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What's the best way to kill time on a Friday? Well, we can't say just yet. But take a good, hard look at the image here... and we'll see you inside for more!


Surprise! Today's game is Big Time Butter Baron, and it has you playing a very important corporate executive that also seems to be a stick of butter. AS you can see, you'll sometimes sit high in your office. But other times you'll be stacking familiar looking blocks in an attempt to make butter happen.



Your bonuses (which'll fill your office as you play) appear every time one perfectly filled truck goes out. To that end, you've got to play a game I like to call "Flatris" and stack tetriminos on their backs, rather than their ends. Rotate your block by clicking on the blue arrows on the side.



Any block that doesn't vanish stays behind to get in the way, so it's important to make neat, straight lines when you can. Every time you meet a goal, you go up a level, and the higher you go, the more fun your little butter employees will have...



…until the fish disaster strikes. I won't say more, you'll have to discover some secrets on your own. Big Time Butter Baron is a nice spin on a familiar game, and you'll probably enjoy it for most of today. Remember to post your high score in the comments and maybe you'll be our Quality Post Champion on Monday morning.


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243,611 butters. Life complete.


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This game is addictive. I can't seem to stop playing.

*Edit* Woohoo! 338,191

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