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So it's people like you that are responsible for the design vomit on my screen all the time then?

SaVioR wrote:Loving the hate. The net these days is all about a mass of information at your fingertips all at once as fast as possible. GREAT job on the new design coming from a certified user interace engineer. LOVING it guys.


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It is hard to navigate, the whole look brings to mind the word metrosexual ( that is not a compliment ).
So did Amazon force this on you or were you all high when you made this decision?


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on the surface Im pretty unhappy. Slowly but surely woot! is losing it's vibe and becoming Amawoot TM instead, don't sell out brother... oh, wait, you already did.


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Too busy. Too many ads. Gotta click to read the write ups and description.
If this is the beta version then why cant I have the option of using the regular ole woot until you decide to abandon the new format?
From reading the comments I think most wooters agree, the new format sucks!


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Woot Team


  • ease of switching between sites (super global header)
  • the typeface / line height / use of whitespace is nice
  • events are touch friendly
  • the new image gallery view on each product page

Feature requests:

  1. should have been designed using responsive web design to accomodate the phone / small tablet viewport and ease of use (media queries / fluid layout )
  2. move all of those woot plus sections on each woot site to their own tab / site
  3. after completing #2, make the #read-more page on the home page for each site
  4. on the product detail page, remove the discuss this deal ticker and change back to a link as it takes up the real estate from the entertaining yet useful woot writeup on the item - or move it below the writeup since it is a bit redundant with the top comments tab anyway
  5. in the note to the right of this text area where it explains the code you're allowed to use, mention that it is BBCode as many forum frequenters are familiar with this type of markup and would be able to use it without having to go to the formatting guide just to verify that it was in fact BBCode before entering their code
  6. not related to the new site, but I would appreciate it if the per item limit were 4 instead of 3



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It befuddles me how a company can take something that works so well and decides to change it to "improved" causing it to be such a mess.


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I haven't read through this thread so you'll have to pardon me if this has been said and/or addressed already. I'm actually sure it has.

You had three unique things going for you: Simplicity, awesome writeups, and a sense of community. Now you took the writeup off the main page, to be replaced by complexity and more products for sale, while turning the top comments into a testimonial box instead.

You're now just another shopping site, only with less products and slower shipping. So it's actually bad for everyone (not just your fans). I don't see this working out well. You're probably hearing this a lot though, so I'll just leave it at that.

Have you been eating that sandwich again?


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Wow. I really dislike this new interface.

(1) It's overly complicated. I know about all of your sites. If I want to puruse them, I will. I don't need
all of this.

(2) It always asks me to log in. I don't want to always log in.


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Nope, it's been a few days and I still don't like it. It used to be a tradition (habit) that at 10pm sharp I would be visiting woot! Nowadays 10pm comes around and I don't even care.

It's 1:49am now and I just got bored enough to check woot! - and leave a comment that won't make any difference.


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I wanted to give it enough time to grow on me. It's not growing on me. I really don't like anything about it. Even the I Want One button is wrong. Discuss This Deal scroll sucks. Busy, busy, busy. Forced login? C'mon, we're all grown ups here. One deal a day watered down with too many "deals." Too much white. Too much navigation. Amazon Lite. Etc. Giving me a headache. Losing interest. Seriously, Woot. Fix this mess.


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Wow - perhaps there are those who love chaos, but I find the new website a complete loss of navigation, focus, and most of all- that great personality and sense of humor that was easy to find and read. I know woot was bought x years ago and this is obviously the streamlining of the website and branching it out beyond belief to sell overstock in every category one can think of.. but the brand was been completely washed out. I used to check the site on a daily basis both for the products and funny descriptions.. but I think those days are over as the new page is simply too loud/busy and trying to do too many things all at once. Sorry for the lack of love - but I think a good thing has just been lost.


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When I first started visiting woot, you sold one item and one shirt per day. I loved visiting the site and clicking that big yellow button. Now I can't tell how many items you sell per day because you have sellout and deals and plus and community who knows what else. The formerly clean and easy to read homepage is now a busy, cluttered mess of information. The t-shirts are no longer printed on the wonderful AA blanks, but are on cheaper, lower quality Anvil blanks. In short, the magic is pretty much gone. I keep visiting, hoping that things will get better, but they just don't. At this point, removing woot from my list of favorite morning websites might just make my day better. If I wanted to visit Amazon, I'd go to Amazon.


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With each passing day I grow to dislike it more. Annoyance is escalating to aggravation / irritation / frustration / exasperation / vexation. Makes my eyes bleed.


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mdlagarland wrote:Agree completely with you!

Ditto. I was just getting into wine.woot. Learning lots from the folks on the discussion. Now I feel used. Done.


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I Hate it.

