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There's the culprit: Beef Jerky! The Woot Podcast Team grabbed a whole mess of salty, jaw-fatiguing snacks at the Beef Jerky Store in Las Vegas not too long ago. (The Woot Podcast Team's colon is probably still suffering the effects.) It went a little something like this.


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Tako Kama = Octupus Bite

according to:


So apparently it's like the octopus version of chex mix, where instead of chex you have octopus, and instead of pretzels you have squid. And from the ingredient list, it looks like their version of rye chips is chunks of cod. (http://www.beefjerkystore.com/browse.cfm/tako-kama-4-oz/4,109.html)


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The fact that a store dedicated to beef jerky exists restores my faith in humanity.


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I watched this video two times

Somehow I missed "Sweet Sweet lemonparty" the first time around. I died laughing. Matthew you're awful!


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"Taco, Fish" was my favorite gag in this video.

I just noticed the shaka ("hang loose") hands in the store's sign. Were they surfers?


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It seems delicious. Like Beef Jerky.


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Ummm How was the jerky? Hope it's better than that Krave crap you guys sell.


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The jerk store called... Sorry someone had to do it!