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Do you like volleyball? Soccer? Ping Pong? Today's game sort of manages to be all three at once while not really being any of them. After the jump, we'll tell you more.

Flick Headers Euro 2012 mixes the thrill of the header with the shot count of volleyball on a scale that implies ping pong. You'll be using the mouse or the arrow keys, and remember, up is also a direction.

You want to hit the ground on the other side of the net. But beware! Your opponent wants the same thing! And you're gonna face a lot of them as you try to become the European Champion!

Of course, since this is a video game, you'll be able to play some dirty tricks on the other guy without any penalties. Try to collect coins and you'll be able to buy extra tricks, but don't waste those coins too fast! The closer you get to the winner's circle, the more tricks you're gonna need!

Flick Headers Euro 2012 is hard, but thrilling. Best of all, we're not gonna confiscate your vuvuzelas at the door. Let the bumblebees fly!

You guys know the drill, right? Post your ranking in the comments below. Highest by Monday will be our Quality Post Champion! Second highest will receive an exhibition post as is traditional.

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Pretty fun little game.

Made it through one tourney, now back to work.

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Fun, but really annoying if you click outside the window. There is no way to unpause without moving the mouse to the center of the window, causing your player to lurch towards the center. Considering the ball is most likely near the player when you clicked it, it is very hard not to lose that point.


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Basically an updated version of Slime Volleyball.


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This game is a bit on the repetitive side... Actually, this game is a lot on the repetitive side.
I made it through 5 full tourneys earning 15 stars before I decided that I had had enough.

Does the fact that I quit after only 5 complete tourneys successfully playing as France mean I am a cheese-eating surrender monkey? Perhaps.



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It totally is repetitive..