I like the ideas.
I like the tab changer at the top.
I like the $5 all you can ship.

I hate the new web pages. I used to click on the shirt and get to see a clear ENLARGED pop up. Now i get another page to load then I have to pick which picture I want to get a REGULAR sized view of the same shirt. Extra work for no extra gain = FAIL.

I HATE being asked to log in just to look a a shirt. If I want to buy it, fine, I'll log in but otherwise, why do I need to log in? What do I gain for it? What do you? I haven't needed to log in over the last 2 years that I have been buying shirts, why do you need me to now? Assinine choice made by a person white a corporate dip stick up his rear.

I hate the white background. Too bright, makes my eyes hurt. Go Back to black.

I hate the new lay out. Its hard to see the sirts, Its hard to find anything. I have NO desire to explore and find things. I come here to look at and buy shirts. Let me do just that.

I hate the fact that you feedback form is broken, I can only assume it is do to over use of people like me telling you we love you but hate the changes to the site.

In short, keep the business changes. Put your site back like it was a just tweek what you have to. This new look sucks long & hard, and only gets worse each time I open the page.


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It looks like they are working on it... The Nav bar now shows the prices (it didn't the other day). Thanks for that, unfortunately I am still boycotting Woot until they clean up the mess a little:

I. When Groupon and Living Social first came out, they were focused on simplicity, and only really one deal:
--These sites loosely "copied" Woot's 'deal-a-day' (cough, not dozen of deals) with a local twist, and were cool for about 3 months until they got infected by the simplicity avoidance virus; Why was Woot so careless to be infected?
--When these sites became an effin train wreck, I stopped visiting them.
--When the Gr/LS/AL daily email options became such a mess that it took more than 10 seconds to scan/scroll the EMail, I unsubscribed (and/or filtered them out of my inbox)
--I'm not sure of the interrelations, but it seems to e the deals on Gr/LS/ALD are all the same... Why would I need to check all of them to see the same useless deals?

II. The descriptions are still too hard to read. Woot was great because you could glance at the page, determine if you 'needed' something, and be done.

III. I really dislike the quarter million "community" deals and stopped visiting months ago when humans stopped posting real deals (with promotion codes, etc) and were instead overrun with bots. Just pull the plug already! (Coming from Deals.woot rep 4/100)

IV. I could tolerate the Woot+ "departments", but they need to be promoted like the Woot items by adding a community discussion thread. People should review them like the item of the day, including quality posts.

V. A glance at the quality posts used to sell me on items. There's no way I'm going to wait for them to scroll by.

VI. WOOT! WhereTF Are you (and the designers) in this forum? Why aren't you here, reassuring us all it will get better soon?

(I do really like the concept of a unified logon and unified titlebar, but only the last 10 things I bought? C'mon Woot, I'm not going to navigate 25 pages of "stuff I bought" to find the thread where forum members continue to discuss their espresso makers and laptop longevity!)

Yours Truly,
Unhappy in MD

<BOYCOTT>Currently on Woot Boycott until Deal-A-Day site is restored to sanity</BOYCOTT>


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I normally dislike when a community gets all up in arms when there's a site redesign just because it's different..but I truly find the new design hard to take.

I originally started buying from woot in 2007 and loved it for its simplicity. I actually thought it was a _good_ idea to add more sites like Shirt, Kids, etc. But with this new step in adding seemingly endless amounts of random deals from've turned a unique, simple site into some sort of retailing monstrosity that's hard to negotiate.

The second I hit the site I now find my eyes wandering in all different directions, to the point of browsing dizziness. I used to love logging in at 10pm Pacific, seeing the simple layout, easily finding what I needed to find within seconds. Now I'm gradually losing that urge to visit every night because I'm reminded at how un-Woot Woot has become.

I'm not asking you to stay in the past and never change..but please don't stay with this radical redesign. It reminds me of Digg V4, and we all know how that ended for them. They're in their death throes.


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Eeek, my mind is flying up down everywhere! Random ads pop up. What next! The old Woot was much better. This is way too much to comprehend. I can't use the site anymore...


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Really liked the old, barebones type setup the site had. Like someone mentioned notice that Google's interface hasn't changed and it's wildly successful (heck, I remember using it LONG before it became the de-facto search source and it was the same then, and I loved it).

There's a TON going on, and it looks like almost every other site that someone tried to ratched "social media widgets" on rather than being useful.

**Witty signature fail**Out of cheese error**Redo from start**


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yay! first purchase with the new woot!

