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You're checking out Woot, so odds are good you're a fan of technology. Cheap, refurbished technology, but technology nonetheless. So help us decide if we should absolutely hate Project Glass or we should embrace the future and put a deposit down now:


Before you discount them as fanciful science fiction, the rumor is Google employees will be testing these in the summer and are also working on contact lenses.

We're torn. On the one hand, glasses that do everything from manage your appointments to track your friends, radio-collar style? Awesome. On the other hand, we already hate morons who talk into their Bluetooth headsets in public and constantly make us wonder if they're talking to us, crazy, or both. Just imagine a street full of people standing in your way staring idly at nowhere in particular, surfing their email in their heads.

That's some Brave New World type s&%^ right there, son.

What do you think? Would you spring some sexy tech specs? Or is this geekery gone berzerk?




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I see a lot of people walking into things, then suing the bonkers out of anyone they can for the broken noses and embarrassment that is anyone else's fault but their own. Will make for some killer youtube funnies!


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I think my biggest concern is what Google is going to do with all that information. They'll know everything about you that you share with those specs. Take for example:

According to this article, they're in it for the data. The more data they can get on you, the more they can target their products to consumers. This would give the company an immense amount of power over the market. I wouldn't be surprised if competitors fought this technology tooth and nail.

I too am indecisive, but one thing is for sure. The number of possible pitfalls ahead of us are incalculable.


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Most 7th graders have to read "Feed" by M.T. Anderson. This is a lot like that.


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I suspect in the short run it will feel like Siri did/does. At first: "Oh cool!" And then: "Oh, this thing embarrasses me all the time around people that want to see it work like in the commercials. I should use it when no one else is around."

My username didn't change to jimp for my birthday, but I understand. Thanks, we're good!


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Let's not forget that they look f-ing ridiculous.


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im there! 3d maps and geocaching!


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If they make a frame that can hold prescription lenses, I'm in like Flynn (youngsters can Google the phrase once they get the glasses).

Seriously, I think they have made several strides versus previous attempts at VR glasses. The single small screen that allows normal vision as well as viewing the screen is key. I can't see these used for viewing video but for maps and text they would be great. Ideally I'd put a rollerball controller on the cord to your phone so you could use it to manipulate a virtual touch point while your phone stays in your pocket.


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When he got to the ledge, I wish he would have jumped. Then his phone could have told him to "splat."


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It can't possibly be a Google product, there were no insidious ads.


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This is all the kinds of stupid


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why glasses or contacts? I just want a micro chip linked to my brain, with WiFi access. Yeah combine it all into a chip I can have implanted in me that will interface with my brain and nervous system.


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"its the future of gaming" -JP (grandma's Boy)
but seriously, its the future of mobile technology...I've been waiting for either these or an HUD for a car windshield. This is better...but I need them to be in the form of normal sunglasses...though I'd wear them anyways...


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I would be very happy to give it a try if I could also use my glasses to see. (I have prescription glasses). It looks cool, although I agree that some sort of gestural interface would be helpful.

But if they're uber-expensive, probably not. And I might just wait for the second generation - being an early adopter has its pitfalls.


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Ick! Yet another way to not interact with a human being. Where is the music section. Here's a map. Ick!


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I can't help feeling that Google should have released this on 04/01.

Sugar 'em up and send 'em home


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My favorite part is that Google keeps pretending people actually use Google+.


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This veers too close to "if you love the Internet so much, why don't you marry it?" territory. Or it would, if I wasn't worried about the resulting pride parades. And this isn't anything to be proud of.

Personally, I can't help but feel that the problems with life are actually not the fifteen minutes we're allowed to look away from computer screens.

Is it too early to call it a weed killer? Because I'm hoping that's the extent of wearable computing's destiny.


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Would I spring some sexy tech specs? Or is this geekery gone berzerk?

Those are not mutually exclusive questions. It IS geekery gone berzerk, and that's exactly why I would buy some!


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Dad, it's for you... it's Needles.

Beetle Breakfast


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The speed of my network is a little slow.But i agree with your title,horrible and beautiful future.


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the future is scary as fertilizer. i had to pass google's piracy school in order to view youtube. i clear my cookies and still google remembers all my searches. the data they have and will have is endless. i without a doubt believe that google either currently does, or will, have the most power that any single entity has ever had in the entire existence of man.