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And then there were 8! That's for you to decide! In the Technology/Internet region, we have the battle of internet service provider woes. In the Pop Culture region, it's L. Ron Hubbard vs. crappy top 40 hits. In the etiquette region, it's that annoying person on the bus against that annoying person in the coffee shop. And last but not least, in the Politics region, it's the easy offended squaring off against the not-so-easily convinced.

Who will represent each enraged region in the Final Four? That's for you to decide! So, get clicking! Because this round closes at 1PM CENTRAL TIME TOMORROW (March 28th).

Before you vote, just a few quick things to keep in mind:

  • Remember, you don't want to vote for your favorite option; you want to vote for whatever makes you angrier.

Happy choosing!

UPDATE: THE RESULTS ARE IN! You can check out a summary of them in clunky-PDF form here!

Photo by flickr user, robandstephanielevy used under a Creative Commons License.



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Shame to see "Your Apple product breaks; fanboys unable to
believe Apple is at fault" didn't make it.


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johnwaid wrote:Shame to see "Your Apple product breaks; fanboys unable to
believe Apple is at fault" didn't make it.

No kidding. Tech showing up a mere 2-1/2 hours late? That's a good day.

Now, "Cancelled without notice," I could have gotten behind.


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Crap, Scientology took out one of my favorites. How do people care enough about it to be actually angry?

C'mon Etiquette #7!


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Jim Nance: "Well, Digger, this week we are gonna have some tight matchups. What do you think the key to the game will be for the Internet bracket, the Pricings vs. the Setups match?"

Digger Phelps: "I'd be awfully surprised if the Setups could pull off the upset here. I mean, we all know how every other team from the First World Problems Conference has fared against teams from major conferences this year. In fact, the only win by the FWPC against any of these major conferences was the Cold Car Warmups, who barely squeaked by the SOPA Bills, and as you know, that game was played on very unfriendly turf for the Bills."


Jim Nance: “In the Etiquette bracket, we have the Loudmouths vs. the Undiciplined.”

Digger Phelps: “This is going to be the worst game of the tournament. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the Undiciplined will pull off the win but either team will be crushed in the next round. Di ckie V is the coach of the Loudmouths, and as you know, he doesn’t even know which teams are in the tournament this year.”

Di ck Vitale: “DI CKIE V IS NO COACH K, THAT’S CRAZY!!!!!”

Jim Nance: “In the Politics bracket, we have probably the most interesting matchup. We have two teams on such equal footing that I wouldn’t be surprised to see this game go to triple overtime.”

Digger Phelps: “Yeah, Jimmy, exactly what you said. I mean, look at the starting lineups on both sides. We have O’Reilly and Limbaugh, Maddow and Olberman, Beck and Hannity, Matthews and Grace, Coulter and Russert. This thing could get ugly quick. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see some shots from way downtown, because these teams let it fly from anywhere. And don’t be surprised if all two or three women get called some four letter names, even by their own teammates. To be completely honest, Jimmy, I’m not even sure who plays on which team. All I know is the team with Limbaugh probably has the advantage, as he’ll take any shot, regardless of the commercial coming up at the break.”

Jim Nance: "Can't disagree with you there, Diggs. Finally, in the Pop Culture bracket, you've been saying all year you'd be surprised if the Scientology Hubbards didn't win it all. After their first few dominating games of the tournament, do you still think they have what it takes to finish it off?"

Digger Phelps: "They will walk away with this thing as long as Cruise stays true to his form and Travolta keeps healthy, Ron willing. The Volt doesn't seem affected at all from the injury he sustained during the game in Battlefield Earth and as you know, the guy has moves. The only weakness this team has is at center where they lost Hays, who transferred mid-season to the Operating Thetans. Hays was an inspiration to this team because of his accomplishments down in South Park, and they will miss the deep voice of leadership he provided. Still, the Muzaks, even with their starting lineup of Black, Bieber, Spears, Gaga, and 20th year senior, Nickelback, have absolutely no chance in this matchup."



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@Jim Nance - So, how 'bout them trolls being cut out of the race early? Hmmmmm?


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Moueska wrote:@Jim Nance - So, how 'bout them trolls being cut out of the race early? Hmmmmm?

Jim Nance: "Great question, Mouseka. Honestly, I expected the Trolls to make at least the Final Four. However, little did I know Forchan would be declared ineligible, who carried this team all season. Granted, both JJ Reddit and Digg are both great shooters, but we all know that Forchan set up all of the plays. They seemed to run in circles without him."