I was so ready with my security code number thingy from my card XD

EDIT: I should probably say my bit about the new layout. gotta agree it's feeling way busier. Don't get me wrong. it feels forward and edgy. The write-ups are a bit stranger... the navigation does feel more cluttered. But the thing I dislike the MOST is that there are so many external ads... or excuse me, products.

when i started sifting through deals.woot, I knew i was going to be faced with tons of advertisements and coupons posted specifically to garner customer attention. But I knew that I could always ignore that section and just get excited over the new woot! of the day.

Now, it's unavoidable. And come to think of it, I DON'T like having to click on the item to pull up another page to check out the item before i say that i want one and visit another page to buy the item. granted, that last page was there before, but still, i value my clicking time! Thankfully, I already knew more or less what the item was because i missed it in the last woot-off

it's a bit rough getting used to. Maybe we'll pick up on it; maybe we'll just stick it out because you guys won't ever change back and we'd rather hang around for the occasional gem that will be awkward to navigate.

all i know is that woot! is different. and I wish it wasn't so much sellout.woot all over the place.


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howleyt wrote:Don't like the nagging to log in. It is causing me to think about skipping Woot to go to my no-nag deal sites. Makes it much to easy to tie my user ID to my browsing activity--across sites. This is why I don't use Facebook logins anywhere.

Oh! Mutating Goodness you are crushing me! Why is the text and my reply smashed up against the left side of the browser???

Well I won't have to worry about this anymore - what howleyt said goes for me to, in spades.

The nag screen is the death knell for Woot and me. Woot used to be my startup page - NOT ANYMORE. And if it's not my startup page I won't be checking it anymore - ever. Now, you may look at my account and think I haven't bought anything in 3 years - but that would be incomplete information. What I've been doing is checking the woot site and letting my son know if there's something he needs to pick up for me. So, since moving in with my son as caretaker, all my purchases have been coming from his account.

He doesn't check woot. Now I don't check woot anymore either.

Sayanara, woot, it was fun while it lasted. Besides, you've been getting less and less woot-y ever since the Jolly Green Giant bought you. Perhaps it is best to part ways now, before you complete your transition to the stinking rotting corpse of Woot-That-Was...


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SaVioR wrote:Loving the hate. The net these days is all about a mass of information at your fingertips all at once as fast as possible. GREAT job on the new design coming from a certified user interace engineer. LOVING it guys.

Well that explains why you have time to sit at home in your underwear in your mom's basement trolling the forum - clearly you're unemployable. Certifiable, certainly - but not as a "user interface engineer".

Any real UI specialist worth her salt would never even CONSIDER churning out a vomitous mess like this. This isn't information - it's just noise.


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I find it very annoying having to log in every time I want to see what's wooting. Good thing I can also see almost every good deal on aggregator sites like bensbargains.


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The new site is obnoxious. It's as cluttered as a flea market now, and there's the annoying pop-up EVERY time I visit the site, asking me to log in. It's bad on a computer. It's absolutely useless on an iOs device--the popup is especially annoying on an iPhone--I used to check Woot every day on my iPhone, but the new site is too annoying to bother. Woot, you're losing a loyal customer.


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OK, so they Woot! team isn't listening, and the change is permanent.
I wonder if they will hear the sound of users leaving.


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How about:

One Deal, One Day, One WebPage


One Deal, Several offers, Confusing Layout, Many Many WebPages that I'm not interested in


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Remind me to never hire you for any interface design, ever. Woot took a great simple interface and cluttered it. I dislike it from an "Interface Design" standpoint because it complicates the customer's process.

Also, it's interface, not "interace " unless that's yet another industry term that us laypeople (the users) don't understand.

SaVioR wrote:Loving the hate. The net these days is all about a mass of information at your fingertips all at once as fast as possible. GREAT job on the new design coming from a certified user interace engineer. LOVING it guys.


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holmesd3 wrote:

(2) It always asks me to log in. I don't want to always log in.

^^^ THIS^^^


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I haven't read through the 15 pages but, I'm also having to login just to view pages.

I can hit the exit button, but the windows pops up again when I change pages. And yes cookies have been cleared.


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I keep running the cursor (unintentionally) across the top of the page and then have to wait for the pop-up to clear. It's annoying and kind of time consuming.

I think my guardian angel drinks.


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I'm still not liking it. It takes a lot longer to load and is almost impossible on my Android phone and my macbook only has a 15" screen so it doesn't display well at all.

I'm still unclear why the two ads at the bottom of the screen are both the same. I don't have a stereoscopic monitor, is it supposed to be an illusion of some kind? Put your nose up to the top of the radio tower then slowly pull back while gazing through, not at, your monitor...

What I miss is, as others have put it, the simplicity. Woot is not a site I check multiple times per day. I go there in the morning to see what's being sold then move on, that's what made it great! Now I go there and see the picture of what's being sold, which is sometimes smaller than the WootPlus ad. If I want to see the writeup, which was always fun to read, I have to figure out where to click to see it. Honestly, it isn't worth it.

