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Can i hook these up to my tv ?


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Please someone answer my question. can i hook these up to my tv! Thanks


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dsmith88 wrote:Please someone answer my question. can i hook these up to my tv! Thanks

It's really not meant for that. The input is a 3.5mm headphone jack. You could run a male to male headphone wire and make it work.

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doctordawg wrote:Nope. Not true. Low frequencies cannot be sourced very well at all by human hearing. Wavelengths longer than the width of your head rely on volume and not phase for your brain to locate, with the "shadow" created by your noggin slightly reducing the energy to the far ear compared to the close ear. The louder the wave, the harder to source. Oversimplified, but that'd be the physics.

BTW, eighth-spacing (corner of the room) woofers will give you an 18db boost into the room if you wanna dance to this little guy.

lol, OK, well you can argue the physics all you want. But if you're going to buy a system with a 25 watt 3 inch "subwoofer" and put it in the corner thinking it's going to sound like a dance club, you may be disappointed. I think it's just going to sound like half your sound is coming from a corner of your room.


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Physics & coupling aside, I can say after 20 odd years in the sound biz a pair of L/R subs will yield far better results then a single point source sub. Your ears may not perceive direction below 100hz. but moving into the 200hz-400hz range it becomes a whole new ball game. Trust me we have tried both methods.


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flashbeezy wrote:You can tell the microsoft fan boys can't take a joke....or simply wish they had some koolaid.

Seriously...the surface will be a flop just like the rest. Zunebin it goes.

It's not a joke when the funnier version is if they're serious.


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williedillon wrote:Why will it be a flop? Because it doesn't have an Apple logo on it?

If you have to ask, your not worthy of me telling you.

Watch the unveiling...it's rushed...that's why it kept crashing on stage...made the v neck wearing presenter a bit nervous..


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Just got these in today. Wife wanted speakers to put on the counter for her laptop. I've got to say they are suprisingly good. No hum, great quality, and look nice on the coounter.


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Too all the nay sayers. I like mine just fine. Works great as an iphone 2.1 system.