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You know what one of the Woot Podcast Team's favorite meals is? Warmed-up leftovers! In that spirit, all this week we're reheating bits of the filler we used to pad out our recent Wootathon. "Enjoy" a "new" video every weekday! It's a Podcast Listening Party!

Once, on what might otherwise have been a perfectly lovely day in 2009, in an effort to get our users to buy some fire extinguishers from us, we wrote and recorded this song about fire extinguishers. Did it work? History does not record the fact. But it seems impossible to imagine anyone listening to this killer track and then NOT buying a fire extinguisher. Right?


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I was really hoping you guys were going to set the player on fire while the record was playing...


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It's borrowed!


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Ok, so how does someone acquire a Woot LP? :D