I also miss some of the functionality. How can I see a fullscreen image of the shirt? I can't click on the image from the main screen to see it. I can click on the shirt, then switch the view via the thumbnail, but it is still small. Yet again, that's two clicks to get to it. Simplicity.

Woot was one day, one deal. That's what made it successful. Boston Chicken was successful, Boston Market -- not so much.


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Fact is, I really think the "new woot" is crap.

Too busy, too bright, too scattered TOO FREAKING COMMERCIAL.

It wasn't broken... why did you fix it?

L A M E L A M E L A M E....

Tried to put up with it but can't take it any longer... I really am considering not coming back or visiting as often.

This place is L A M E... take it all back PLEASE!


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Still hating it, especially the white. Although I'm still checking the main Woot page, I am not clicking through, even to read the verbage on today's Woot.

I do like that the porices have been added to the tabs at the top, although can we have it only show the particular Woot (kids! or shirt!, etc.) instead of having a Woot Plus column to the right in each popup? I can see that they're related to the tab title, but it makes the popup too big & distracting.


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I'm just really wondering....

Do you all actually give even a tiny damn about what your customers (i.e. your source of income and therefor employment) think? Seriously? I really do want to know. You all actually started these threads and solicited feedback, but so far there hasn't been even the slightest indication that the feedback is being taken seriously.

The feedback is crystal clear- it appears the vast majority of those caring enough to post a comment can't stand most of the changes. Your users/customers have spoken and told you what elements of the new design are good and usable and what is not. The bottom line is this: Your loyal regular customers are NOT happy with this new website design. Most have given you some time to appropriately acknowledge and incorporate the feedback that has been given. However, there IS a finite number of times these loyal customers will continue to give woot the benefit of the doubt and come back hoping to see some indication of change back to the old less cluttered and more usable design. Once this grace period and the benefit of the doubt has been exhausted, the users will begin to cease their visits to woot.

Good luck woot.



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Not much displeasure that hasn't already been expressed, is there? Well, it's all well-deserved. What were you THINKING?!

I'll add in passing that, if Amazon is using this redesign to beta a similar redesign for the mothership... don't even think about it.


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The new design is working great. Thanks! I used to be hooked on Woot. I'm getting better!

Aversion therapy is a form of psychological treatment in which the patient is exposed to a stimulus while simultaneously being subjected to some form of discomfort. This conditioning is intended to cause the patient to associate the stimulus with unpleasant sensations in order to stop the specific behavior.


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I'm not alone in being surprised that there's no staff response to any of the unhappy postings here. In addition, when other changes have happened, there were far more positive responses than I've seen here. I've seen a few positive comments in the three or four threads discussing the change, but only a few, and some of those seem more hopeful than complimentary.

Love the Despair image above. Loved it enough to change my signature here. Too bad. Then again, no one from staff is going to see this comment anyway.

I think the thing that bugs me most is that they are deliberately forcing a login to look at the account information, any time the browser's closed. The cookie for "Verification" is set to "Encrypted Sessions Only" (https), and is set to expire when the browser closes. scaredy cats. I also miss, which is now vanished.

Everything changes. Everything.


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Looks far too cluttered and busy. I know your 20something web designers are trying to put their mark on everything, but this new site looks more like a puppy lifted its leg...

I could do WOOT deals on my Droid Smart phone with the old site, and it looked fine on my travel Netbook (a Woot deal) but this new look is just too crappy and disjointed to bother with on either one of those devices, and not much better on my desktop computer.

The left side has no margin so looks almost like it's cut off. Let the browser fit the content to the screen, stop overriding HTML formatting. No way I should have to deal with a horizontal scroll bar.

Sorry WOOT you struck out on this design. Please let us select between the old and the new formats.



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If Amazon bought Woot! because it had a growing, dedicated community and was consistantly more and more successful every year, why does it need to go into "beta"?

Loving the new look! I still think there's too much green on the main page. And if you guys could replace the product description completely with a few more links and adds, that would be great. You may want to consider a blacklist for all those pesky people in "The Woot Community", their posts are sooo negative!
And if you could please change the Bag of C--- to a "Bag of Fun!" that would be great. You could fill it with Amazon Stocks.
Oh wait... that actually would be a bag of c---.


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It seems like every instinct and sensibility that went into making woot has been abandoned. Woot's success has been as much about creating a culture as it was about the actual products. It is now indistinguishable from any other mass reseller out there. When you demote your main (description) to a thin slice at the top, and even worse hide it behind a 'read more' button, it tells the reader you believe most people find the info useless, so we'll hide it here for those that want it. I'm not a web designer, but that's the perception I get as a customer.