuff available to fill your order.
You can stick around to make sure your order goes through, or just leave and check your account page later. If sale's listed there, it means everything went fine. If it's not, it means your order got denied." No graphics though.
Is my Barrel of Crops coming or not?


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Your account has already purchased this sale.



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Certainly closer than ever before. Almost had my first Bunnies Ogling Carrots since i joined in 2008... kept getting no line error, then finally got to last buy it button and got an error....... some day!


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It's gonna make me wanna DO lines.

Just kidding, kids. Drugs are bad, stay in school, respect your parents.


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Finally got my first one


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Got to the first ordering screen this time. New personal best!


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Got in this time! Woo hoo!


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Just hit the gold button like 100 times. NO Bunnies Ogling Carrots



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Mr McWoot wrote:I got through right away but when confirming my address kept getting this error. I guess I should have installed "lines" on my computer. What??? Never had this before but congrats to all those who got it, I've gotten my fair share anyway so it's time to spread the wealth.

Your order is invalid (code: no lines)

Same here...


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Wonderful. Barrel of Crops is up, and keep getting "Your order is invalid (code: no lines)" errors. What Tiny Flowers????

And only 850 .... so I guess this isn't the last we've seen of the Bunnies Ogling Carrots today.

Someone has to put WD's kids thru college, but why does it have to be me!
*This post is for purposes of enabling only, and does not constitute any promise of helping pay for said enabling. It does indicate willingness to assist in drinking said wine.


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3rd time I got to the order process screen and lost out.


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My life is now complete.


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Order status
your order is NOT in.
possible problems with your order:

Order denied.
We're sold out of the item or we don't have enough quantity to complete your order.


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what the crap1 I had it added, entered card, hit confirm and CRASHED!


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Reminder from earlier: The new tracker is available at the usual place. Please report your success.

And since the forum link is being reused for the second run, that makes it easier for the tracker!


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IT WAS IN MY BASKET!!! I TRIED SUBMITTING MY ORDER HALF A DOZEN TIMES!!! That's the 8th I've missed (yes, I've been keeping track...). :-(


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Who actually gets to buy these things? I finally got to the order page and populated everything accurately, including the credit card ID, and then submitted -- only to get some incomprehensible error message about the "number of lines" on my order... What Tiny Flowers??


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ladybug. I got to the "But it" page 3 times and it errored out each time when I clicked the button.

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buscheag wrote:What Tiny Flowers is this?

Your order is invalid (code: no lines)

was able to click submit about 15 times, and got this each time.

I saw this too. I'm guessing this meant it was sold out. Sometimes you can still access the order page when no more inventory is available. The error used to say as much, but who knows after the upgrades.


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I told myself last time that the Bunnies Ogling Carrots was so disappointing that I wasn't going to get another ... I guess temptation is the best way to lure me out of $8 dollars. In for one.

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Scored my Barrel of Crops - yesterday was my birthday, so here's hoping for some excellent birthday crap!


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this sucks out here on the west coast the servers get so bad that we cant order i have been on all day and both times not been able to get one. come on woot show some love for california


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Awesome, got one! My 4th Bunnies Ogling Carrots :-)


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richmondhokie wrote:Could never get anything but a stupid white screen.......NOTHING - GREAT AWESOME UPGRADE WOOT

I DID see the Bunnies Ogling Carrots but clicked "I Want One" - never went beyond the white screen.


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Two in one day this is going to be a very un-crapy day. Thanks Woot!
Missed out on the early woot but got this one.